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Chapter 72

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 72: Fool

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo was at the front, while Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai followed behind. The three of them walked in slowly.

    Xiao Luo the Fiend?

    The faces of Zhao Shijie and the boys from the Measurement and Control Department paled in an instant. In Huaye, Xiao Luo had an even bigger reputation than Chu Yue. It was possible not to recognize Chu Yue, but there was no way anybody wouldn’t identify Xiao Luo. He was a monster who had single-handedly beaten every member of the mixed martial arts club to a pulp.

    Qiu Liang glanced at Xiao Luo. Then, he turned to the girls in the English Department and asked, “Are these the three rat sh*ts from your class who are late?”


    As soon as Zhao Shijie and the Measurement and Control Department students heard that, they inhaled some cold air, and their faces turned green. To think that they had called Xiao Luo the Fiend a rat sh*! Were they tired of living?

    As if they were looking at a fool, the girls examined Qiu Liang. A slight, sly smile appeared on Chu Yue’s bright red lips. She asked, “Hey, do you know the guy at the front?”

    “No, I don’t!” Qiu Liang replied, shaking his head.

    “That’s Xiao Luo,” Chu Yue answered, putting on a playful smile.

    “Xiao Luo?”

    Qiu Liang frowned. Furrowing his brows, he thought about it for a second then said, “Is he really good at singing or his studies? Why should I know who he is?”

    “Are you from the school of ‘not-browsing-forums’?” Even Bai Ling had to say something at this point.

    “I put all my time and effort into writing music. My dream is to become a singer, like Xu Song. When would I have time to browse the school forums?”

    Qiu Liang snorted in disdain. He wanted to flaunt his superiority so that the girls would know that he was doing something noble, and he hoped that this would change their perspective of him. He turned his back on the three guys walking in and shouted, “Why are the three of you taking your sweet time? Come over here, quickly! You have brought down the singing standards of the entire choir!”

    The easiest way to look cool in front of the girls was to reprimand others. Qiu Liang felt good about himself. In his mind, the girls were all looking at him with admiration.

    “Qiu Liang, simmer down!”

    Zhao Shijie quickly attempted to stop this fool, whispering into his ear, “The guy walking right at the front is Xiao Luo…”

    “I don’t care if he’s Zhang Luo or Ma Luo! Right now, we are in the middle of rehearsal, and everyone has to listen to me,” Qiu Liang said, stopping him mid-sentence. He had a lot of confidence and wanted to continue walking down this path of making these girls fall head-over-heels with him.

    Just then, Xiao Luo, Zhu Xiaofei, and Ding Kai finally arrived.

    Zhu Xiaofei dug into his nostrils and asked Huang Ruoran: “Class monitor, who is this guy? Why is he giving us orders?”

    “This is Qiu Liang. I invited him to coach us and improve the overall standards of our choir,” Huang Ruoran explained.

    “Ah, so he’s here to help us. I’m sorry. My name is Zhu Xiaofei, and I’ll be counting on you,” Zhu Xiaofei said. He walked up and gave Qiu Liang a warm handshake.

    Qiu Liang refused to shake his hand, maintaining his cold attitude. Otherwise, the image he had built up would have all been for nothing. Instead, he reprimanded, “Stop being presumptuous! Being in the choir is no joke. Since you’re late, I’ll make you sing the song five times as punishment!”

    “Ah? Come on. Let’s not do that. There are so many people here. You’re putting us on the spot,” Zhu Xiaofei replied as he looked around his surroundings.

    Ding Kai added, “Let us off this time. We rushed here as quickly as we could. It’s not like we were late on purpose.”

    “No way. You have to be punished for being late. The three of you stand right at the front and face the girls. Sing five things. Nothing less!” Qiu Liang commanded in a severe tone while raising his head.

    Xiao Luo giggled a little and said candidly, “Apologies, but I won’t be singing!”

    Disregarding the fact that he wasn’t keen on joining the competition in the first place, Qiu Liang’s order was way too much. Making the three of them sing ‘Yellow River’ in front of the girls from the English Department was equivalent to was treating them like clowns or national treasures that had to be placed right up front under a glaring spotlight.

    He was clearly trying to humiliate them, and Xiao Luo was having none of it.

    “You have to be punished for being late. If everyone were like you, we may as well just not practice and tell the school you’re dropping out,” Qiu Liang responded.

    Xiao Luo couldn’t be bothered with him and simply walked back to his seat.

    Looking at Xiao Luo, who was completely ignoring him, Qiu Liang felt like the bravado he had built up took a severe hit. He was furious and shouted, “Rat sh*t! You are nothing but rat sh*t! If this class is a pot of soup, you’re ruining it. This pot filled with wonderful students from the English Department!”


    Zhao Shijie and the students from the Measurement and Control Department breathed in more cold air while breaking into a cold sweat for Qiu Liang.

    An Huanhuan couldn’t stand seeing Xiao Luo insulted. She stood up angrily and said to Qiu Liang, “Are you done with your scolding? It doesn’t even bother us. So why is some guy from another department getting his panties in such a twist? The emperor is not in a hurry, so why is the eunuch? Are you a eunuch?”

    Once An Huanhuan took the lead in pushing back, all of the other girls, who had been burning with anger since earlier, began to revolt.

    “That’s right! We invited you here to increase our choir’s overall standards, not to scold us!”

    “We might be bad at singing, but we’re all making an effort, so can’t you show us some respect when you coach us?”

    “Scolding and reprimanding us as you please. What do you take us for?”

    Huang Ruoran did not stop anyone this time around. She felt that Qiu Liang was abusing his authority. If she didn’t become at least a little bit angry after seeing the boys in her class being unfairly scolded, that would mean that the class lacked unity, which would say a lot about the students in the English Department.

    Qiu Liang hadn’t expected all this opposition, so he took out his trump card and shouted, “Do you all still want to sing ‘Yellow River’?”

    Everyone fell silent when he said that.

    They all had the same goal of wanting to sing well, and Qiu Liang, who stood in front of them, was a real-deal musician. If he taught them, there was no doubt their singing abilities would reach new heights.

    After shaking up the English Department, Qiu Liang laughed complacently as he said: “Seems like you all still want to sing ‘Yellow River,’ after all. If you want to sing it well, then you have to listen to me. Otherwise, I can leave now, and you all will…”

    “Leave then! We don’t need you!” a faint voice was heard saying.

    Everyone turned their heads, dumbfounded by what Xiao Luo had just said. Although they disliked Qiu Liang, if he were to leave, the entire choir would be in trouble.

    Qiu Liang looked a bit stunned. Glaring, he said: “Your class monitor isn’t saying anything. Who do you think you are to speak on behalf of the entire English Department?”

    Zhao Shijie was nervous and felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He walked over, trying to knock some sense into Qiu Liang, and scolded him, “Qiu Liang, you fool! That is Xiao Luo. Xiao Luo, the monster who single-handedly beat up everyone in the mixed martial arts club a few days ago. Are you really unaware, or are you just pretending not to know? Can’t you speak nicely?”

    He was crazy. If he had known earlier that he was going to make a complete fool of himself, he would never have agreed to help the girls improve their singing.

    The situation looked terrible now. Not only had he failed to foster good relations between the two departments, but he had also offended Xiao Luo the Fiend. If they upset Xiao Luo to the point that he dealt with the entire Measurement and Control Department the same way that he had with the mixed martial arts club, they would be in big trouble.