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Chapter 52

The Genius System Without Equal
     When had An Huanhuan ever encountered such a situation? As Ma Zhengfeng flung her, the only thing she could do while her head spun was to shriek.

    Xiao Luo frowned heavily, he stretched out his hand and caught An Huanhuan by the waist as she flew towards him. He turned in place, and firmly set An Huanhuan down, who was shrieking non-stop.

    “Hero Luo….”

    An Huanhuan looked at the man so close beside her with a dazed expression and her heart thundered chaotically. She didn’t know if it was because she had a fright or if it was because the man she liked was holding her in his arms.

    “It’s not safe here. Hurry, get out of here!”

    Xiao Luo threw the words at her coldly and let go of An Huanhuan. His body curled slightly and like a cheetah, he launched himself in the direction that Ma Zhengfeng had fled.

    An Huanhuan trembled as she stood rooted to the spot. After a long time, her blown up pupils slowly contracted and she swallowed with much difficulty, “Qing…. Qinggong?”


    “It’s my tenth move. Very good, let’s see how long you can hold out.”

    In the depths of the dense forest, Xiao Luo’s hard fist slammed straight into Ma Zhengfeng’s own fist, which was rushing towards him. There was no suspense. Ma Zhengfeng was not his match at all, he vomited blood again as he went flying backwards.


    A killing intent surged violently in Xiao Luo’s eyes. Two combinations of attacks pounded on Ma Zhengfeng’s chest and abdomen consecutively with precision and ruthlessness.

    Ma Zhengfeng, who had no strength to fight back, felt as if he had been hit by a train. He clung fiercely to a tree and held on for a few seconds before slowly sliding down like a puddle of mud, he sank to his knees on the ground with a thump. Blood gushed from his mouth as his chest rose up and down and he looked at Xiao Luo with horror-filled eyes.

    He had carried out hundreds of missions, but he had never encountered such a situation or such a terrifying opponent.

    He originally thought that the remuneration of seven hundred grand could easily be his, but never had he thought that hidden beside Chu Yue was such a scary monster, which left him no room for resistance.

    Xiao Luo walked slowly to him, and looked down at him from a towering position, “I’ll ask you a question. Besides you, are there any other hunters planning to harm Chu Yue?”

    Ma Zhengfeng stared blankly, then he snorted lightly, “No comment!”

    He thought Xiao Luo was very amusing and hilarious. He even asked such a question. Was he mocking those who worked as hunters?

    “I wouldn’t give this sort of answer if I were you,” Xiao Luo chuckled.

    His expression turned cold in the next second and he raised his right foot. Then he brazenly stepped on the palm that Ma Zhengfeng was using to support himself from the ground.

    “Snap ~ snap~”

    A series of crisp, breaking noises rang out as his bones broke, and with it was a blood-curdling screech that echoed throughout the dense forest.

    From his ten fingers and even his heart, an intense current of pain swept across his entire body. Ma Zhengfeng struggled violently, but Xiao Luo clutched his neck tightly. The tremendous power made his face purple and he almost fainted.

    “If you continue to struggle, I’ll step on the other five fingers and break them altogether!” Xiao Luo’s icy and stern voice sounded in Ma Zhengfeng’s ears, getting Ma Zhengfeng, who had almost collapsed, to slowly recover his wits. He suppressed the terror and pain with the sheer force of will and stopped struggling.

    “Yes, you did the right thing!”

    Xiao Luo smiled with satisfaction and released his neck.

    “Who…. just who are you? You’re definitely not amongst Chu Yunxiong’s bodyguards!”

    Ma Zhengfeng’s voice trembled a little. The man’s skill was completely beyond his realm of comprehension. He was as strong as a god, but he was also a cruel, evil god. He didn’t even blink when he broke his fingers. One could tell what a ruthless and vicious heart he possessed.

    “It seems that you haven’t figured out the situation yet. I’m the one asking you questions now, not the other way round.”

    Xiao Luo removed his foot from the back of Ma Zhengfeng’s hand. Ma Zhengfeng’s five fingers were completely broken and they laid on the ground irregularly. The broken finger bones punctured his skin and flesh, Ma Zhengfeng’s left hand looked badly mangled.

