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Chapter 65

The Genius System Without Equal
     As the two members of the mixed martial arts club were chatting, a colossal hand quietly came to rest on one of their shoulders. The guy’s hair was dyed blonde, and he felt his shoulder sink as if a giant mountain were pressing down on him. His body listed heavily to one side. When he turned his head, his eyes fell on a gloomy profile as chilling as snow.

    “Xiao Luo?”

    The boys’ faces changed in a flash. They couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo had appeared in this place at this moment.

    Xiao Luo declared faintly, “Which of these guys went to beat up my roommates at the seventh dormitory tonight? Please, point them out to me.”

    Hearing this, the blonde guy snapped out of his shock. But when he remembered that this place was the mixed martial arts club’s territory meaning that his allies were all over the place, his courage surged. The blonde boy shouted, “Who the hell are you? Why should I listen to you? Get your hand off my shoulder!”

    He shouted this to the roof so that he could attract everyone’s attention. As expected, the lingering members of the mixed martial arts club, who had initially been sparring with each other and the members of the other clubs, looked over.

    “Xiao Luo, the fiend?”

    “Why is he here? Didn’t they say that he’s afraid to accept the challenge and didn’t even dare to go back to his room tonight?”

    “Song Jianan just left a moment ago. If he hears about this, he will definitely rush back over. Looks like these two men are going to spar today, after all.”

    The members of the other clubs were shocked. Still, the members of the mixed martial arts club slowly gathered around Xiao Luo with disdainful faces.

    Xiao Luo’s bright expression dimmed. He regarded the hostility being directed at him as nothing more than hot air. He spoke again to the blonde guy, “Answer my question.”

    “Are you f*cking sick? Don’t you understand the human language? Do you need me to—argh!”

    The guy’s normal speaking voice was cut off abruptly and turned into a cry of pain. Xiao Luo’s fingers were about to shatter his shoulders. The blonde boy was in so much pain that the muscles on his face seized up.

    “Let me ask you one more time. Who went to beat up my roommates at the seventh dormitory tonight?” Xiao Luo repeated chillingly as the strength in his fingers intensified.

    “I don’t know. Let go of me…”

    The blonde’s cries became even more miserable. He struggled desperately, wanting to break away from Xiao Luo. However, Xiao Luo was grabbing him with a unique method, much like the ones polices use to arrest criminals. No matter how hard he struggled, it was useless.

    “Let him go!” roared the blonde boy’s companion, and he hurled over a clenched fist.

    Xiao Luo snorted contemptuously then slammed his head toward the incoming fist. The fist and his forehead collided, making the sound of potato chips cracking. The guy backed off and screamed in agony. He felt as if the punch he had just thrown had landed on hard rock. Three of his fingers were broken. Gripped by unbearable pain, his right hand couldn’t stop shaking.

    This simple, yet brutal move was very effective!

    The other members of the mixed martial arts club suddenly had the jitters.

    Just then, a guy with a pierced ear came forward and yelled at Xiao Luo, “Hey, are you makin’ trouble here? Do you not really believe that I can disassemble all of your body’s spare parts?”

    Undoubtedly, he was a veteran member of the mixed martial arts club. And the reason Xiao Luo figured as much was that Zhao Xinghe, Du Pengfei, and the rest of the gang followed him over.

    Compared to the guy with the ear-piercing, Zhao Xinghe and the rest of his gang were at the opposite end of the attitude spectrum—they were not emboldened. They didn’t dare act too arrogantly in front of Xiao Luo. When they met Xiao Luo’s gaze, their eyes betrayed how they were very unsettled deep down. They were terrified of Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo pushed the stricken blonde away, walked over the guy with the pierced ear, and stood in front of him for a moment. Then, he said in a deep, solemn voice, “You look like someone high up in the club. Maybe you know who went the seventh dorm to beat up my two roommates tonight.”

    Seeing the veteran member standing beside the guy with the earring was like seeing a bamboo pole next to a giant tree. The guy with the earring’s physique wasn’t at all inferior to Zhao Xinghe’s.

