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Chapter 55

The Genius System Without Equal
     The physical education class at university was like that. There wasn’t much quality content. If not for the unexpected presence of some pretty girls in his class, the PE teacher would have let the students disperse and enjoy their free time after they had finished their warm-up exercises. But even so, after half an hour, the teacher gave the order to disperse, letting everyone play soccer on the field however they liked.

    Xiao Luo wasn’t interested in playing soccer with a bunch of children, so he minded his own business, walked to a corner of the field, sat down, and played with his phone.

    “Xiao, who gave you permission to play with your phone!”

    Before he had even warmed the spot with his butt, Du Pengfei and his group approached him. Du Pengfei pointed at Xiao Luo and yelled in a firm and righteous voice, “You should be serious in PE. Put your phone away.”

    “Don’t go looking for trouble. Otherwise, you are the one who’ll regret it!” Xiao Luo kept playing with his mobile without raising his head once.

    “Motherf*cker, you can act like an assh*le. Why don’t you go to hell!”

    “Poor f*ck. He’s so engrossed even though he’s only playing on a domestic phone!”

    “Stop pretending that you’re dead by sitting here. Stand up. Let’s have a soccer match. Didn’t you think you were so great? Do you dare to have a match with us?”

    The guys in the group were all holding a soccer ball as they made sarcastic comments. Had they not been in school or PE class, they would have descended on Xiao Luo in a swarm and beat him up.

    “Get lost!”

    Xiao Luo raised his head and glared at them with threatening eyes that seemed to say, back off…for your own good. He was like a bloodthirsty beast.

    Du Pengfei’s group took a step back, as an involuntary shudder ran down their spine. They looked at each other in dismay and saw the horror in each other’s eyes. But they turned their thoughts around; there were so many of them and only one of him. What was there to be afraid?

    “Fine. You sure are crazy and arrogant!”

    Du Pengfei beckoned, and the group of them turned and left.

    After walking more than twenty meters away, Du Pengfei and four other guys who were holding soccer balls placed them on the ground. The five of them walked a short distance, then rushed toward the soccer balls at the same time.

    “Arrogant motherf*cker!”

    Du Pengfei roared with fury, “Shoot!”

    The five guys pulled their right foot back, exerted some force, and delivered a violent kick….


    The balls instantly roared, drawing five fierce arcs in the air as they whizzed toward Xiao Luo. The strength behind the balls was mind-boggling. The sound of the soccer balls cutting through the air made everyone on the field feel a sense of suffocation.

    Chu Yue and Bai Ling, who were passing a soccer ball back and forth, tightened their expressions and shut their eyes.

    Everyone knew that the five guys, including Du Pengfei, weren’t playing soccer; they were planning to hit someone!

    The PE teacher also noticed the strange goings-on here. He was so scared he sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately screamed at Xiao Luo, who was still sitting on the ground playing with his mobile, “Hurry, dodge!”

    As a teacher who taught soccer, he very well understood the power of a soccer ball flying at high speed. If any student bled, fainted, or was injured in his class, he was afraid he would lose his secure employment as a PE teacher.

    Xiao Luo’s instinctively raised his arms in a cross to protect his head.

    Bam bam bam

    Five footballs smashed into him from five different directions. The strength behind the soccer balls was too great, and they instantly bounced back after hitting his body.

    “Yesss! All strike, hahaha …”

    Du Pengfei and his party shouted excitedly while clenching their fists and pulling their elbows back and forth.

    Everyone else on the field watched Xiao Luo without blinking. He was hit by five soccer balls flying at high speed. How could he be totally fine?

    The PE teacher swallowed with difficulty and stared fixedly at Xiao Luo in disbelief. When he saw him casually putting down his crossed arms, the ball of worry that was hanging by a thread in his mind finally fell away. He patted his chest to ease the fear. With trepidation lingering his heart after the near trauma, he ran up and yelled in a stern voice, “Du Pengfei, what do you guys think you’re doing? Are you kicking a ball or a human?”

    “Teacher, we’re kicking soccer balls. It’s because the balls have no eyes, so they flew toward that guy,” Du Haipeng pointed at Xiao Luo and said with a relaxed expression.

    “Yeah, teacher, we don’t know what’s going on either. The balls are out of our control once they’re in the air.”

    “The soccer balls must like that person so much that they just need to be in close contact with him.”

    “Yes, yes. The soccer balls love that person too much, hahaha …”

    They roared with laugher to vent their anger.

    “Nonsense! Others may not be able to control the direction of the ball, but do you think I don’t know about you guys or what you’re up to? It’s because of your strong soccer abilities that the school has made an exception by lowering the admission scores for you. I don’t care what kind of grudge you have with that student. Don’t make trouble in my class, or I’ll make sure you have a hard time.”

    The sports teacher severely reprimanded Du Pengfei and the others, then he shouted at Xiao Luo, “Student, are you all right? Anything wrong? Can you stand up and walk….”

    He suddenly stopped talking because Xiao Luo stood up slowly and was walking toward him.

    As he stood up, an intimidating wave of power swept outward from his center. It seemed as if a ferocious beast had broken free from its shackles now and revealed its ghastly fangs.

    The sports teacher smelled trouble, big trouble, and felt as if this bloodthirsty and wild beast was targeting him.

    “Xiao Luo is angry!” Bai Ling looked at Xiao Luo in a daze.

    Chu Yue also felt that Xiao Luo was very different from usual when he got angry. His face was smoldering and severe. She recoiled in fear.

    Du Pengfei and his people curbed their mirth and looked at Xiao Luo defiantly.

    “Brother Fei, that kid seems to be angry.” One of them pretended to be serious.

    “It’s good that he’s angry. I was afraid he wouldn’t be, or we would have wasted five perfectly good soccer balls, hehe…..” Du Pengfei laughed.

    “Hahaha …”

    The others broke out in nervous laughter, too. To see Xiao Luo looking so angry made them feel even more deeply how they had stood up for the Community Sports majors as a whole.

    At this moment, Xiao Luo put his mobile phone in his pants pocket and glanced at Du Pengfei and his party. Then, he ran like a cheetah to a soccer ball on the ground. He raised his right foot and delivered a ferocious kick.


    The soccer ball that had been lying motionless on the ground like a meek little lamb transformed as it turned into a roaring beast. It cut a vicious trajectory through the air and rushed toward Du Pengfei and his companions with unprecedented force and speed.

    The ball was like lightning tearing through the void!

    Alarmed, the guy’s instinct was to get away, but the soccer ball with its aggressive momentum had already hit him in the stomach when he first thought of dodging it. Without any warning or defense, he toppled backward and went rolling with the ball. He rolled four or five meters away like a winter melon. With a “Blergh,” the food he had eaten at noon and had been mostly digested turned into vomit as it came spewing out of his mouth.

    The scene shocked everyone.

    F*ck? What were they looking at? Shaolin Soccer? Legs of the Omega Supreme?

    Every one of the onlookers sucked in their breath. They stood with flabbergasted expressions at the boy who was retching violently on the ground after being struck by a soccer ball.

    Chu Yue and Bai Ling also had their eyes wide open; their eyelashes were trembling. Did this happen? It didn’t seem real.

    The PE teacher couldn’t believe his eyes, either. Beads of sweat the size of beans rolled down slowly from his forehead. There were no crafty angles or techniques behind that kick, only insane speed and power. How the hell did a human kick the ball? Wasn’t it shot by a machine?

    Looking at their buddy lying on the ground and vomiting uncontrollably, Du Pengfei and his party froze in terror. They felt a wave of coldness flowing from the top of the heads to the tips of their toes until their entire bodies were icy cold.