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Chapter 63

The Genius System Without Equal
     Seeing the two men running toward them with atrocious expressions and switchblades in their hands, Xiao Luo was speechless. He turned to Zhang Dashan and mumbled, “So, you’ll go handle them?”

    “Why me? You’re the most capable fighter. Of course, it should be you! I’ll cheer you on from the car,” Zhang Dashan answered promptly.

    “You said that you were going to save her. I didn’t say anything,” Xiao Luo shot back disdainfully.

    Seeing the two men coming closer and closer, Zhang Dashan became very anxious. “Hey, bro,” he said, “don’t p*ss out at this critical moment. If they smash my car, then I’ll kill myself in front of you.”

    “Go ahead then. Kill yourself. Hurry up!” Xiao Luo said with indifference.

    “You are a real as*hole. Are we still brothers or not? Saying something like that can easily get you struck by lightning, you know.”

    Zhang Dashan grew heated but then cooled off again, smiled, and said in a friendly tone, “Xiao Luo, everyone is eager to be the hero who gets to rescue a beauty. Now, the chance to do just that has presented itself to us. Give it a go, alright? Maybe, just maybe, she’ll offer us her lifelong devotion. Judging from her figure, she’s definitely a belle. If either of us is thinking about hooking up with her, I can tell you that she’ll definitely be more than enough. You know what I’m saying?”

    “Why are you working at a bank since you’re such an expert at making up fantasies?” Xiao Luo quipped, rolling his eyes.

    Zhang Dashan was confused. “Where else should I go to work?”

    “You should become a screenwriter,” Xiao Luo snorted.

    Then, he cracked his neck, opened the door, and walked out of the car.

    One of the men charged at him immediately. However, a moment later, his vision flickered, and a foot wearing a white sneaker landed firmly on his chest. The next second, a force of boundless energy surged by. The man’s body, which had been moving forward, suddenly froze as if he’d been suddenly struck by lightning. His chest was in anguish, and it felt as if his heart had stopped pumping. Blood gushed out from the back of his throat.


    As his blood continued to pour out, his entire body flew backward like a broken kite. Then, he crashed onto the ground four or five yards away.

    The other man was startled for a moment. Then, he yelled and viciously thrust the switchblade in his hands toward Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo let out a chilling snort, then curled his body slightly and leaped into the air, bouncing like a spring. He pulled a suave 360-degree flip in mid-air, rotated his right foot to dodge the incoming switchblade, and swung his left foot at his opponent’s temple.


    There was the muffled sound of impact, then the man flew sideways. He flew over the roof of Zhang Dashan’s Corolla and crashed into the alley wall. He was stuck to the wall like mud for half a second before gradually slipping down to the ground.

    “What the h*ll? What is that guy made of?!”

    Zhang Dashan stared at Xia Luo blankly from inside the car. His friend had brought down two men wielding knives in a blink of an eye. His moves were straight-up terrifying. “Holy pepperoni, has Xiao Luo become a new person entirely after that car accident or what? He’s literally as ferocious as a tiger.”

    However, it could be said that the remaining three men were experiencing the most shock of them all. They’d thought that they’d bumped into an imbecilic bumpkin. They’d never imagined that this kid meant serious business.

    As Xiao Luo walked toward them, the three men’s nerves instantly tensed. With the car’s high beams blinding them, they could not see Xiao Luo face at all. They could only make out a silhouette—both the face and body were completely black—moving slowly toward them.

    They felt even more depressed and nervous precisely because they could not see clearly who was in front of them. It felt like a devil was slowly approaching them. Looking at their two companions on the ground groaning in pain, beads of sweat the size of beans tumbled uncontrollably down their foreheads.

    The man who had just been about to unzip his pants regained his senses after blinking repeatedly. He pointed his dagger at Xiao Luo and warned him severely, “Hold it right there! Don’t come any closer!”

    Xiao Luo remained silent but continued to advance step by step. His footsteps sounded particularly ear-piercing in the very quiet alley.


    For the three men, these footsteps were like the ringing of a large bell. It tapped them right on their souls.

    “I said, stop! Do you hear me?! I’m telling you to stop!” the man repeatedly growled. He braced himself and elevated the volume of his voice.

    Xiao Luo sneered coldly, “Come at me all at once. I’m in a hurry.”


    His words infuriated the gang’s leader. Through gritted teeth, he commanded the two men holding down the girl, “Go. Kill him.”

    The men let go of the girl and charged at Xiao Luo, yelling. One of them maneuvered extremely fast, covering a lot of distance in no time. A sharp blade was moving forward at lightning speed, coming for Xiao Luo’s neck. Xiao Luo lifted his right hand and promptly extended his left. Suddenly, the man’s vision became blurry. In essence, he was slapped in the face before he had even seen Xiao Luo’s palm clearly.


    The crisp tone of skin being slapped was heard. The man’s cheeks swelled up, and his entire body was sent flying. With his bloody teeth, he had a miserable look.

    After getting rid of one of the henchmen, Xiao Luo didn’t even pause. His giant hands turned into claws, and he grabbed the neck of the remaining man with the ferocity of an eagle. With a forceful swing of his arm, the man shrieked as he was tossed high up into the air. Under the influence of gravity, he smashed back down to the dirt, hard. There was a crack as his right leg broke when it collided with the ground. Howls of suffering, like pigs being slaughtered, echoed up and down the alley.

    Strong and unmatched! Domineering and extreme!

    The girl who had almost been violated opened her eyes wide. She hadn’t expected Xiao Luo to be so powerful.

    The leader of the men was utterly flustered. He turned around and ran.

    Xiao Luo looked down and glanced at a brick on the floor. Then, using a two-step approach, he lashed out at the brick.


    The brick, which had initially been lying silently on the ground, suddenly flew out from underneath his feet. It spun at an immense speed, creating a fearsome trajectory like that of a meteor. In the end, it rammed the fleeing man in the back of the calf.


    The man fell to the ground, clutching his calf and wailing tragically.

    Without any suspense or pressure, Xiao Luo packed up the five hooligans, who had been about to commit rape.

    Zhang Dashan witnessed the entire process. He was feeling an intense, untruthful feeling. His brother, Xiao Luo, had jumped into a one-versus-five fight. Moreover, he’d gone up against five ruffians armed with knives. In less than a minute, he’d cleaned them up and left them moaning in different postures, scattered on the ground. Who would believe in this tale if he were to tell it?

    Xiao Luo tore the clothes off the leader and walked over to the girl. She was still standing in the same place in complete shock. When their eyes met, they were both stunned.

    “You again?” Xiao Luo frowned deeply.

    The girl’s eyes were wide open. She muttered in disbelief, “Xiao Luo?”

    Her beautiful hair fluttered. She had slender eyebrows, bright eyes, a pointy nose, blushing cheeks, and alluring lips. Surely, this woman was Huang Ruoran. She was simply dressed in her own clothes instead of her waitress uniform. Who else could she be?

    Sure enough, it was Huang Ruoran. She hadn’t expected to run into five hooligans on her way back to school from work. The possibility of bumping into Xiao Luo twice in one day had also not crossed her mind—what to speak of saving her from the depths of despair! At that moment, her mind was confused, and her feelings were incomprehensibly jumbled.

    Xiao Luo quickly regained his composure and tossed the man’s clothes over Huang Ruoran’s practically naked body, saying, “Wear this shirt for now.”

    Huang Ruoran quickly wrapped herself up in the shirt, raised her head, and looked at Xiao Luo with gratitude. “Than—thank you…”