    The guy with the earring used his thumb to point at himself and said arrogantly, “Of course, I am their leader!” Then, he spat on the ground and declared disdainfully, “Looking at those two wastes of space pisses me off. Their faces were just asking for a beating. They got whacked because they’re worthy of being whacked!”

    “Uh-huh. So, it was you!”

    Xiao Luo smiled then headbutted him the very next second.


    Following the impact’s muffled sound, the guy with the earring went weak in the knees. Gradually, he backed off and stumbled to the ground.

    “Yuze!” the guy with the earring’s five lackeys shouted in worry. Then, they surrounded Xiao Luo, looking fierce and nefarious, like they were going to beat him up.

    With a stern look, Xiao Luo punted one of them to the ground. Then, he extended his palm and landed a slap on each of the four men’s faces, leaving their ears ringing and their heads spinning.

    All of the men tumbled in an instant. Xiao Luo strode over them and walked right up to the guy with the pierced ear.

    Completely deterred by his aura, Du Pengfei, Zhao Xinghe, and the rest of their gang moved aside to make way for Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo grabbed the leader’s collar and lifted him up off the ground, growling, “Who else participated aside from you?”

    “Your mom!” roared back the guy with the earring, and he immediately greeted Xiao Luo with his fist.

    Again, Xiao Luo knocked him down using his head. The amount of force that he used this time was considerable. The guy’s forehead was ripped open, drenching his entire face in blood.


    Everyone gasped. Especially the girls from the other clubs, who screamed hysterically the moment they saw blood.

    The members of the mixed martial arts club shivered, but not all of them were white in the liver. Seeing the state of the guy with the earring, one of them charged at Xiao Luo while yelling, “F*ck him!”

    Many followed his lead, screaming as they charged at Xiao Luo. They looked like a pack of wolves hunting their prey.

    Zhao Xinghe and Du Pengfei hesitated for a moment. No matter what, as veteran members, they were not allowed to be outdone by the younger members, right? So they gritted their teeth and charged forward.

    “Very well, then! Come, all of you! Let’s have some fun!”

    There wasn’t a trace of panic on Xiao Luo’s face. In fact, an unspeakable excitement shone in his eyes. The corners of his mouth turned up, and he unleashed a sinister grin. Then, he grabbed the collar of the guy with the earring with both his hands, lifted him up, and tossed him at the club members charging at him.

    “Bam ba-dum!”

    The guy with the earring, who weighed about 170 pounds, flew off like a cannonball, instantly knocking some seven or eight of his fellow club members to the ground. As they tumbled into a heap, the boys were like bottles being run over by a bowling ball.

    The heck? Is he human?

    When the people from the other clubs witnessed this scene, they were so shocked that their eyeballs almost fell out. Hurling a real person like a toy was literally unimaginable.

    The moment Xiao Luo had finished dealing with the guy with the pierced ear, a dogfight ignited on the spot.

    The hidden power inside Xiao Luo’s body also erupted at the very moment. But, as he thought about the fact that his opponents were students, he held back a little. Otherwise, with a full-power punch, he could have directly crippled or even killed someone.

    Any of the club’s members who were touched by Xiao Luo’s fist—in their elbows, joints, or anywhere else—reeled from the strong impact. What astonished them most was the fact that they couldn’t break into the two-yard radius around Xiao Luo, despite there being so many of them. It was like the area around him was protected. Even if someone were to break through and land a blow, those attacks would literally do no damage to Xiao Luo.

    Was this guy’s body made of metal or something?

    The group was utterly terrified. It was hard for them to fathom that Xiao Luo, who looked like an ordinary guy on the outside, could possess such terrifying physical strength. He was literally made of cast iron.

    Little did they know that, after Xiao Luo had acquired the constitution of the King of Mercenaries, his physical prowess could not be rivaled by an ordinary human. Only a force of five to six hundred pounds could harm him. The members of the mixed martial arts club were all students. They were still a very long way from delivering blows with a force of five or six hundred pounds. Therefore, Xiao Luo was apparently invincible.