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Chapter 78 - Intruders Must Die

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 78: Intruders Must Die

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “A CheyTac M200 sniper rifle, with an effective range of 2,500 yards. Yes, this should do just fine!”

    Xiao Luo picked up the weapon from the body of the sniper he had just murdered and smiled slightly. The warmth from the gun made his blood boil, and his whole body felt like it was on fire.

    Looking through the scope to scan other potential nearby vantage points, he quickly zeroed in on the second sniper. A bullet was fired, and the sheer force of the impact mercilessly blew open the other sniper’s head.

    Then, he turned and pointed the rifle’s muzzle at the three mercenaries kidnapping Chu Yue and squeezed the trigger.


    A bullet took off. Breaking the sound barrier, it screamed toward one of the men.


    The bullet’s unstoppable force penetrated the torso of the man at the rear, tearing a bloody hole through his chest with terrifying destructive power. The bullet struck his heart and lungs, which spilled out behind him on the ground in a pulpy mess.

    The man’s eyes widened as he looked down blankly at his own chest. Then, he wordlessly toppled backward onto the ground—another corpse joining the ranks of the restless dead.


    Seeing such a grisly scene unfold right before her eyes, Chu Yue screamed loudly with her almond-shaped eyes wide open.

    The black man yelled, “Get to cover!”

    The slender man reacted immediately and moved to take cover behind a large boulder, but he was too late. Anyone in Xiao Luo’s line of sight was an easy target. Another bullet burst out from the sniper rifle and bit into the man’s thigh like the sharp fang of a savage tiger.


    His whole thigh came off as if torn apart by a great force. Blood gushed out from the wound with a gurgling sound, and a wretched cry erupted from the slender man’s mouth.

    “Thin Monkey!”

    The black man’s face darkened, and he moved closer to the slender man, putting Chu Yue between himself and the sniper as a human shield.

    “Don’t come over here. It’s a trap!” shouted the slender man. “The enemy deliberately left me wounded but alive to draw you out into his line of fire. If you come over here, you’d be playing right into his hands.”

    The black man stopped where he was. He picked up his intercom to radio his sniper, “Vulture, Vulture. Do you copy? Do you copy?”

    “Save your breath. Vulture and the others are dead,” the slender man shot back hoarsely. He was sweating profusely from the intense pain.


    The black man swore angrily with a ferocious expression, smashing the intercom to pieces on the ground. This turn of events was an unwelcome surprise. This was supposed to be an easy mission, but an expert was lurking in the shadows.

    He put his mouth close to Chu Yue’s ear and shouted roughly in a roaring voice, “Who is the guy that was hiding? Speak up!”

    “I don’t know. I don’t know…”

    The frightened Chu Yue shook her head vigorously. She really had no idea and was too afraid to think. Her mind had gone blank when she’d smelled the freshly spilled blood. Fear, despair, and anxiety all gripped her heart.

    “Sh*t, if you don’t talk, then I’ll rape you right now!”

    The black man’s emotions were in turmoil. The death of his companions had made him extremely dangerous, and he was like a rabid starving wolf.

    Chu Yue pressed her lips together, weeping uncontrollably in a panic.

    “Black Tail, take the target and get out of here. Regroup with Eagle,” the slender man rasped. He had already lost a lot of blood and seemed exhausted. His face was as pale as a sheet.

    “B*llshit. I’m not leaving without you!” the black man retorted angrily.

    The slender man smiled sadly. “We’ve been living dangerously, life on the edge, and we’re always gambling with our lives. I’ve now lost a leg. Even if I get out of this alive, I’ll just be a useless cripple.”

    “I don’t give a damn…”

    The slender man interrupted harshly, “Black Tail, you know the rules. Don’t do something that will make me lose my respect for you.”

    The black man squeezed his eyes shut. He struggled to push aside his sorrow and hesitation, before clenching his teeth and fleeing with Chu Yue in tow.

    Not long after, Xiao Luo came down from his sniper’s nest.

    “It was you?”

    The slender man looked in horror at Xiao Luo. He could not believe that the harmless-looking young man whom they’d spared was capable of causing so much damage.

    “He actually left you behind. Looks like your companion isn’t stupid,” Xiao Luo remarked lightly.

    The slender man looked up rebelliously. “We members of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps are no pushovers. You are going to pay for this.”

    “Oh, really?” Xiao Luo smiled mockingly. “I wonder if you have heard of our old saying.”

    “What saying?” the slender man asked.

    “Mercenaries are not allowed in Hua Nation. Intruders. Must. Die!!!”

    Xiao Luo spoke softly, but his words dripped with seemingly infinite killing intent. He spun around and clenched his left hand into a claw. With a rush of wind, he brought his fist flashing across the slender man’s neck like a bolt of lightning.


    With a single, savage sweep, flesh and bone were torn asunder. A bloody gash appeared in the man’s neck from which his warm lifeblood sprayed out.

    Without a backward glance at the slender man, Xiao Luo chased after the black man.

    Unable to move, the slender man slumped onto the ground with a glassy stare. His blood continued to pour out, staining the ground around him red. He twitched violently, and there was no more hope of survival for him. He could only desperately, painfully wait for the Grim Reaper.


    Wild Boar Ridge was a dense forest. Canopies of countless tall trees blocked out the sun, while the ground was thickly covered in green moss and shrubs. It was very easy to get lost in this forest. Furthermore, many wild animals were roaming around.

    The black man who’d kidnapped Chu Yue made it about 500 yards before Xiao Luo caught up to them.

    Xiao Luo exerted his full strength. Accelerating his already rapid pace, he swiftly appeared before the black man. He exhaled coldly and sent a vicious sweeping kick flying toward the man’s knee. The man’s knee shattered with a loud crack, and his long, straight leg was instantly bent backward. It looked as effortless to Xiao Luo as snapping a bamboo pole.

    Intense agony surged through the black man’s body as he staggered and dropped onto his good knee. Before he could even cry out in pain, Xiao Luo’s iron leg was soaring through the air straight toward the man’s chest. The roaring wind from his kick’s pressure made the man break out in a cold sweat.

    Desperately, the black man crossed his arms over his chest to block the blow, so Xiao Luo’s kick landed squarely on his arms.


    As though he’d been rammed by a train, the black man’s bulk was sent flying backward in a straight line. He only came to a stop when he smashed into the trunk of a large tree. The insides of his chest were turning over violently as thick blood gushed from his mouth. The explosive, terrifying power of his opponent made him temporarily forget the pain. Instead, he tried to discern the identity of this man who had kicked him.

    When he saw that it was Xiao Luo, his face wore the same expression of disbelief as the slender man’s. Who would have thought that a young kid they’d overlooked would come back to bite them as such a fearsome enemy?

    As Xiao Luo readied the killing blow, his heightened senses picked up on a large group of mercenaries a few hundred yards away. They were quickly approaching. He stopped himself short, turning to pick up the terrified Chu Yue. Slamming both feet into the ground, he shot off like a bullet and disappeared like a ghost.