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Chapter 73 - Training

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 73: Training

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    This…was this him?

    A chill ran down Qiu Liang’s spine. If he had only heard Xiao Luo’s name, then there would have been no spark of recognition in his mind. But hearing the words ‘mixed martial arts club,’ he was able to recall a significant incident that had happened a few days before at Huaye. It was said that a particular person from the school had challenged more than a hundred mixed martial arts club members to a fight. Not only had he won, but he managed to cripple the hand of the club’s president, Song Jianan.

    All of a sudden, this guy was now right before his eyes. The very same one who had shocked all of Huaye during that fight. More importantly, all this time, Qiu Liang had been scolding Xiao Luo, calling him ‘rat sh*t’ and ‘trash.’


    Qiu Liang swallowed his saliva, hard. Every one of his pores oozed sweat in fear. Gosh, what luck! All he wanted was to act cool in front of the girls, yet he had somehow provoked this dude.

    Jus then, Huang Ruoran stepped out and said to Qiu Liang and Zhao Shijie, “Although I really want to upgrade the standards of our class choir, I just cannot stand your attitude any longer.” Glaring at Qiu Liang, she continued, “There is no doubt about it. Singing is your forte. But that doesn’t give you the right to chastise us as you wish. We are a class, and if you scold one of us, then you’re disrespecting us all. We will not allow that, so you can take that attitude and leave. No matter how badly we may sing, we no longer want your guidance.”

    What? What was happening? Was Ruoran actually siding with Xiao Luo?

    All of the girls were in shock. Everyone knew that they were rivals, and whenever they met, conflicts were bound to arise. It was unimaginable that, this time, Huang Ruoran would actually side with Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and glanced at Huang Ruoran with an unexpected look.

    “Go. Just go. I can’t watch this anymore. I can’t believe that you scolded Brother Luo.”

    As Xiao Luo’s faithful brainless goon, Zhu Xiaofei had flipped out when Qiu Liang had ordered him around and called Xiao Luo ‘rat sh*t.’

    “You guys…”

    Qiu Liang’s reputation hit rock bottom. He was furious. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Wait till you come in dead last in the competition. You will regret it then!”

    After dropping that ruthless threat, he left.


    Xiao Luo stepped forward with a cold look on his face.

    Zhao Shijie shivered. He was worried that Xiao Luo would make trouble. Smiling, he said, “Brother Luo, I would like to apologize on his behalf. He didn’t mean to insult you, so please don’t take it to heart.”

    “You’re mistaken. I’m not trying to stir up any trouble. As the saying goes, ‘as incense is to Buddha, so dignity is to a person.’ So, he predicts that we will get the last place in the competition? But what if we finish higher than his class? What will he do then?”

    Earlier, when An Huanhuan and the other girls had stepped forward and spoken up on his behalf, Xiao Luo had felt a surge of warmth. This was the collective sense of honor, which he believed had been missing for a long time. He kept thinking he wasn’t a proper student. Usually, he excluded himself from student activities. But this time, for the sake of his class’ pride, he decided to speak out.

    The English major girls were shocked. The students from the Measurement and Control Department’s choir sang ‘Yellow River,’ and their singing was incredible. It wasn’t just good, it was actually amazing. It was organized, loud, and gave off the feeling of leading an army’s charge forward with fearless momentum. Yet, the English Department couldn’t even sing in tune. What hope did they have to compete?

    “He was just joking. Don’t take it seriously.”

    Zhao Shijie laughed awkwardly, knowing that he had messed with a ruthless guy. This time, they had really done it, and Xiao Luo was ready to deal with them.

    “I didn’t ask you. I asked him,” Xiao Luo shot back, looking at Qiu Liang.

    It wasn’t that Qiu Liang was holding back. If it had been anyone else, he would have already retaliated. But now, Xiao Luo was the fiercer party, so he didn’t dare talk back.

    “Say something. If our class places better than yours, then what are you going to do?”

