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Chapter 53

The Genius System Without Equal
     Xiao Luo had a question and he asked in his mind, “System, does the ability ‘Constitution of: King of Mercenaries’ – affect my nature and temperament?”

    “DING! ‘Constitution of: King of Mercenaries’ is to enable the host to quickly possess the mercenary king’s ability, including physical strength, combat experience, reflexes and the understanding of firearms. Naturally, your nature and temperament is included too. Once redeemed, the host is the strongest mercenary. You’ll have a cold-blooded side,” The cold and hard female voice of the system responded.

    “I see!”

    Xiao Luo exhaled softly and shook his neck. He thought that he was experiencing a split personality just now.

    At this time, An Huanhuan who was filled with curiosity, sneaked over and found Xiao Luo. She immediately grabbed her easel and ran up to him, “Hero Luo, were you dealing with the bad guys just now?”


    Xiao Luo nodded, after which he thought that An Huanhuan was really acting too calmly, she even dared to run up to him. Shouldn’t a typical girl have been scared witless by now? He asked, “He was clutching your neck just now, weren’t you afraid? ”

    “I was very scared, but when I saw you, I wasn’t scared at all. When you held me as I was about to land on the ground, I felt that we were like the male and female protagonists in ‘Kung Fu Hustle’, the mood was so on point,” An Huan giggled.

    Xiao Luo was exasperated. He had to take his hat off at her. It was such a dangerous moment, but An Huanhuan could still think of movie scenes. But when he replayed it carefully, the moment he caught An Huanhuan as she was about to land was indeed a bit like the segment of Xing Ye and the mute girl.

    “Hero Luo, I see Princess Yue and Bai Ling, did the bad guy come for Princess Yue?” An Huanhuan suddenly said.

    Just when Xiao Luo was about to deny it, An Huanhuan said, “You’re also here for Princess Yue, you’re specially here to protect her.”

    “An Huanhuan, you have a really rich imagination,” Xiao Luo frowned.

    “Hero Luo, just admit it. I just heard your conversation with that bad guy just now. You even stepped on and broke his fingers. You’re Princess Yue’s bodyguard,” An Huanhuan pointed at the direction of Xiao Luo.

    He had planned to pull the wool over her eyes by bluffing his way out, but it seemed impossible now.

    Xiao Luo sighed, said grimly, “Keep it a secret for me, okay?”

    “Ok, but you have to promise me two things.”

    An Huanhuan leaned close and said charmingly as she looked at him expectantly with her big watery eyes.

    Xiao Luo knew this would be the result. He said in a low voice, “What two things?”

    “The first thing is that you have to teach me kung fu. I want to be able to fight like you.”

    “Teach you kung fu?”

    Xiao Luo was astonished, then he realized that he could make use of the time when he would be teaching An Huan Huanhuan kung fu to make her suffer, and he immediately agreed with great joy, “This request is reasonable, I can agree.”

    “The second thing, date me,” An Huanhuan batted her eyelashes seductively at Xiao Luo.


    Xiao Luo shivered all over and then flatly refused, “No!”

    No way he was dating An Huanhuan, who was a university student. Even if he wanted to date, he would date a woman who had started working in society.

    “Why not?”

    An Huanhuan pursed her small lips and she stamped her feet anxiously on the ground.

    “You’ve chosen the wrong person for a relationship. I’m really unsuitable for you. Also, you know that I’m just Chu Yue’s bodyguard. I’m not a student at all. You and I belonged to different worlds.”

    “But I just like you.”

    An Huanhuan took hold of Xiao Luo’s arm, “Hero Luo, I’ve never been so serious before. When I first saw you, I felt there was a special vibe about you that just attracted me, and then your fierce debate with Ruoran made me fall in unwavering love with you. In my eyes, you are my Mr. Perfect. ”

    Xiao Luo gently pushed her away and said sternly, “Trust me, after you graduate from university, you’ll find your present actions to be very childish.”

    “I don’t care, if you don’t agree, I’ll go around telling everyone that you are Princess Yue’s bodyguard,” An Huanhuan started to act unreasonably.

