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Chapter 81 - Wang Xiaoyao

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 81: Wang Xiaoyao

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    People who were adaptable would always find ways to survive. Entrepreneurship was never meant to be a walk in the park. With heaps of experience, these problems were just like a storm in a teacup for Qianmo. They were nothing to her.

    “Uncle Wang next door has not been able to find buyers for his sea cucumbers after he expanded his production blindly. It will be a win-win situation for both of our families.”

    “You want me to go and beg that chap? Pui!” Chen Baichuan didn’t want to speak to the guy who always imitated him.

    That Old Wang next door had shown off to him that he had a son and he didn’t when they were young. Then he lusted after his chubby wife. He also copied him into rearing sea cucumbers. When he expanded his farm, Old Wang quickly followed suit, selling whatever he could to raise funds.

    “Why would you call it begging? It’s a win-win. How can we be so emotional when we are doing business? If we fail, that is solely on you guys letting your emotions decide instead of your rational brains. There’s no right and wrong, only personal gains and interests in the adult world.”

    Qianmo took her bag and walked out of the door, holding on to Mu Mianmian’s arm. She said to her dad before she left, “Please let me educate your future child. Otherwise, I’m worried the child you raise will not be able to uphold our business. He will give the sweets to whoever is nice to him in the kindergarten and take them back when they quarrel. Just like his dad.”

    Chen Baichuan almost vomited blood when he heard that.

    Why was this girl speaking in such a sarcastic manner now?

    She made him so angry, yet he couldn’t find a single word to rebut her. After all, even though her words were sarcastic, they were true.

    Qianmo brought Mu Mianmian along to the factory next door to look for Director Wang as she planned. She told him their situation honestly and made Old Mr. Wang, who had never gotten along with Chen Baichuan before, laugh hysterically immediately.

    “Hahahaha! Chen Baichuan, you have a bad day too!”

    Mu Mianmian was eager to defend her husband when she saw the other party laughing at him. Qianmo stopped her as she stood up, trying to say a few words.

    “Uncle Wang, I am not exaggerating when I say that I could also get the same amount of goods from other farms. I’d just have to spend more and travel farther. This is not a problem that money can’t solve. However, I came to you because I have a plan that would benefit both our families in the long term.”

    Negotiation was her expertise. Old Wang stopped laughing instantly, turning serious.

    “What plan… Never mind. Why am I talking to a little girl like you? Go back and get your dad over here.”

    Qianmo had met many people who favored the men over women in the past, and Old Wang belonged to this category too. Still, she wasn’t going to get angry since it only reflected one’s immaturity if they got upset when their opponents belittled them. The only way to prove one’s worth was by displaying their strength.

    “Excuse me, Uncle Wang. My father has already given me full authorization to handle this, so you’ll have to negotiate with me.”

    “I never negotiate with women, especially little girls like you.”

    Qianmo stood up and dragged Mu Mianmian, who was already shaking with anger, along. She said calmly, “Alright. Since Uncle Wang is not interested, we shall not force you. I will just go to another supplier. Even though I showed my sincerity, it’s reciprocated with disdain. I shall say this now: your farm is going to change its name to Chen within three months because you rejected me today. And that Chen will be from my name, the little girl in your eyes.”

    Old Wang was infuriated by her threatening remarks. Just as Qianmo was about to walk out of the door, a young male voice called out to them. “Please wait a moment.”

    The door next to Old Wang’s office opened, and his son Wang Xiaoyao walked out.

    Wang Xiaoyao was still wearing the police academy’s uniform. He had come back to spend his weekend here and overheard his father and Qianmo’s conversation.

    He looked dashing in the academy uniform with his 1.8m tall frame. He was slightly different from the handsome man in Qianmo’s memory, though. It seemed like he would mellow down a few years later. He was currently at the age where he was the proudest.

    “May I discuss the collaboration with you?” Wang Xiaoyao showed Qianmo an inviting gesture. Qianmo passed her bag to Mu Mianmian and followed him into the room.

    “What is there for two kids to discuss about…” Old Wang didn’t mean what he was saying at all.

    In fact, he agreed with his son’s method in his heart. Qianmo’s earlier behavior had caused him considerable psychological stress.

    Still, he didn’t want to admit that he was intimidated by a young girl, so he tried to protect his ego with words. However, Old Wang’s eyes began to light up when he saw Mu Mianmian standing outside.

    “Xiaomu, I have this year’s new tea. Would you like to try some?”

    “Please don’t talk to me. I’m also a woman.” Mu Mianmian rolled her eyes at him.

    Wang Xiaoyao usually spent most of his time at school, but his father still prepared an office for him next to his own. That room was more of a study than an office, though. It had a wall that was filled with books.

    One could see that Wang Xiaoyao knew how to enjoy life from how he decorated his room. He had a furry rug at the reading corner, along with a few cushions scattered casually.

    He also had a projector hanging from the wall, seemingly watching a movie before they came. Freshly brewed coffee’s aroma filled the air.

    “Would you like a cup of coffee?” He walked toward the coffee machine.

    Qianmo graciously rejected it. “Thank you, I’m fine. Just water will do.”

    Black had spoiled her when it came to coffee. Now she couldn’t make herself drink coffee that was brewed by any random guy.

    Wang Xiaoyao had only seen this girl from afar a few times. She had an aloof personality in his impression, who seldom smiled and didn’t talk much.

    However, Wang Xiaoyao had heard plenty of rumors regarding her. Especially the most recent one in which she destroyed the jerk on her wedding day. Everyone in this area was talking about it.

    Although they were competitors and their respective fathers weren’t on the best terms, the people there still enjoyed talking about how Qianmo dumped that scumbag. That same day, Wang Xiaoyao heard his workers discussing the kind of man who would eventually marry her. They all thought she was formidable.

    Wang Xiaoyao was curious about Qianmo after hearing those gossips unintentionally. And she happened to come over at this point in time. Her discussion with his father had piqued his interest.

    That was why he stopped her when he heard she was about to leave.

    Qianmo was not shy at all, sitting on the sofa straight away. Wang Xiaoyao realized he had been staring at her, so he retrieved his gaze.

    “Senior… Is it better if I address you this way instead of Old Wang’s son?”

    Wang Xiaoyao couldn’t help but smile. He sat on the sofa across from her and interlinked his fingers together. Qianmo took a quick look and thought this guy was indeed confident.

    She wondered what made him gentler in the future. Was it simply time, or had he met a woman who warmed his heart? Currently, there was a similar form of piercing aura that Black showed to the outsiders on him.

    “I remember now. You made it into our academy this year.” Wang Xiaoyao recalled that Uncle Chen next door had set off firecrackers for the whole day when the school released the result. His dad was so angry that he almost went overboard. He would have called the police had Wang Xiaoyao not stopped him.

    Did the authorities care when someone lit up firecrackers when it was not a holiday?

    It seemed that this junior of his was really outstanding. She had both the looks and the brains. He was just wondering why she chose a man like Lin Xiang previously.

    “Junior, what did you mean that our farm would change owners within three months?”