    Xiao Luo’s tone was aggressive. He was not a saint. Anyway, he was already not in the mood to practice singing, and Qiu Liang had only made him even unhappier. Now that Qiu Liang had pissed him off, it was time for him to piss off Qiu Liang right back.

    Qiu Liang gave it his all. Gritting his teeth, he said, “If you guys place better than us, then I will run one lap around the school naked!”

    He wasn’t terrified of Xiao Luo’s threat because he simply did not believe that the students from the English Department were capable of doing better than his class.

    “Well, now that you’ve said it, it’s been recorded for evidence.”

    Xiao Luo proceeded to take out his phone and play a recording of what Qiu Liang had just said.

    Hero Luo was serious about this?!

    The girls from the English Department exchanged glances. They knew where they stood. How could they go up against the students from the Measurement and Control Department and win?

    “I hope you will keep your word,” Xiao Luo said, laughing as he walked back to join the rest of the students from the English Department.

    “If you guys lose, there should be a punishment too! That’s the only way this can be fair,” Qiu Liang piped up courageously.

    Zhao Shijie really wished he could kick this guy to death. He grabbed him by the collar and shouted, “You idiot! Just what do you think you’re doing?”

    Bargaining with Xiao Luo guaranteed a few days’ stay in the hospital—just like Song Jianan.

    “Since we are betting, then there should be consequences for both parties. Otherwise, it’s not a real bet!”

    Qiu Liang glared at Xiao Luo, who was not as unreasonable as he had thought. Instead, he had nothing to be afraid of. Now he felt that, if news of this incident were to get out to the rest of the school, he would instantly become popular.

    “Well, that’s true too.”

    Xiao Luo turned around and suggested, “If we lose, then how about I run one lap around school naked. How about that?”


    The girls were in shock. Just the image of Xiao Luo running around the school naked was enough to make them go red.

    “It’s a deal.” Qiu Liang got excited. As long as he could make Xiao Luo run around naked, he would definitely become a famous personality on campus.


    Xiao Luo chuckled and said, “I just want to let you know beforehand. If we win, and you break the deal, then I will make sure you are hospitalized for a few days.”

    Hearing this sent chills down Zhao Shijie’s spine. He wasn’t sure why Xiao Luo’s smile looked so much like the devil’s.

    Qiu Liang’s heart thumped, but he knew that his class’s singing was considerably better than the English Department’s. He assured Xiao Luo once again, “I will definitely not go back on my word. Of course, I hope you won’t either.”

    “That’s for sure!”

    Xiao Luo smiled calmly.

    After Zhao Sijie and Qiu Liang left, the girls swarmed together.

    “Hey, pretentious d*ck! You know what our singing standards are, don’t you? You really are a pretentious d*ck!” Chu Yue said.

    “Hero Luo, I don’t want you running around naked. Your entire being belongs to me, including your body. I don’t like it when other girls look at you!” An Huanhuan said affectionately.

    Meanwhile, most of the girls were thinking that Xiao Luo was very irrational. Wasn’t he just a little bit tyrannical?

    “Xiao Luo, you do have a plan, right?” Huang Ruoran asked out of the blue.

    Everyone went quiet and looked at Xiao Luo eagerly.

    “So, the plan is, I’m going to train all of you.” At this point, Xiao Luo had already exchanged five hundred points for one point of musical talent.


    Zhu Xiaofei smiled frivolously and said, “Right, right, right. Brother Luo’s going to train us all. Hahaha!”

    Emphasizing the word ‘train,’ he seemed to be subtly hinting at something.

    The girls glared at him.

    “Zhu Xiaofei, are you asking for a beating?”

    Chu Yue kicked, and the other girls quickly followed suit. They were all out of control.

    “Brother Luo, Kaizi. Please, help me!” Zhu Xiaofei cradled his face and shouted for help.

    Xiao Luo pretended that he couldn’t see and glanced in another direction.

    “That’s what you deserve for being rude.” Ding Kai also ignored him completely.