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Chapter 58

The Genius System Without Equal
     One after another, the days flew by.

    On Saturday afternoon, Xiao Luo changed into a more mature getup after getting a call from Zhang Dashan. He needed a breather. University might be a paradise for many, but it wasn’t so great for him. The worst part was having to go to class. It sucked. Time crawled at a snail’s pace when one was miserable: Every minute seemed like a thousand.

    “Brother Luo, are you going out?” asked Zhu Xiofei.

    He considered the possibility and then, visibly alarmed, asked, “You’re not going to the mixed martial arts club to respond to Song Jianan’s challenge, are you?”

    Hearing the words “Song Jianan” and “challenge,” Ding Kai, who was lying in bed reading, sat up and looked at Xiao Luo with a pale, terror-stricken face.

    “Lao Zhu, you think too much. I can’t be bothered with that kind of senseless person,” Xiao Luo smiled slightly.

    “Then, where are you doing?”

    “A good friend is coming to meet me, and we’ll be having a meal tonight.”

    Xiao Luo inhaled lightly and said, “By the way, do you want to come along? You can eat and drink for free.”

    “Nah, you’re going on a date. We’re don’t want to be a third wheel, hehe…..” Zhu Xiaofei shook his head and grinned, showing his teeth.

    “That’s right. People who are third wheels are losers.”

    Ding Kai echoed, then lay back down and continued reading.

    Xiao Luo, who was silent for a moment, said softly, “He’s male.”

    “What? A guy?”

    Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai looked at each other and saw the shock registered in the other’s eyes. No wonder Brother Luo was unmoved by An Huanhuan’s relentless pestering. So the reason was…..

    Zhu Xiaofei coughed a few times and said, “Brother Luo, we understand. You can go with peace of mind. We’ll not gossip about you. We’ll keep our mouths shut tight and keep this secret of yours. Also, we’ll not look at you with peculiar expressions because of this. After all, it’s been a long time since the Reformation. Our minds have been liberated and are as wide as the Pacific Ocean. Leaving aside a man getting with a man, it’s not a big deal for us even when it comes to a man with a snake, a man with a ghost, and a man with a rock.”

    Holy sh*t! They understood? Just what did they understand?

    Xiao Luo felt a little ill. He knew that a man who got together with another man was gay, but man and snake? And what the hell was a man with a ghost and a man with a rock? Why had he never heard of these? Had he become behind the times again?

    “Lao Zhu, are you talking internet slang? What do you mean by a man and a snake?” Xiao Luo was puzzled.

    “It’s Xu Xian and Lady White Snake,” Ding Kai put down his book.

    “Then what about a man and a ghost?”

    “Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian.”

    Xiao Luo felt that his three fundamental views had been turned upside down. Then he asked curiously, “What do a man and a rock refer to?”

    “It’s the Monkey King’s dad,” Zhu Xiaofei suppressed his laugh and said.


    A series of question marks appeared in Xiao Luo’s mind.

    “Brother Luo, the Monkey King’s dad got a rock pregnant. Isn’t he f*cking capable?”

    Zhu Xiaofei guffawed. “One slept with a snake, one slept with a ghost, and one even dared to sleep with a rock. So many predecessors have created a new history in their obsessions. Brother Luo, compared to them, there’s nothing strange about you, hahaha … ”

    Xiao Luo was exasperated. In the next second, he sent Zhu Xiaofei, who had thrown his head back and was laughing so hard that tears were flowing, a kick that sent him flying.


    When Xiao Luo rushed to the school gates, Zhang Dashan and his white Corolla were already waiting there.

    “What the hell? How did a bastard like you become better looking since our last meeting a while back?” This was the first thing Zhang Dashan said.

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes. He opened the door and hopped in the front passenger seat. “Cut the crap. I’m hungry! Let’s quickly find a place to eat.”

    “What about the hot, pretty girls? Didn’t I tell you to bring some with you?”

    Zhang Dashan yelled but didn’t linger at the school gate. He slowly started the car and headed for the city.

    “You seem so thirsty. I think I need to order a doll for you online,” Xiao Luo joked.