    Xiao Luo was not a master who gave in so easily, especially when it came to compromises with a girl. His expression immediately changed and he said coldly, “I really hate it when people threaten me.”

    After speaking, he turned away and left with a heavy expression on his face.

    An Huanhuan panicked as soon as Xiao Luo got angry, she caught up to him stopped him in his tracks, “Okay, okay, I won’t threaten you, Hero Luo, don’t be angry.”

    Xiao Luo exhaled a long breath and shook his head helplessly, “An Huanhuan, how could you set your heart on a man that you don’t know much about? Aren’t you afraid of being taken advantage of?”

    “Taken advantage of? What advantages can I lose?” An Huanhuan blinked, not knowing the reasons.

    Xiao Luo was speechless, he straightforwardly said, “What else? The most precious thing for you girls, isn’t it your body?”

    Upon hearing this, a flush appeared on An Huanhuan’s face, “Oh, Hero Luo, you’re…. you’re so…. that….”

    “What about me?”

    Xiao Luo was totally depressed, he didn’t say any unspeakable words, why was he being accused of “that”?

    At this moment, An Huanhuan bowed her head and said bashfully, “Hero Luo, if you want, we can wait…. until our relationship is stable. Then, I’ll…. I’ll be willing….” After that, she quickly turned around with her back to Xiao Luo. She felt so shy that her face had become flushed.

    She’d be willing?

    Xiao Luo eyes were opened wide, he was totally dumbfounded. He thought in his mind, “Just what are you willing to do? Did I ask if you were willing? This was how An Huanhuan understood his sincere guidance?”

    He didn’t want to talk anymore, and quickly left.

    An Huanhuan shouted at him. The louder she shouted, the faster he walked. He felt that it was necessary to keep his distance from An Huanhuan.


    The weekend arrived in the blink of an eye. Zhang Dashan called and said that he wanted to have a meal with Xiao Luo on Saturday night.

    When he learned that Xiao Luo was at Huaye University, the receiver on his mobile was nearly broken by his loud voice.

    “What? You’re at Huaye University? I say, old friend, you’re not focused on finding a job, instead you’ve gone to Huaye University for what in the world?” Zhang Dashan’s tone had a note of exasperation that Xiao Luo was not properly focused on making good in his life

    “I’ll talk about it in detail on Saturday, I can’t say things clearly with just one or two sentences over the phone,” Xiao Luo said.

    “Okay, then I’ll go to Huaye around 7pm on Saturday night.”

    After finishing this sentence, the manner of his speech abruptly changed and became vulgar, “By the way, are there any pretty girls? Bring one or two them out, we can find a chance to get them drunk, then take them to the hotel to and have a crazy night, hehe…..”

    “Are you trying to get a life sentence?” Xiao Luo rolled his eyes.

    “What f*cking nonsense, I have 200% confidence to make that girl fall in love with me after I sleep with her.”

    “With just you?”

    “Just me. I’m eighteen centimeters in battle mode. Have I shown it off to you before?”

    “Get lost!”

    Xiao Luo only retorted with two words and hung up the phone. He returned to the dormitory from the rooftop.

    “Brother Luo, Song Jianan has posted his challenge on the school forum, he said that he’ll set up the arena at the mixed martial arts club and wait for you on Saturday night,” Ding Kai put the mobile phone near to Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo didn’t take a single look and laid down on the bed, “He can do whatever crazy thing he wants. I’ve got no time to play with him.”

    “In addition to Song Jianan’s challenge, Brother Luo, the handsome photos of you kicking Zhao Xinghe and his goons in the cafeteria a few days ago is spreading like wildfire on the forum. You’re famous in Huaye. The taekwondo association, the karate association, the martial arts club…. All the clubs and associations related to martial arts say that the kick you delivered to Zhao Xinghe was fake, they’re waiting for you to be crushed by Song Jianan on Saturday night! “Zhu Xiaofei also added as he roughly browsed through the school forum.

    Xiao Luo couldn’t help but find it a little comical, what was going on with university students now? They didn’t seem to be particularly diligent about their studies but were extremely meticulous about this kind of trivial matter. They were putting the cart before the horse!