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Chapter 56

The Genius System Without Equal
     “DING! Congratulations, you’ve received the ‘soccer talent!’ ”

    Xiao Luo ignored the system notification in his mind as he looked askance at Du Pengfei with cold eyes and a dark countenance. The temperature on the field seemed to have dropped several degrees. Everyone shuddered involuntarily.

    “You guys like to play soccer, don’t you? Okay. I’ll play with you!”

    Licking his lips cruelly, Xiao Luo mentally prepared himself for the game as he walked toward another soccer ball and stood silent with his eyes focused on the ball. Then with high concentration, he drew his foot back and struck the ball powerfully, completing the action smoothly in one go. There was nothing hesitant about his movement.

    The ball soared as it carried a strong wind that whistled and howled. It spun at high speed while tearing through the air, quickly closing the distance of twenty or thirty meters before forcefully striking the forehead of a sports student. The impact did not stop there. The student’s sturdy body flew backward as it spun head over heels like an out-of-control car before finally crashing to the ground three or four meters away.

    The student’s head buzzed, and his brain seemed to have turned into a pot of mush that was being stirred. He tried very hard to stand up. It was as if he’d lost his cerebellum, for he could not maintain his balance at all and kept falling to the ground again and again like a drunkard.

    Without waiting for the audience to react, Xiao Luo kicked another ball.

    Bam bam bam

    Immediately, four sports students toppled to the ground.


    The spectators sucked in their breath as they looked on with horror-filled eyes. To crush someone with a soccer ball? What kind of skill and power was behind those kids? Perhaps this guy was the Omega Supreme.

    Chu Yue and Bai Ling watched Xiao Luo in disbelief; they thought he was one of a kind.

    With people watching with rapt attention, Xiao Luo got into a shooting position with an expressionless face. He lowered his upper body to the point where his face nearly touched the ball. His right foot was raised high up and back, and his body was solely supported by his left foot.

    Oh my God! How can he keep his balance like this?

    Everyone was staring at him in awe.

    The PE teacher was starting to get nervous. What if someone got hurt? Such a shooting position was unheard of. He had never witnessed anything like it, but he could sense its dominance and power. The purpose of the posture was to concentrate the body’s strength on the right foot. When the raised right foot came down, this power could be maximized to the extreme. Xiao Luo’s usual kicking technique was fierce enough. If he kicked this ball and it hit a person, wouldn’t it…. cause serious injury or possibly death?

    When he thought about this, the PE teacher burst into a cold sweat.

    “Stop…. Stop right now!”

    He shouted and rushed toward Xiao Luo to stop him from shooting this ball.

    But it was too late. Xiao Luo’s right foot had already kicked the ball.


    The ball thundered. Its trajectory was no longer a parabola but a line that seemed straight to the naked eye as it clung close to the ground. It flew toward Du Penghei’s three remaining buddies with a whistle.

    The eyes of the three people nearly bulged out from their eye sockets. The soccer ball spinning at high speed became bigger and bigger in their vision. Suddenly, they thought they were hallucinating as that flying orb turned into a fireball.

    They blinked, scared witless. No, they weren’t hallucinating. This was real. The ball, burning like a comet with a tail of red flames, was rushing at them with a violent, stormy power that would sweep away everything in its path!

    “Help….. help!”

    The three of them closed their eyes and screamed, sure they were going to die. Their hearts were shrouded in a red-hot glow.


    The burning ball exploded a few inches from the three students, scattering red-hot flames on the ground. A pungent scorching odor filled the air as thick black smoke rose.

    Total silence.

    The soccer field was deathly silent. Everyone stared blankly at the bits of glowing flames. A shiver ran up and down their spine and their hair literally stood on end.

    “The ball is actually…. burning….” A student said in a trembling voice.

    Another dumbstruck student continued, “It turns out that everything in the movies was real. When the soccer ball reaches a certain speed, it can ignite from its intense friction with the air and turn into a flaming soccer ball.”

    Du Pengfeil’s three buddies looked as if they had just escaped from the Grim Reaper’s clutches. They were deathly pale and could no longer stand. They slumped to the ground in a cold sweat, panting heavily. Their bodies shivered uncontrollably. One guy’s crotch was soaking wet: he was so scared he lost control of his bladder.

    Chu Yue and Bai Ling were thunderstruck. Was this happening? Xiao Luo had only taken a moment to turn this soccer field into a battlefield. This was too scary, way too scary!

    The PE teacher finally exhaled. After the soccer ball ignited, it exploded at a critical moment without harming the three students, thank goodness. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened? He shuddered to think of the consequences.

    Du Pengfei’s face was ashen, and his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth from anxiety. He could not utter a single word. His nine companions had collapsed in the blink of an eye. Even worse, they were crushed in soccer, a sport they prided themselves on. This was surreal. He was so panicked he could hardly breathe. His heart was beating so fast he thought it would beat out of his chest; his legs had turned to jelly.

    “It’s your turn!”

    Then he heard Xiao Luo’s cold and emotionless words.

    After regaining his composure, Du Pengfei turned around and ran off like a wolf out of the field. He just kept running, the farther he was from the beast, the better.

    “You think you can outrun a ball?”

    Xiao Luo’s lips curled in a sneer as he sauntered toward a soccer ball.

    No, No! Was he was going to shoot again? Stop him!

    When the PE saw this, he took action.

    “Stop your nonsense!”

    He shouted and ran for a short distance before throwing himself on the ground and sliding the rest of the way. The soles of his feet approached the soccer ball in front of Xiao Luo. This was a beautiful sliding tackle: its purpose was to intercept Xiao Luo’s ball.

    Xiao Luo glanced at him indifferently and lightly kicked the ball up with his foot. He quickly escaped the tackle, and then punted the ball with the back of his foot. The ball slowly rose, drawing a rainbow-like arc in the air. It circumvented one person before rushing toward Du Pengfei. It was as if the ball was alive. It sped up frantically at the critical moment.

    “This is…. What did I see? Is this ‘bend it like Beckham?'”

    The PE teacher was so surprised he momentarily forgot that Xiao Luo was using a soccer ball to crush someone.

    The others were also shocked, too.

    Du Pengfei, who was running wildly, felt the ball whizzing toward him from behind and tried to avoid it.

    But it was too late!


    The ball slammed fiercely against his back, the immense force knocking him to the ground. Du Pengfei rolled for four or five meters with the ball with a petrified look on his face and landed on the grass like a dog, panting heavily. Blades of grass stuck to the sides of his mouth and swayed with every breath he expelled.

    The audience went silent. The images of the flaming soccer ball and the arc through the air that was like a rainbow lingered for a long time in everyone’s mind!

    The PE teacher was relieved to see that Xiao Luo wasn’t making any more fatal moves. Otherwise, Du Pengfei and his companions would have been seriously injured or killed.

    Xiao Luo walked toward Du Pengfei and stopped in front of him. He looked down at him from his towering position, “Tell your people from the mixed martial arts club, especially Song Jianan, that my patience is limited. If he doesn’t know how to restrain himself, I’ll go after him and destroy one of his hands. All of you will suffer with him. I mean it, so don’t test me!”

    Arrogant. Domineering. Crazy!

    The people present who heard these words felt a deep and real tremor in their souls.