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Chapter 66

The Genius System Without Equal
     Xiao Luo twisted and charged. Like a beast in human form, he rammed straight into one of the mixed martial arts club’s members and sent him flying. To the man, the amount of force was like being brutally smashed by a car at full speed. He landed heavily in front of Zhao Xinghe, Du Pengfei, and the others. His stomach turned as he retched uncontrollably.

    Zhao Xinghe and Du Pengfei were too shocked to speak, and their palms grew cold and sweaty. It should not have been difficult for more than a hundred people to beat up Xiao Luo. But now that they’d seen the extent of his strength and ferocity, they’d lost all hope of defeating him.

    Xiao Luo stood like a malevolent god, immovable and radiating bloodlust, amid nearly 30 fallen bodies.

    “I treated you like human beings, but you’ve decided to act like dogs. I told you before. When a dog bites a human, I give it a thrashing. I beat it until it fears me, till the sight of me makes it tremble in fear!”

    Xiao Luo’s scowl was full of provocation and contempt. Even the air around him seemed to react to his bloodlust, rushing away from him.

    As they experienced pure terror for the first time, a layer of cold sweat formed on the brows of mixed martial arts club members surrounding him.

    The boy with the ear studs lying on the floor grit his teeth. He howled in anger, “What are you guys afraid of? Get him!”

    Hearing this, his gang of diehard followers grabbed the wooden staves used by the Taekwondo Association and rushed at Xiao Luo, yelling and screaming.

    Others followed their example. They picked up the tools used by other clubs and used them as weapons. A tide of bodies came at Xiao Luo. They were young and swept up in the moment. Blinded by rage, they could no longer hold back, and they had no qualms beating someone to death.

    “Go to hell, Xiao Luo!”

    The two men at the front of the pack wore fearsome expressions. They raised their staves high and brought them down mercilessly toward Xiao Luo’s head.

    Not waiting for their staves to make contact, Xiao Luo exhaled softly. In a flash, he moved into the space between the two men like a phantom. As he came close to them, he spread his arms wide, which were strong like steel beams. Then, he brought them crashing into the men’s chests like some unstoppable force of nature.


    With a cry, the two men fell away like a kite with cut strings, their backward momentum took down a group of mixed martial arts club members behind them.


    Xiao Luo smiled excitedly, like a tiger amidst a flock of sheep. Seeing this, a wave of fear washed over the mixed martial arts club.

    As armed as they were with staves, wooden boards, and nunchaku, none of them posed any threat to Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo’s fist punch had gone straight through a wooden staff, striking the man who had been wielding it directly in the chest with unparalleled force. Xiao Luo had shattered a 2-inch thick wooden board with a single kick, sending his opponent and countless wooden splinters. Xiao Luo had effortlessly disarmed his opponent, who was wielding nunchaku, and returned the blows with a vengeance.

    The young hotshots from the mixed martial arts club were used to strutting around the Huaye campus like kings, but every single one of them was shaking in their boots now. Xiao Luo had systematically demolished their sense of superiority.

    Zhao Xinghe and Du Pengfei were already down for the count. Zhao Xinghe had been whipped in the back by Xiao Luo’s nunchaku. Where he’d been struck, his flesh burned like he’d received a lashing. Du Pengfei had taken a kick to his thigh and lost all feeling there, aside from a convulsing pain. His leg shook uncontrollably.

    It did not take long before eighty or ninety of the mixed martial arts club members were on the ground groaning in pain. The remaining ten or so huddled together, their faces clearly filled with fear. They pointed their wooden staves at Xiao Luo, but their weapons shook violently, just like the hands that gripped them.

    Xiao Luo was way too fearsome and overbearing. What kind of power did he possess to thoroughly beat down more than a hundred men?

    The people watching from the other clubs were dumbfounded. Their mouths seemed to dry up, and they found it hard to swallow. None of them could have expected this outcome.

    “Again! Come on!”

    Xiao Luo shot a challenging glare at the remaining members of the mixed martial arts club, who were still standing. Although Xiao Luo was not using his full strength, his attacks were still strong enough to draw blood. The blood of his fallen foes was now splattered on his clothes and his face, making him look even more vicious and intimidating. “Just because you have a hundred members in your so-called ‘mixed martial arts club,’ you’ve become so full of yourselves and think you’re the kings of the school. You act like the scum of society, fighting, brawling, and beating up anyone who crosses you. Does that make you feel accomplished? I’ll tell you now, you guys are trash. Beneath the title of ‘university student,’ you’re all just a bunch of scumbags!”

    Xiao Luo’s forceful rebuke echoed across the large training ground.

    The mixed martial arts club members who were still standing dropped their weapons and stiffly looked at Xiao Luo in horror.

    “We don’t want to fight anymore. We…we admit defeat.”

    As though they were actors in a television drama, they raised their hands in surrender, trembling in fear the whole time. Xiao Luo’s monstrous strength had shaken them to their core.

    Xiao Luo sneered, “You started this fight. What gives you the right to end it?”

    With a cry that sounded more like a roar, Xiao Luo hurled the nunchaku that he was holding at the wall. The metal chain connecting the two sticks snapped with a loud crack, and the nunchaku fell to the floor in two pieces.

    This display of raw power made everyone watching shudder!

    The remaining mixed martial arts club members slumped to their knees. They were pale as ghosts. Xiao Luo was their worst nightmare, and they were terrified.

    “Xiao Luo, that’s enough. They have already conceded defeat, so you don’t have to go this far!” a man in white training clothes stepped forward and said.

    Xiao Luo glanced at him impassively and remarked, “Are you from the mixed martial arts club too?”

    “I’m Wu Yunlong, chairman of the Taekwondo Association,” replied the man in white, revealing his identity. “What you did today…”

    Xiao Luo cut him short with a wave, saying, “If you’re not from the mixed martial arts club, then you have no right to speak here. Stand aside, and don’t tell me what to do!” He then strode over to the cowering mixed martial arts club members.

    Wu Yunlong was incensed. As the esteemed chairman of the Taekwondo Association, even the professors at Huaye University showed him some respect. Xiao Luo’s demonstration of blatant disrespect irked him to no end.

    “Then I will fight you myself!” Wu Yunlong yelled, sprinting toward Xiao Luo. When he was around 3 to 4 yards away, he leaped into the air and aimed a flying kick at Xiao Luo’s head.

    The jump had incredible force and speed, parting the air around him like a roaring wind!

    “Another one who wants to act like a dog!”

    Xiao Luo’s expression turned cold. He leaned back, dodging Wu Yunlong’s flying kick. Then, rotating his upper body, he spun sharply to the left and swung his right palm savagely at Wu Yunlong’s chest.

    The impact sent Wu Yunlong flying, and he landed on the ground with a thump. Fresh blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

    Just one move! One move had brought down the Taekwondo Association’s chairman!

    Onlookers from the other clubs felt their hair stand on end. They had previously voiced their doubts about Xiao Luo in the forum. Now, the truth was being slapped in their faces.


    A few of the Taekwondo Association’s members rushed forward to help Wu Yunlong to his feet.

    “Who else wants a piece of me? Step forward! I’ll accept any challenge!”

    Xiao Luo’s fierce gaze swept along the bystanders, who lowered their heads, refusing to meet his eyes.

    Wu Yunlong could only clutch his chest. His earlier bravado was now nowhere to be seen. All he felt was an unspeakable shame.