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Chapter 60

The Genius System Without Equal
     Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were enjoying their meal and having a grand old time. Between bites of food, they talked, laughed, and traded vulgar jokes like two old veterans. The scene looked so harmonious. But in Huang Ruoran’s view, Xiao Luo was making fun of her. That was exactly how some paranoid people felt whenever they heard people whispering or laughing behind their back–they assumed they were the subject of gossip.

    “When Xiao Luo goes back, he’ll blab to everyone that I work here as a waitress,” Huang Ruoran muttered to herself under her breath.

    She nervously knitted her brows together. She had a strong personality and didn’t want anyone to see her side as a waitress, bending and groveling to the customers. But fate was not on her side, and she just had to run into Xiao Luo tonight. By Monday, her secret would be out, and she worried about losing all her hard-earned respect as the class monitor.

    Unlike Huan Ruoran, however, Xiao Luo wasn’t thinking about her at all. He was simply enjoying the delicious hot pot and a night out with his best friend. The university was as far from his thoughts as the moon.

    He ate his meat and drank his soup. As to life, he found it to be a beautiful thing, at least at the moment.

    “Damn it,” said Zhang Dashan. “Why wasn’t Sis Luo attracted to me at that time? Does having a large face negate all that I am? This is too unfair.”

    After they were half-full, Zhang Dashan started complaining. The Sister Luo he was talking about was Xiao Luo’s sister, Xiao Ruyi, shortened to “Sis Luo.” “In what way is that trash Tang Ren better than me? His skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom, and his face is small and fair. Sis Luo wouldn’t have a sense of security with him. What does she see in him? I really don’t understand this.”

    “You can’t blame this on anyone. I created a chance for you guys. But in the end, you dragged me into playing Landlord War with her for a whole night. My sister complained to me that you’re a stupid pr*Ick.” Xiao Luo put down his chopsticks and berated Zhang Dashan. He didn’t want to talk about this again. He got so angry whenever this subject came up. Aargh!

    Zhang Dashan’s face turned green. “You bast*rd. Why do you have to have such a good memory? In any case, weren’t you the one who came up with that rotten idea of playing Landlord War? You know I can’t stop playing once I come into contact with poker cards.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t want this to turn into a long-winded conversation, so he immediately poured a large plate of beef meatballs into the hot pot.

    At this time, a group of people sat down at the table behind them. There were four men and two women with tattoos on their bodies. The men had bare arms and wore gold chains; they looked like unreasonable, violent bandits. The women were skimpily dressed, and their nails were painted black. In addition, they carried a strong smell of perfume. As soon as they finished ordering their dishes, they started talking up a storm as they remained in their seats. Their voices were very loud: They acted as if they had bought the entire hot pot restaurant for the night.

    Of course, Zhang Dashan did not object to their loud voices. But what he couldn’t stand was the stool occupied by the man behind him. It severely infringed on his space. Even turning around was a herculean task, let alone standing up. Just when the man was chatting happily, he would shake his stool back and forth, and the back of it kept cramming and bumping into Zhang Dashan.

    At a certain point, he couldn’t take it anymore. He patted the man’s shoulder and said, “Hey, buddy, can you move your stool back a little? It’s so uncomfortable how you’re cramming against me, thanks!”

    The man turned his head and gave him a disdainful glance, then he turned back and continued talking bombastically with the others. It was if he hadn’t heard Zhang Dashan’s words.


    Zhang Dashan cursed in his mind, feeling depressed.

    “What’s wrong?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “What’s wrong? Old friend, can’t you see that I’m about to be squished into a lump of sh*t?”

    Zhang Dashan was extremely upset. At this moment, he happened to see Huang Ruoran, who was adding water for customers at another table. He immediately beckoned, “Pretty lady. Please come over here.”

    Huang Ruoran came over reluctantly without looking at Xiao Luo. She asked, “Do you want me to add water for you, too?”

    “Pretty lady, look at the water in our pot. Does it look like we need more?”

    Zhang Dashan pointed at the boiling hot pot, then at the space around him. “This hot pot restaurant should have more than this tiny bit of space for guests. I feel very uncomfortable sitting here now. I’m not even in the mood to eat now. Say, what should be done about this?”

    Huang Ruoran saw that it was because the man behind him had moved his stool too far back, thus severely infringing on the space that belonged to Zhang Dashan. The space left for Zhang Dashan was just enough to accommodate him. It was already so cramped to sit there, let alone eat his meal.

    She nodded slightly, then walked to the man and politely requested, “Sir, would you please move your stool forward a little?”

    The man raised his head and said with an unpleasant expression, “Why should I move the stool forward? I like to sit like this, it’s comfortable. What about it?”

    Huang Ruoran said, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’ve infringed on the space of another guest, causing him….”

    “Is there a line drawn here? Or is there a rule that says I can only have such a tiny space for my seat and that I’m not allowed to move the stool back?” The man had a blazing temper.

    Huang Ruoran never expected this man to be so unreasonable. But she also had a lofty and unyielding character. Since the guest was so rude, she immediately straightened her face and took a harsher tone, “I’m sorry, sir, please move your stool forward! ”

    As soon as the words came out, the man’s companions laughed. They looked like they were enjoying the entertainment and had no fear of things blowing up.

    “Shanzi, since the pretty lady asked nicely, just scoot over.”

    “Haha….. Yeah, give the beauty some face.”

    “Isn’t that b*tch going to break up with you. This pretty lady isn’t too bad. You can be on bad terms with anyone, but you should never be on bad terms with a pretty girl.”

    A few people laughed and commented. One of them even pawed the woman next to him in front of so many eyes. He touched her everywhere, and not only did the woman not mind at all, she even seemed to enjoy it as she snuggled intimately against his body.

    Initially, the man named Shanzi had a ruthless expression. Upon hearing what his companion said, he laughed, and his gaze became vulgar and obscene. He said to Huang Ruoran, “If you want me to move the stool, sure, but kiss my face. I can even give up my entire seat if you ask me to, let alone moving it forward a little. ”

    His companion laughed out loud and coaxed, “Pretty girl, kiss him, kiss him, hahaha…..”

    They were obviously playing with her!

    Huang Ruoran gritted her teeth angrily. Although she had been working as a waitress here for almost a year, she had never encountered such a situation. For a moment, she was at a loss of what to do.

    “Bro, I told her to ask you to move your stool. Confront me if you’ve got the skills. What kind of skills do you have when you’re only capable of messing with a woman.” Zhang Dashan turned his head to the side. He picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth with gusto.

    Xiao Luo was also sitting in his seat, and he slowly ate with a slight smile of indifference.

    The man named Shanzi slammed his wine cup down. He stood up, turned around, and looked at Zhang Dashan with an ugly and murderous expression. “I was going to ignore you, but you’re motherf*cking getting cocky with me!”

    He moved the stool in the direction of Zhang Dashan by more than ten centimeters. The back of the stool pressed against Zhang Dashan’s arm directly. Then he stomped on the stool with great strength and said combatively while pointing at the ground, “I’m putting the stool here. Why don’t you try asking me to move it again?”