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Chapter 77 - Forsaken by the World

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 77: Forsaken by the World

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    Chu Yue suppressed the fear gripping her heart and ran in Fang Chongqiang’s direction. However, she had not taken more than a few steps when a sniper bullet streaked through the air and struck the road in front of her. There was an ear-splitting bang as a large crater was blown open in the hard road with a spray of concrete chips and dust. Chu Yue staggered back in shock, losing her footing and falling into the street.


    Fang Chongqiang was about to rush out of the car to save Chu Yue but was held back by one of his black-suited bodyguards.

    “The enemy’s target is Miss Chu. It is very dangerous for you to run out there, Young Master Fang!” the bodyguard warned him sternly. His job was solely to ensure the safety of Fang Chongqiang and Fang Shulan. The security of others was not his concern.

    “But…” Fang Chongqiang felt trapped between a rock and a hard place.

    Before he could continue, a pale-faced Fang Shulan shrieked hysterically, “Drive! Go! Get us away from here quickly!”

    Her only thoughts were of leaving the scene of carnage, and she could not care less about what happened to Chu Yue.

    The order was acknowledged, and the black-suited bodyguard signaled with his hand. The drivers took them away in the three black sedans, zooming out of sight in an instant. The hidden mercenaries had not been firing at them, so their target was obviously Chu Yue.

    “Fang Chongqiang, Fang Shulan, you guys…”

    Chu Yue could not believe that Fang Chongqiang’s group would actually leave her behind and escape. After all, their fathers were very close friends. With her two bodyguards out of action, leaving her here was basically a death sentence.

    As she turned to look, she realized Xiao Luo had also disappeared.

    Despair filled her thoughts at this moment, and she felt forsaken by the entire world.

    “Xiao Luo, don’t you have some incredible skills? Why did you run away too?!”

    She did not understand why she felt this way, but being abandoned by Xiao Luo hurt her far more than when the Fang siblings deserted her. She cursed him grudgingly, and her beautiful face was slick with falling tears.

    “You’re just going to sit there and wait to get shot?”

    She heard someone calling out to her. As he spoke stiffly, he was clearly a foreigner whose mother tongue was not Chinese.

    Three large Western men stepped out from the dense forest. Each was carrying a rifle and wearing combat gear that she did not recognize.

    Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian drew their sidearms from their waists and prepared to counter-attack. Just then, one of the three attackers, a black man, rested the muzzle of his gun on Chu Yue’s head. In an icy deadpan voice, he shouted, “If you want your miss to live, then drop your weapons now!”

    The three gunmen gave off the air of trained killers. Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian recognized this at once, and they immediately stopped and obediently placed their handguns on the ground.

    “That’s a good boy!”

    One of the other burly men walked over to them with a grin then smashed their heads with the butt of his rifle. There was a splatter of blood, and the two men sank into the red puddle pooling below them. Their consciousness faded, and their vision blurred.

    “Tsk tsk! This chick is much prettier in person!” The black man lifted Chu Yue’s chin in one hand, ignoring her pained expression and clenched teeth. In a low voice, he chuckled, “Especially this cute little mouth. It’s a real masterpiece.”

    Saying this, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and started rubbing her pretty face into his crotch.

    “You bastard!” Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian howled with rage like the dying roars of two injured lions. However, before they could get up from the pools of blood in which they were lying, two kicks landed heavily on their stomachs. The tremendous impact made them curl up in pain like prawns. Their faces scrunched up in agony, and they began groaning uncontrollably.

    If they had not been shot, they could have avoided this shameful situation and put up some resistance. Yet, now that they had fallen into enemy hands, what else could they do but feel remorse for their circumstances?

    The black man took out a walkie-talkie and radioed to his allies. “Scorpion Head, Scorpion Head, come in. This is Black Tail. We have captured the target. I repeat. We have captured the target!”

    “Copy that! Good work. Regroup at the rendezvous point two klicks southwest. Eagle is here for extraction. Get over here ASAP,” a raspy voice radioed back.

    “Roger that!” the black man replied, then shut off the walkie-talkie. With a playful expression on his face, he joked, “We’re just here to catch a little girl. Isn’t our boss going a bit overboard?”

    “We should still stay on our guard. Don’t be careless. Ma Zhengfeng made that mistake and failed his mission. We don’t want to follow in his footsteps,” warned the third mercenary, who had a slenderer build.

    “He’s right. Chu Yunxiong is a business tycoon who’s aware that his daughter is at risk,” added the other mercenary. “There’s no way he only sent two bodyguards to protect her. There should be more men in hiding somewhere.”

    The black man sneered disdainfully, “If there were more, then they would have shown themselves already. You guys don’t think that the young kid who fled earlier was her guard, do you?”

    The slender man looked him in the eyes with his eyebrows raised. He was clearly thinking the black man was messing around.

    The black man was, of course, referring to Xiao Luo. Their team’s snipers could have easily killed everyone at the scene. However, their assignment this time was a kidnapping and not a hit, so they’d elected not to murder everyone. In any event, Xiao Luo looked small and weak. He seemed to pose no threat to them, so they had not even considered the possibility that he could be one of Chu Yue’s bodyguards.

    “Let’s move out. We’re regrouping with Eagle!”

    The black man picked up a despondent Chu Yue and headed back into the depths of the forest. As mercenaries, their exfiltration route would not be along the national highway—they were much more at home in the bush.

    “Miss! Miss!”

    Xiang Gaoyang and Xiang Gaojian struggled to give chase, but the mercenary nearest to them raised his weapon and gave them two more blows to the head with the butt of his rifle, knocking them unconscious.

    “Let go of me! Let go!”

    Chu Yue was screaming in a panic, and her almond-shaped eyes shone with tears. For the first time, she wished she had listened to her father and not stubbornly chased away so many of her bodyguards.

    “Miss, if you keep struggling, then I don’t mind giving you a taste of what I can do. Just as the Great Wall of your Hua Nation is long, my member is also very long and very interested in a fine gal like you. Hehe!”

    The man laughed obscenely, which scared Chu Yue into silence.

    Noting that Chu Yue was cooperating, the black man signaled to the snipers hiding in the forest and indicated that they were pulling out.

    However, one of the snipers stayed frozen in place. His face was full of horror as he stared wide-eyed in disbelief at the bloodstained blade protruding from his mouth. Thick, viscous blood poured out in a torrent. It was his own knife, so how had it gotten stuck in the back of his neck?

    His eyes were fully open, taking everything in. But his brain quickly lost any ability to process information. Death was not so charitable as to wait for him, and his final dying thoughts were occupied by unanswered questions. He could not understand how he had been killed. He was holding the high ground, so he should have been the first to know if anyone approached from below. How had his assailant snuck up to him without anyone noticing?

    It was incomprehensible and unbelievable!