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Chapter 61

The Genius System Without Equal
     Xiao Luo’s expression abruptly darkened. His luck must have really run out for him to be encountering such people at the hotpot restaurant.

    Zhang Dashan prepared to launch an offensive. He lowered his stance and waved his hands about with an awkward smile, compromising with the man called Shanzi.

    “Everything’s alright now, pretty lady. Go ahead and do your thing,” Zhang Dashan said to Huang Ruoran.

    “But your…”

    “It’s fine. I have enough room. Besides, we are almost done here. I’ll just put up with it,” Zhang Dashan interrupted her with a smile.

    Hearing him, Huang Ruoran nodded, turned around, and left. Her heart, however, was still a little uneasy.

    As soon as she left, the matter came to an end. When the man by the name of Shanzi saw Zhang Dashan ducking out, not only did he become more arrogant, but he viciously spat a mouthful of phlegm onto the ground right in front of Zhang Dashan. Then, he sat down and said to his companions in a loud voice, “He’s just a p*ssy. Let’s ignore him and continue our talk.”

    “Shanzi, you’re so manly!” said a lady with a toady smile.

    The man forcefully grabbed her creamy thigh and smiled playfully. “Oh, yeah? Really?” he teased.

    “Yeah, but it’s because of your manliness that I like you,” the lady said, moving nearer to him with a seductive smile.

    “You horny little sl*t. I’ll bang you to death when we get back!” giggled the man with exhilaration while pinching the lady’s pointy chin.

    “You’re so naughty!”

    The woman playfully shoved the man’s hand away.


    The other three men and one woman, who were all sitting at the same table, went along with it, laughing.

    Compared to them, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan’s table was much quieter.

    Xiao Luo knew Zhang Dashan quite well, and he knew that he wasn’t that kind of person who’d just cr*p out on something. He would never let something like this go, especially after being bullied to this extent. As expected, as soon as Zhang Dashan had finished all the meat, he signaled to Xia Luo with his eyes that it was time to get ready.

    Zhang Dashan drank down his cup of beer and stood up suddenly. He lifted the pot brimming with boiling broth, turned around, and splashed it on Shanzi.


    A horrifying scream rang out. Shanzi felt like his skin was being forcefully torn from his bones as incomprehensible pain spread throughout his entire body.

    The faces of the other three men changed immediately. They’d never expected Zhang Dashan, who had cr*pped out just now, to go berserk out of the blue and act without saying a word. His ruthlessness overwhelmed them on the spot, while the two ladies shrieked in horror.

    “You son of a bloody wh*re!”

    With an atrocious face, Zhang Dashan kicked the man, who was screaming in pain, to the ground. Then, he lifted the stool and brought it down on him, repeatedly smashing while yelling, “I was in a good mood today, you b*stard! Then you went and screwed it up! Do you really believe that I would deny you the privilege of seeing the sun tomorrow?!”

    After smashing the man with the stool, he resorted to punches and kicks. He pounced on him repeatedly, and the man could only bellow in agony while groveling on the ground like a pig being slaughtered.

    Xiao Luo lifted his eyebrows and continue sipping his orange juice indifferently. This was the Zhang Dashan he was familiar with—a good citizen with his blazer on and a hooligan with his blazer off.

    In college, he had been in his fair share of fights, all provoked by some trivial issue. During their first year, they had even got into an argument because Zhang Dashan liked to smoke in the dorm. Xiao Luo had nagged him somewhat because he couldn’t stand the second-hand smoke, and the two had ended up in a brawl.

    But after they’d fought, not only did they not become estranged, their bond became even stronger. Their relationship was a perfect example of the phrase, ‘friendship grows from conflict!’


    The sharp sound of cracking bones brought Xiao Luo back to reality.

    As he focused his eyes, he saw Da Zhangwei smashing the man’s nose until the bridge was crooked. Following a round of horrifying, non-human screams, the man’s body twitched. Then, his head turned sideways, and he passed out.

