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Chapter 67

The Genius System Without Equal
     “What? Is Xiao causing trouble at my mixed martial arts club?”

    Song Jianan had already returned to his dorm, but upon receiving a phone call, his expression darkened. He left his backpack at the management office and ran off toward the mixed martial arts club.

    By the time he reached the place, his fellow club members were all sprawled on the floor. Moaning in pain, not a single one of them was able to stand. Meanwhile, Xiao Luo was sitting cross-legged inside the club’s exclusive sparring ring. He leisurely surveyed the scene with his right hand propping up his chin. Seeing Song Jianan arrive, Xiao Luo stood up.

    “Song Jianan, you’re a little too late,” Xiao Luo remarked lightly.

    “Xiao, you’re asking for it now!” Song Jianan roared, and his voice swept across the training ground. Enraged, he ripped off his black vest, revealing the strong, well-defined musculature of his upper body. His block-like muscles hinted at his explosive power, which threatened to be unleashed at any time.


    Shooting off as if he were competing in the 100-yard dash, Song Jianan charged forward, shocking everyone watching. As he approached the ring, he kicked off the ground hard with both feet while leaning forward and flipping around. He sailed right over the ropes of the ring in a magnificently swift 360-degree spin. His outstretched right leg spun down at Xiao Luo like a steel whip, crashing down with violent intent and the force of a giant wave.

    There was no holding back! No mercy to be shown!

    Song Jianan brought to bear his 20 long years of training in that single explosive moment. His moves, vicious yet elegant, stunned the bystanders looking on in horror.

    Xiao Luo slightly lowered his center of gravity and brought up both arms to block the incoming attack. A dull thud sounded as Xiao Luo was blown away by the force of Song Jianan’s kick. Xiao Luo fell backward, sliding across the ring on his back some 2 or 3 yards. He almost slipped underneath the ropes and right out of the ring.

    My God. Is this the Song Jianan’s full strength?

    The people from the other clubs held their breath. Xiao Luo, the Fiend, had always seemed to be unstoppable, and this was the first time they’d seen him sent flying by an attack. It was the first time he’d ever appeared to be at a disadvantage.

    The mixed martial arts club’s spirits were lifted by this one move; it was as though they’d been injected with a stimulant. The boy with the pierced ears cheered loudly for Song Jianan, “Nice one boss! Kill that son of a bitch. Kill him!”

    Song Jianan bristled with anger, and it seemed like his entire being was shrouded in a burning rage. He pointed at Xiao Luo and spat viciously, “Xiao, if you walk away from this unharmed today, I, Song Jianan, will change my name and follow you!”

    He spoke very arrogantly, revealing his strong self-confidence.

    Xiao Luo got to his feet slowly and chuckled, “Are you sure about making such definite statements? You should really watch your words.”

    “I’ll watch your d*mn grandmother!”

    The offensive words exploded sharply from Song Jianan with a booming roar as he charged again like a wild bull.

    The offensive Song Jianan launched was fierce. Fists of iron burst forth at gale-force speed. It was as though the fearsome power of his entire body condensed into his legs and fists and was then unleashed on Xiao Luo, dealing blow after merciless blow.

    With the bodily strength of a black bear, Song Jianan demonstrated his fearsome explosive power. Swiveling left then right, he rained a storm of punches on Xiao Luo with his iron fists. His assault was not only manic and fierce, but it also contained an exceptional degree of offensive power. His moves were tricky and challenging to read. The sight was unparalleled.

    All who were present stared unblinking at the two men dueling in the ring. Still, their focus was almost entirely concentrated on Song Jianan’s flurry of punches and kicks.

    “I thought that you were an opponent worthy of my full strength, but this is all you’ve got!”

    After 40 or 50 consecutive fierce attacks, Song Jianan launched himself up 3 yards into the air and landed on a pillar in the corner of the ring. Then, without a moment’s rest, he jumped off the pillar and brought his elbow crashing down onto Xiao Luo’s head.

    His jumping ability and offensive moves combined into one extreme force. If someone had received that elbow blow while lying on the floor, they would have undoubtedly been killed or crippled.

    Xiao Luo crossed both arms over his head and adopted a wholly defensive stance.


    Song Jianan again descended with the force of a landslide or a meteorite smashing into the earth. Like a surging wave, his terrifying power crashed down. It displaced the air below him, which accelerated and howled out like a roaring gale.

    Xiao Luo’s body shot backward like a cannonball, and his body crumpled into a “C”-shape from the sheer speed at which he flew. He slipped through the ropes, landing roughly on the ground 2-3 yards away, like a speeding car crashing to a stop.

    All the bystanders were stunned. They’d always heard that Song Jianan had real skills and was strong as black bear, but they had never seen him in a fight. Now that they had seen him in action first-hand, they knew how fearsome he could be.

    He was practically a black bear in human form!

    The mixed martial arts club members were overjoyed. They even forgot their injuries for a while. However, looking at Xiao Luo motionless on the ground, they felt a tinge of worry. They wondered to themselves: Has the boss beaten this guy to death?

    “For the two crimes of hitting my friends and stealing my girl, you were doomed to suffer today, Xiao Luo,” Song Jianan taunted coldly. A broad sneer formed on his face as he continued, “I heard you boasting a couple of days ago that you were going to cripple one of my hands. Now that I’ve beaten you halfway to death like a dog, how do you plan to maim me?”

    “Heh heh heh heh heh! ”

    Xiao Luo’s shoulders quivered almost imperceptibly as the cold, sharp laugh emanated from him. It was like the chilling laugh of a devil. It made everyone present feel a chill deep in their soul, as though the temperature at the training ground had dropped to freezing.

    Song Jianan was no exception, and the expression on his face promptly froze.

    At that moment, Xiao Luo’s body moved. He crawled up slowly from the ground, like a bloodthirsty demon breaking out of hell, and his chilling presence filled every corner of the room.

    “Let’s go again!”

    Cracking his neck left then right, Xiao Luo moved back toward the ring with massive strides.

    With every step forward, his bearing increased explosively, and everyone watching felt a crushing pressure. They watched him advance unblinking and in a daze.

    Xiao Luo pulled apart the ropes and put his feet through. Xiao Luo was back in the ring.

    With his shining black hair, handsome eyebrows, sharp black eyes, and tall, exquisite figure—large without looking rugged—he stood there with the cold arrogance of a hawk and looked down at everyone beneath him.

    “You-you’re unhurt?”

    Song Jianan paled. It was already a miraculous feat for someone to take one of his full-force blows without fainting. But from the way Xiao Luo had casually walked back into the ring, he did not seem to be hurt in the slightest.

    The others watching were stunned. It was likely that nobody in the whole of Jiangcheng could withstand one of Song Jianan’s elbow strikes. Yet, Xiao Luo had blocked it directly with his arms and was completely unharmed. How was that possible?

    Was this guy some freak of nature?

    Fear was struck deep in the hearts of everyone present.