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Chapter 76 - A Killer Strikes

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 76: A Killer Strikes

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    The silver-haired youth and Fang Shulan both felt that something was amiss. But they did not believe that Xiao Luo had the skills to win, let alone kill them.

    “You son of a bitch, don’t make empty threats. The rubbish bodyguards at Jiawei’s villa can’t even be compared to the eight men here,” Fang Shulan boasted loudly and with considerable bravado, pumping herself up. “They could kill you easily if they wanted to. For them, it’s simple as crushing a bug.”

    “Is that so?”

    Xiao Luo smiled insidiously. The very next second, he vanished from where he had been standing and reappeared right in front of Fang Shulan like a flash of black lightning. Stretching out his hand, his grip tightened around Fang Shulan’s fair neck like a pair of metal pliers.

    The intense feeling of being suffocated rushed to her brain. Fang Shulan was lifted up, and her feet barely even touched the ground. Severe pain swept across her whole body. Seeing the indifferent expression on Xiao Luo’s face up close, she experienced genuine terror.

    The silver-haired youth was bewildered, and so were the eight black-suited bodyguards who were with him. Xiao Luo had moved so quickly, snatching Fang Shulan in the blink of an eye. The bodyguards had not even had time to react.

    “Let go of my little sister!” yelled the silver-haired youth anxiously.

    Xiao Luo did not react. He only lifted his head and stared coldly at Fang Shulan. “If I just exert a little more pressure, I can snap your throat and end your miserable existence. Your life is not even under your control, and you say you want to end mine?”

    Fang Shulan was seized in Xiao Luo’s grasp like a lamb whose neck was caught between the fangs of a starving wolf. She struggled in vain, and her face turned a dark beet red. She was unable to speak, but her eyes communicated the fear welling up inside her.

    Her silver-haired older brother was flustered. He shouted at the eight black-suited bodyguards, “Why are you just standing around? Kill that son of a b*tch. Kill him now!”

    The eight bodyguards regained their composure. As one, they lunged quickly at Xiao Luo.

    At this moment, just when it seemed like a huge brawl would break out, a red BMW 3 Series came barreling over, forcing its way between the two parties. The car screeched to a halt, leaving dark skid marks on the road as it came to a full stop.

    The car door swung open, and Chu Yue stepped out dressed in an embroidered white shirt and cool emerald tulle skirt.

    Her dark black hair was pulled back in a playful-looking braid, while a few stray strands of hair swayed gently in front of her white jade-like forehead. She looked beautiful and refined.

    “Stop! Everybody stop!” Chu Yue shouted.

    “Yo! Mistress Chu has graced us with her appearance,” sneered Xiao Luo with an ironic smile.

    Chu Yue stormed toward him, yelling, “Xiao Luo, let go of Shulan now!”

    “Why should I? Just because you look attractive, Mistress Chu?” Xiao Luo asked callously.

    Fang Shulan was Chu Yue’s friend, so some of his displeasure at the day’s events was naturally directed toward her. This explained his offensive attitude toward her.

    “You really want her blood on your hands? Xiao Luo, let her go. I’m begging you,” Chu Yue said solemnly. At this moment, she was a far cry from her usual image of a carefree young heiress.

    Another car approached quickly and stopped nearby. Two strong men climbed out. It was Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian.

    “It sure is getting lively here today!”

    Xiao Luo’s eyes narrowed. “Since Mistress Chu has humbled herself to beg me, I’ll let you save some face.”

    While saying this, he tossed Fang Shulan onto the ground like a piece of litter.

    Freed from his grip, Fang Shulan coughed violently. She gasped greedily for air as bruises began to surface on her neck.

    Chu Yue ran over to help her up with eyes full of resentment. “If Yingying hadn’t told me what was going on, I would have still been in the dark. Why did you ignore my warnings and try to go after Xiao Luo?”

    “I…” Fang Shulan was momentarily speechless as she struggled to swallow her grievances.

    “I don’t want to hear it. Our friendship ends here. Today.”

    Chu Yue had said before that she would not acknowledge anyone who picked fights with Xiao Luo as her friend, and she intended to keep her word. She looked up at the silver-haired youth with a sharp accusatory glare. For a moment, he lost his cool, and he was unsure how to react.

    “Fang Chongqiang, you brought your bodyguards to assault someone just because Shulan asked you to? Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have a couple of henchmen? Should I get mine to spar with yours?” Chu Yue rebuked him.

    “Yueyue, this—”

    “Don’t call me Yueyue,” Chu Yue interrupted. “I can promise you now that, regardless of how much money your father may be offering, I will not get engaged to you.”

    Fang Chongqiang shut his mouth in embarrassment.

    Xiao Luo was slightly surprised. He hadn’t expected to see this wild, strong side of Chu Yue. Then again, she was the daughter of the exceptional Chu Yunxiong. If Chu Yunxiong could be compared to a dragon, did that make his daughter a phoenix? Even if that were an exaggeration, she was not the kind of heiress who got flustered and cried for help at the slightest sign of trouble. That much had been made clear to him from the incident where she and Bai Ling and had been targeted by the hunter, Ma Zhengfeng.


    Suddenly, a strong premonition of danger descended upon him.


    Almost simultaneously, two shots were fired. The bullets howled as they tore through the air and mercilessly pierced the bodies of Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian with a spray of scarlet blood. Thankfully, the two men were alert and reacted quickly, dodging with a turn so that the bullets just missed their vital organs.


    As the bullets moved through their flesh, the immense impact not only shattered the two men’s shoulder blades but also sent them up in the air. They landed heavily on the car behind them. With a loud crack, the windshield glass shattered beneath their weight, and the shrill car alarm screamed out.

    Sniper rounds?

    Xiao Luo was deeply shaken. What kind of person brought a sniper rifle into Hua Nation? His mind flashed back to what Ma Zhengfeng had said about the Blackwater company. Mercenaries. Mercenaries were targeting Chu Yue, and they had severely injured her two elite bodyguards with a single move.


    Fang Shulan finally reacted. She shrieked in fear, and the color drained from her face as she looked on in horror at the fresh blood pouring out of Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian.

    The eight black-suited bodyguards were professionals. They sprung into action to form a human barrier with the silver-haired youth and Fang Shulan in the middle, ensuring their safety.

    On the other hand, Chu Yue was panicking. This was the first time that she’d ever been in the line of fire, and the sound of the bullets tearing through the air made her blood freeze.

    “Miss, you have to run! Get down and move!” Xiang Gaoyang hissed at Chu Yue, urging her to leave. Her safety was his top priority right now. The attacker had a sniper rifle, which meant they were not acting alone. They were definitely from an elite secret organization, and he feared they might already be surrounded.

    Hearing these orders, the eight black-suited bodyguards also caught on. They quickly escorted the stupefied Fang Chongqiang and Fang Shulan away and back into the cars.

    “Yueyue, come over quickly!”

    Fang Chongqiang still cared deeply for Chu Yue and remembered not to leave her behind.

    As for Fang Shulan, she was frightened to death. Her body trembled terribly, and her entire mind went blank. It was though she had lost all control of herself.