    “I’ll ask again, are there any other hunters besides you?”

    “This….. I …..”

    Ma Zhengzheng was in a very difficult position. Although no one else would know, he had his own dignity and pride as a hunter. If he was to answer the other party’s question with all honesty even after getting captured, he was afraid that this would cast a permanent shadow in his life.

    Xiao Luo felt very impatient and a trace of dissatisfaction flashed across his face. His left foot stepped on Ma Zhengfeng’s right hand without any ceremony.


    A mournful and blood-curdling screech echoed through the forest. Ma Zhengfeng flopped like a fish out of water. The indescribable pain made his eyes bulge and his entire body twitch.

    “If you don’t want to be completely handicapped, you better answer my question before I lose patience,” Xiao Luo said softly.

    “I’ll say… I’ll say….” Ma Zhengfeng yelled in fright.

    Xiao Luo’s smile was like the devil’s nasty grin, completely shattering his psychological fortress. The severe pain from having his ten fingers broken made him burst into tears.

    Xiao Luo leaned leisurely against a tree, he stretched out a hand and plucked a green leaf, fiddling with it in his hands.

    Ma Zhengfeng turned deathly pale face and his body trembled uncontrollably. He did not dare to disrespect Xiao Luo even in the slightest. The fellow in front of him was a devil wearing a smile, he was extremely fierce and vicious.

    “I… I don’t know if there are any other hunters. The employer maintains isolated contact with the employees. Each of the employees is in a one-to-one contact with their respective supervisor. Maybe….. Maybe when the news of my failure reach the employer, he would send someone else.”

    “You seem to be talking nonsense, it’s of no practical use at all!” Xiao Luo frowned, the movements of his hands stalled.

    Ma Zhengfeng was so frightened that he shivered. He was afraid that Xiao Luo would do something to him again, his brain quickly recollected to see if there was any useful information so that this person would have some mercy for him. Under the effect of fear, he really did think of one thing.

    “I… I remember, when I left the employer’s office, I seemed to have heard him contacting the Blackwater Company.”

    “Blackwater Company?”

    Xiao Luo’s frowned became even more severe, “What do they do?”

    “They are an organization specializing in training and coordinating mercenaries to carry out missions. ‘A pool of black water can swallow Heaven and Earth’, this is the slogan of their company.” Ma Zhengfeng said truthfully.

    “‘A pool of black water can swallow Heaven and Earth’? What a sh*tty slogan,” Xiao Luo said scornfully.

    Ma Zhengfeng’s face pressed out a bitter smile. Blackwater was the world’s largest mercenary company. All the people from that company were freaks. Only this monster dared to underestimate Blackwater.

    Xiang Gaoyang arrived at this moment and shouted to Xiao Luo, “Mr. Xiao!”

    Xiao Luo returned from his thoughts, his back left the trunk of the tree and he said, “You came at just the right time, I’ll leave him for you to deal with.”

    To Ma Zhengfeng, this sentence definitely sounded like the best and most pleasant words in the world. If he were to continue staying with Xiao Luo, he would not know what kind of abuse he would be subjected to. He was really afraid of Xiao Luo, the fear that he felt originated from deep within his soul.


    Xiang Gaoyang nodded in acknowledgement. When he turned his head to look at Ma Zhengfeng’s condition, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

    Ma Zhengfeng’s face was covered with blood, his ten fingers were broken, there was even a clear scratch mark on his neck. A couple of his ribs seemed to be broken too, and his chest was slightly sunken…. Even though he was a professionally trained bodyguard, such a miserable-looking Ma Zhengfeng caused him to feel an inevitable chill. A layer of goosebumps suddenly formed all over his body.

    Looked at Xiao Luo’s back as he left, he muttered a criticism in his heart, “So vicious!”

    Xiao Luo was also extremely puzzled. When did he become so fierce and violent? One must know, in the past, he could feel his blood freezing in his veins when he saw someone bleeding copiously. But now, he felt no discomfort even after beating someone into a pulp and stepping on the other party’s ten fingers until they broke. On the contrary, he actually felt especially excited.

    What had happened to him?