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Chapter 54

The Genius System Without Equal
     At half past three in the afternoon, it was time for two slots of physical education classes.

    Most girls choose volleyball, table tennis, badminton and the likes. Chu Yue and Bai Ling were two anomalies that chose soccer, which directly led to Xiao Luo’s student character choosing soccer too.

    “Pretentious d*ck, why are you here?”

    When she met Xiao Luo in a small soccer field where lessons were specially conducted on, Chu Yue’s beautiful eyes were opened wide in surprise.

    She wore a casual sports suit that comprised of a red jacket matched with a black shirt, the head of a little anime girl was silk-screen printed on the chest area. Her face was bare of any cosmetics but it was still bright like the moon, her figure was also soft and beautiful. Her entire person appeared clear, attractive and refined.

    As usual, she had a delicious lollipop in her mouth.

    Standing beside her was Bai Ling, who seemed to have a soft spot for white. She wore white trainers, a white sports suits, plus her skin was also exceptionally fair and her facial features exquisite. She had the air of a girl next door, pretty daughter from a humble family. She truly gave off a fresh, clean and beautiful aesthetic.

    The two girls standing on the soccer field made a beautiful scenery, attracting the gazes of those around them. Numerous males passing by the football field halted in their tracks like cattle and fixed their attention here.

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes at Chu Yue, “What’s so strange about my presence here, is it only you, Miss Chu, who’s allowed to do soccer for her optional course?”

    Just this sentence alone made Chu Yue choke on air.

    “Xiao Luo, Young Mistress Chu actually wants to invite you to join our gaming team again. I hope you can forgive her for the incident at the dance party,” Bai Ling smiled helplessly.

    “Indeed, Bai Ling has a way with words.”

    Xiao Luo smiled at Bai Ling, “Joining your team is one thing, I can’t get along with Fu Jiawei and the rest of them. And if I join, I’ll definitely lower the overall strength of your team.”

    “This is your choice, it’s not that I didn’t invite you. In the future, you can’t say that I’m the one who forced you away.” Chu Yue said unpleasantly.

    Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

    “Bam ~”

    At this moment, a soccer ball rushed towards them at high speed in a gorgeous arc, the sound of the ball cutting through the air was extremely sharp and the strength of the force was bold and powerful. At a glance, one could tell that a soccer expert had kicked the ball. The soccer ball whistled through the air as it went straight for the profile of Xiao Luo’s face. If he was hit, he would feel a temporary buzzing in his head. But if his body was weaker, he might spin a couple of times on the spot before collapsing and thoroughly losing his face.


    There were quite a few crazy girls on this small football field who had chosen to take this course just like Chu Yue and Bai Ling. When they saw this scene, they subconsciously cried out in fear.

    Beside him, Chu Yue and Bai Ling also felt a tremor in their minds, shouted in alarm, “Careful!”

    Xiao Luo leaned back, and the angle was just right for him to dodge the ball. The soccer ball spinning at high speed swept past his eyes, and kicked up a strong wind that caused the hair hanging across his forehead to flutter.

    “Who kicked the ball?”

    Chu Yue immediately spoke up, demanding justice. She shouted in the direction that the soccer ball had come flying from, “You almost hit someone, how did you even kick the ball?”

    Even she felt extremely bewildered as she shouted these words. Why was she demanding justice for this pretentious d*ck? Was it because she had mistaken him as a stalker who wanted to do her harm a few days ago and now wanted to compensate him?

    As soon as the words fell, more than ten agile sports students gathered around them, their faces shone with belligerence and provocation.

    “It seems like they are from the mixed martial arts club again!”

    Bai Ling whispered the words. These people wore uniform sportswear. On the chest area of their clothes were printed the words ‘Mixed Martial Arts Club’.

    The group was headed by a boy who was of a similar strength as Zhao Xinghe. His body was strong and he had a thick layer of hair on his legs. He had a clean face but his smile was very sinister.

    “Sorry, I wasn’t pay much attention just now.”

    Although he was apologizing, his tone and expression were full of challenge. There was not the slightest sense of sincerity in his apology.

    Xiao Luo smiled coldly. There was no doubt that the ball was meant for him just now. These guys who insisted on picking a quarrel with him really were everywhere. It seemed that the size of Song Jianan’s mixed martial arts club was passable.

    “Oh, isn’t this Xiao Luo the Fiend who had kicked one of our sports student in the cafeteria a few days ago?” The leader said with an exaggerated expression as he pretended to be surprised.

    As soon as this remark came out, other students also cast their attention on him. Xiao Luo the Fiend, he was a celebrity in the school forum. Who in Huaye was more famous than him?

    “His physical fitness looks average, does he really have so much power to your feet?”

    “It must be those silly asses in our school that exaggerated the incident and boasted about him to the point that he has become a god.”

    “I don’t believe that he can really kick a man and send him flying four or five meters away!”

    Another eight or nine sports students folded their arms in front of their chests and they took their measure of Xiao Luo as they spoke belligerently.

    “Would you like to test it on the spot? You can choose a person to be the fat pig, I’ll be in-charge of the kicking, how about it?” Xiao Luo said lightly as he patted the clothes on his body.

    “You piece of sh*t, what did you say?”

    These sports students immediately became hostile, they rubbed their palms and wiped their fists. They couldn’t wait to tear into Xiao Luo.

    Actually, when they already burning with rage when they saw that Xiao Luo had also come to this field. It was because Xiao Luo had slapped the proverbial face of the sports students as a whole, which had never happened before.

    In the past, the sports students in Huaye walked like they owned the school, their noses were turned up towards the sky, they made their authority felt and they were so proud of themselves. They were proud of being a sports student, but now, not only did Xiao Luo beat Tang Yuze up, he also sent Zhao Xinghe flying with a kick in the cafeteria. These were all sports students and they were also Community Sports majors. Now, no matter where they went in school, they kept feeling that someone was talking secretly behind their backs, making fun of the sports students.

    “You were making trouble for someone else and were taught a lesson in return. You were asking for it, who can you blame.”

    Chu Yue argued as she found it really unfair. Although she hated Xiao Luo, they still belonged to the same major. To see him besieged by these sports students, she could not hold herself back any more

    “Xiao Luo, let’s go, ignore these people,” Bai Ling directly called out for Xiao Luo to leave.

    “Xiao, do you only know how to stand behind a girl? Letting two girls stick themselves out for you; if I were you, I would have been …”

    “Du Pengfei!”

    At this moment, a loud and clear voice interrupted the leader’s speech.

    The physical education teacher who taught soccer came over, “What are you standing there for? Hurry and get everyone to gather!”

    Because Du Pengfei was very good at soccer, he was appointed as an assisstant by the physical education teacher to help him teach the class.

    “Yes, teacher.”

    Du Pengfei smiled coldly at Xiao Luo, then he waved a hand and called others over to the center of the soccer field.

    “The members of the mixed martial arts club are all basically students of the Community Sports major. Pretentious d*ck, you’ll have much to suffer,” Chu Yue sighed and looked at Xiao Luo with pity.

    “Different situations call for different actions. I’m not afraid of them anyway.”

    Xiao Luo said indifferently, then he frowned, “Hey, can you stop calling me ‘pretentious d*ck’? Don’t feel disgusted when such an awful name comes out of your mouth?”

    Chu Yue took out the lollipop and pouted, “None of your business, pretentious d*ck, pretentious d*ck, pretentious d*ck. I’m saying it. What about it?”

    “I’m gonna make an expression at you. You can experience it for yourself.”

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes, then turned and walked away.