    It wasn’t until that moment that the three men who’d come with him regained their senses. As they were about to rush forward, Xiao Luo struck out at them, humming lightly as he forcefully kicked their table. His kick literally had the force of two-thousand pounds. The table reacted as if it had been hit by a raging bull. The dense square table slammed the three men hard against the wall.

    The two ladies screamed even louder. Their shrill cries immediately attracted the attention of all the customers in the hotpot restaurant.

    “Why the f*ck are you screaming? Shut the f*ck up!”

    Zhang Dashan growled at the ladies with a fearsome look, pointing at them with his finger.

    Terrified, they stopped right away and gaped at Zhang Dashan in horror.

    From far away, Huang Ruoran clearly saw everything that was going on. Before, she had genuinely thought that Zhang Dashan had complied. She’d never expected this not to be the case at all. Humans really did gather around their own kind. Those who had close ties to Xiao Luo could never be her kind of people.

    Zhang Dashan had not yet finished venting his rage. He still wanted to whack the man on the ground a few more times. Xiao Luo stopped him with a frown, saying, “Enough! This guy will surely end up in the ICU if you carry on!”

    “D*mn, I am so p*ssed. I haven’t been this infuriated in many years. That b*stard is destined to receive a brutal thrashing from me!” Zhang Dashan yelled. He was really enraged, and the blood vessels on his forehead bulged.

    Through her peripheral vision, Xiao Luo saw one of the restaurant’s employees make a telephone call while glancing furtively in their direction. He was definitely calling the police. Seeing what he was doing, Xiao Luo picked up Zhang Dashan’s shirt from the stool and thrust it into his hands, saying, “It’s time to go.”

    Of course, Zhang Dashan was no fool. He wouldn’t stay there like an idiot and wait for the cops to arrest him.

    He immediately threw on his shirt and swept majestically from the restaurant alongside Xiao Luo, just like Stephen Chow exited the casino in his movie. Before he left, Zhang Dashan even waved to the restaurant’s startled customers and said to them, “Please do not admire me, for I’m nothing more than a legend. Don’t stare at me. Please, enjoy your food while it’s still hot!”

    What the h*ll? Who was this guy?

    How was he so calm after almost killing someone? He’d even managed to pull off a Stephen Chow-style exit! Exactly how big was his heart?!

    It was only at that very moment that the customers regained their senses. Then, the whole place plunged into chaos.

    Huang Ruoran was still standing in the same place. Utterly stunned, she was unable to recover from the shock.


    After leaving the hotpot restaurant, Zhang Dashan drove all the way to the suburbs. As he scurried down the road, he rolled his car windows down, opened the skylight, and blasted the DJ’s music at the maximum volume.

    “Hey, slow down, man!”

    Xiao Luo, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, didn’t feel safe at all. He thought that the car could flip at any moment.

    “What did you say? I can’t hear you!” Zhang Dashan shouted over the music.

    “I am asking you to slow down!”

    Xiao Luo was all fired up. They were flying at 130 miles per hour, and his life was already flashing before his eyes.

    “I…can’t…hear…you! Hahaha!” Zhang Dashan laughed excitedly.

    As the deafening music echoed in his ears, Zhang Dashan sang along to the radio: “Like a G6, like a G6. Nananana! Now I’m feelin’ so fly like a G6…”

    He screamed the whole time, and venting was his sole purpose.

    Gradually, Xiao Luo came around to resonating with Zhang Dashan. He felt like there was too much sadness in his heart that needed to come out. He no longer cared whether they would end up getting in a car accident and began to move his body along with the rhythm of the music.

    The deafening music vibrated in the air around them. Xiao Luo felt like he was in a dance hall. Amidst such an atmosphere, every cell in his body began to trip in the fantastic light.

    This is the excitement that I want! I want this madness!

    In the end, Xiao Luo joined the party. The two weren’t competing over who could sing better. They were competing to see who could push their vocal cords higher. From the look of things, it seemed that neither of them would stop until someone lost their voice.