    “That’s good, but I want one imported from Japan, and it has to be the real thing. I don’t want the inflatable kind that only costs around twenty dollars. It’s too damn shoddy and can never hold up against a few violent thrusts from me,” Dashan laughed mischievously.

    “Get lost, you bastard!” Xiao Luo wanted to kick him.


    Zhang Dashan was so excited he deliberately pressed sports mode and stepped on the gas, causing the car’s speed to skyrocket in that instant to match his current excitement. However, he did not dare to speed for too long: speed limit signs and traffic monitoring abounded in Jiangcheng. He couldn’t even count all the traffic light intersections on his ten fingers and toes.

    “By the way, Lao Xiao. You haven’t told me what you’re doing in Huaye,” asked Zhang Dasjam curiously at a traffic light intersection while waiting for the light to turn green.

    “I was entrusted to protect someone.” Xiao Luo felt had nothing to hide from his bro.

    “What? Protect someone? When did you become a bodyguard?” Zhang Dashan was more than a little surprised.

    Xiao Luo then briefly told him the story of how he met Chu Yunxiong.

    “Balls! So you’re in Huaye to protect Chu Yunxiong’s daughter. The same Chu Yunxiong who owns Chongshan House?” Zhang Dashan’s eyes immediately widened. Whoa. This was some story.

    Xiao Luo said, “Other than this Chu Yunxiong, there shouldn’t be anybody else who goes by that name in Jiangcheng.”

    “F*ck me!”

    Zhang Dashan looked at Xiao Luo as if he were an alien, “Bastard, you got to know Chu Yunxiong, a VIP tycoon in Jiangcheng. What a lucky bastard. And you’re the one protecting is his daughter? F*ck, isn’t it evident he wants you to be his son-in-law?”

    “I haven’t seen you in a while. Talking bullshit has become your forte,” Xiao Luo said, rolling his eyes.

    “Who’s talking bullsh*t? Isn’t it just like TV? Right, so what does Chu Yunxiong’s daughter look like? Is she pretty?” Zhang Dashan asked.

    “She’s okay, so-so.”

    Xiao Luo propped his chin up, giving a fitting and direct evaluation.

    “An okay from you means very good.”

    Zhang Dashan felt pretty confident about things and said like a shameless rascal, “Damn it, bro. I don’t care. You must take me to see her. I happened to dress up tonight, so I look good…and cool. If I can captivate her, I’ll immediately ascend to the pinnacle of my life.”

    Xiao Luo took a closer look at him. For real, this dude was dressed very pretentiously and looked passably good: A white shirt with black trousers in the western style. He gave off a strong gentlemanly vibe. His body was passably good, too. There was only one disadvantage–his face was too chubby. Otherwise, his sister, Xiao Ruyi, would have been attracted to him from the beginning.

    “Lao Xiao, I have to tell you something.” Zhang Dashan’s expression suddenly turned serious.

    “What is it?” Xiao Luo frowned.

    “Zhao Mengqi was taking the roundabout approach by trying to get some info about your situation from me a few times. She was going to visit you at your home but found that you weren’t there. Based on her tone, I think she wants to get back with you.”

    Get back together?

    Xiao Luo shook his head and smiled, looking at the night scene outside the window. He didn’t say a single word; he had already ended the chapter of his life titled Zhao Mengqi.

    “A random search on the internet will turn up a lot of negative information about that slimeball Hua Haifeng of Huahai Corporation. He sleeps around with lots of women and changes girlfriends about as often as one turns a page when reading. Zhao Mengqi thought she had slept with someone dependable. Ha! In the end, she’ll just get dumped after he’s had his fill.” Zhang Dashan said indignantly. He thought that Zhao Mengqi was just a stupid woman.

    “Don’t talk about her. Let’s talk about happier things,” Xiao Luo said.

    “That’s true. You two have broken up. I don’t know why I brought it up. Come on, let’s talk about Chu Yunxiong’s daughter. How old is she? Does she have a nice body? How’s her skin? And most important–does she have a boyfriend?” Zhang Dashan suddenly became energetic and animated.