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Chapter 81 - Hunting

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 81: Hunting

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Panic streaked across Eagle’s face. The matter at hand was simply too evil. These people had silently sacrificed five people without even seeing their faces. He suspected that his opponent was not even human to begin with but a bloodthirsty ghost.

    A large conglomerate, the crocodile of Hua Nation’s business community, had taken over the hunt for Chu Yunxiong’s daughter. This time, the bold decision had been made by the Red Scorpion mercenaries. After all, Chu Yunxiong was not just someone influential in Hua Nation. On an international level, he wielded considerable influence. If this operation were completed successfully, the Red Scorpion mercenaries’ position within the company would be significantly improved.

    But nobody could have imagined that Chu Yunxiong had such a crazy guy beside him. More than just playing with them out in the jungle, it was like this guy was the very scythe of the Grim Reaper, relentlessly harvesting lives.

    “I must find him and use the cruelest punishment in the world to torture him to death slowly!” Eagle growled with a fierce look. The muscles at the corner of his mouth were twitching, and he was completely deranged.

    Just at that moment, a sniper bullet blasted through space flew right at him. It tore through the air with the roaring sound of the wind.


    The single bullet pierced the necks of the two brawlers. A bloody mist exploded, and the two men fell into a pool of their own blood without an opportunity to even scream or make a sound. Blood gushed from their necks.

    Killing two with a single shot was a genuinely excellent and terrifying way of shooting!

    “Target acquired. He is at…”

    After a short pause, one of the squad members finally discovered Xiao Luo’s hiding place. As he was readying his shot, he quickly reported back to Eagle and the others.

    However, he’d greatly underestimated Xiao Luo’s reactive ability. Just as soon as he’d relayed the message, another sniper bullet came flying accurately toward his head, which exploded like a watermelon. Red and white innards spilled all over the ground.


    Eagle cursed and stomped around with fury. Raising the weapon in his hands, he fired a blind shot toward Xiao Luo’s hiding place.


    The bullets that had been fired reverberated violently in the air. It brought with it a high temperature that could burn everything, and the naked eye couldn’t see its trajectory.

    This bullet flew and only marginally missed Xiao Luo’s ear, though its whistling sound made his eardrums hum. He had narrowly missed being taken out by the Grim Reaper. No matter how strong one’s heart may be, the shock from such a thing could make anyone break out in a cold sweat. He calmed down quickly and was gone by the time Eagle and the others arrived. He just vanished like a ghost.

    “Come out! Come out, d*mnit!”

    One-eyed Eagle roared in anger then changed up his weapons to a submachine gun. He directed a frantic spray of bullets at the surrounding bushes, which swept across everything. Fire snakes, broken branches, and leaves were sent flying, and there was sawdust everywhere. The commotion alarmed a flock of birds.

    Until the rounds in the assault weapon were all emptied, Eagle was still depressing the trigger. The submachine made a ‘click, click’ sound, signifying an empty chamber, and thick white smoke floated out from the muzzle.

    At that moment, the remaining four people were terrified because they felt a pressure unlike any they’d ever known before.

    Xiao Luo bit down on his dagger, and like a ravenous wolf, he rushed out from the tall grass toward a man. The man realized he was being attacked and turned around, but it was too late. The powerful dagger had accumulated considerable energy, and it slid across his throat.


    It all happened as fast as lightning, and his flesh was easily sliced open. Fresh blood erupted out.

    Xiao Luo turned around on the spot, twisting backward and suddenly attacking the area in front of him to the left. His movements were like flowing water and clouds. Everything happened simultaneously as if a turning angle was but a straight line.

    Clenching his hands into fists, Xiao Luo conjured up a frightening wind. It seemed to tear the air and hit the big man in front of him.



    The hard, iron fist was like a steel hammer, and it left an imprint in the big man’s chest. It was a force as scary as a tsunami. The man’s sternum ruptured, puncturing his heart. Scarlet blood spewed forth, and his body flew backward until it collided heavily with the trunk of a tree. The tree was the size of two bodies, and it violently shook as countless green leaves fluttered down. It was as if a beast had clawed out the man’s heart, and his life had suddenly evaporated.

    Fierce, tyrannical, and unrelenting shots. A fatal blow!

    “D*mnit. He is here!”

    A bald mercenary reacted, then aimed his submachine gun at Xiao Luo and fired sweeping shots.

    Xiao Luo surged forward with full force, running as fast as a cheetah. He didn’t let a single bullet touch him. He kept his body low and hurried forward with a strange feeling of peace.

    Xiao Luo let out another cold snort, and his strong legs made a whistling sound before slamming into the bald man’s knee. With a ‘click,’ his straight, long legs instantly bent backward, and he let out a scream. Before he could react, the dagger in Xiao Luo’s hands slit his throat in a flash.


    The arteries ruptured, and a fountain of blood fiercely spurted. The bald man’s eyes widened and filled with fear. He dropped his firearm as he reached with both hands to cover his bleeding throat. But no matter what he did, he could not stop the bleeding and collapsed to the ground as if his bones had lost all their support. His limbs twitched before death finally claimed him.

    In an instant, three men had been killed. And death’s scythe did not stop there…

    The blood-stained dagger carried all the vengeance of its master as it crossed a distance of three to four yards before plunging with a ‘pu-chu’ sound into a square-faced man’s chest.

    Although one-eyed Eagle was the head of this squad, only one of his men was able to accurately lock onto Xiao Luo. But he did not dare to shoot because Xiao Luo and the square-faced man’s positions were almost overlapping. Or, put another way, the square-faced man had become Xiao Luo’s puppet. His body was being controlled as it shook side to side.

    “Shan Yao! Shan Yao!!” Eagle yelled twice at the square-faced man and raised his weapon to eye-level. He moved to set up the kill even though Xiao Luo was still using the square-faced man as cover.

    The only problem was that no matter how many times he moved, the square-faced man and Xiao Luo always were in a straight line.

    Because of the massive size of the square-faced man, Xiao Luo was blocked entirely. If someone were watching this scene without context, they would think that it consisted solely of the one-eyed brawler and the square-faced man, who was in a weird position and behaving like a puppet on a string. The whole situation gave off a strange and eerie feeling.

    Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down Eagle’s forehead as he screamed at Xiao Luo, “Let him go! Let him go!”

    It would be a lie to say he was not panicking. Was his enemy really human? How could one man have killed so many of his companions in so little time?

    Just then, with the square-faced man’s back to Eagle, his feet were lifted in the air. As if possessed by an evil spirit, the square-faced man quickly approached him…