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Chapter 82 - Teach The Mastermind A Lesson

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 82: Teach The Mastermind A Lesson

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    Wang Xiaoyao was far more rational than his father. It had something to do with his expertise. The future Wang Xiaoyao would be a formidable elite in the police force, someone who’d always crack the big and important cases. Qianmo knew he was a formidable senior.

    “I think you understand both of our situations better than me. Our fathers have already engaged in an unhealthy competition so as to spite each other. This is not beneficial to our farms since the market demand is actually very huge. There’s totally no need for us to engage in a price war and let the distributors earn our profits.”

    She had explained the crux of their issue.

    Both their fathers were the irrational businessmen type. Such kinds were more commonly found in the north, where they would do absurd things just to vent their frustration. The southern businessmen were much more sensible, and they would form alliances to earn money together.

    “I have also thought about this problem before.” Wang Xiaoyao agreed. He was really impressed with Qianmo now.

    He reckoned both of them were oddities since it was almost impossible for Uncle Chen next door to raise such an analytical daughter. If they both resembled their respective fathers, their farms would most likely close down in no time.

    “If we work out our differences through this incident and unite all the local sea cucumbers farmers together, we can form a proper rearing association. Afterward, we could set up rules and regulations for this industry and ultimately benefit our development as a whole.

    “However, if we continue to engage in a price war and allow the smaller farms to spread rumors about using herbs as feed, which are not beneficial to our development, eventually, the local sea cucumbers rearing industry will be doomed.”

    Her father and Uncle Wang had the two largest farms in the area. Besides, the smaller farms would also suffer whenever they started a price war. None of them was earning a profit, and in order to compete, they began to bad mouth about one another’s sea cucumbers’ quality. Thus, as time went by, the whole rearing industry in this area would be forced to shut down.

    Qianmo believed her words made perfect sense, but she didn’t get a response from Wang Xiaoyao for a long time after she was done talking. She looked at him and discovered he was looking at her in a daze.

    “Do I have something on my face?” She touched her face.

    Wang Xiaoyao had an unfathomable gaze at the moment. She actually couldn’t figure out what was on his mind. This man was indeed unusual.

    Qianmo had seen people who were capable of hiding their emotions, but it was rare for someone to do it at such a young age.

    “Excuse me. I was out of sorts.” Wang Xiaoyao stood up and said, “Come, let’s go to the Finance department together.”

    Qianmo understood his meaning: he had agreed to sign a contract with her. This young man was indeed more capable than his father.

    Old Wang was still trying his best to suck up to Mu Mianmian in the other office without any success. He saw his son and Old Chen’s daughter coming out just as he was getting frustrated.

    “Dad, let’s sign an order with my junior at a 10% discount than we usually give to the distributors.”

    Although Old Wang knew his son was going to sell them out, he didn’t expect he would do it at such a low rate.

    “10%?” When did that happen? His heart ached at the dip in profits!

    Qianmo also didn’t expect her senior to be so generous. She was prepared for them to raise the price and was even willing to accept a 20% increase.

    “Senior, do you have to be so nice?”

    Wang Xiaoyao reached out to shake her hand. “Happy Collaboration.”

    Old Wang was angry as a raging bull after he sent Qianmo and her aunt away.

    “Did a donkey kick you in the head? This was a great opportunity to get back at Old Chen next door. Why did you agree so readily and even gave him a 10% discount?”

    Old Wang had actually intended to help them, but he wanted to drag for a few days and make Chen Baichuan beg in tears before he would kindly agree to give them the goods.

    Wang Xiaoyao managed to make his proud father speechless with his following words.

    “If I didn’t agree readily, that girl was going to get another seller. And three months later, your farm was going to change its name. You really don’t know how to choose between the carrot and the stick.”

    He understood the long-term prospects better than his father. Qianmo wasn’t exaggerating when she said that she had come prepared. Wang Xiaoyao was sure that if they didn’t accept right off the bat, she would activate her backup plan, and his father would be the one losing everything in the end.

    “She is just a young girl. How could she be as good as you say?” Old Wang mumbled as he was not convinced.

    Wang Xiaoyao put the contract on the table and looked at her signature, which was as refreshing as her personality.

    What an unusual little lass.

    Mu Mianmian asked Qianmo after they left the office, “Momo, how confident were you in convincing the Wangs?”

    Qianmo had shocked her little aunt with her earlier performance. She believed it would have failed spectacularly if it was Chen Baichuan who came.

    “50% if his son was not around.”

    “Then, you knew his son would be back today?” Mu Mianmian asked curiously.

    Qianmo gave her an unfathomable look. “It doesn’t matter whether he’s home or not.”

    She was 200% confident that she could handle a small case like this.

    It saved her and her father a lot of trouble when the Wangs agreed. However, if they hadn’t, she still had other solutions for the problem. If they rejected the carrot she offered, she would give them the stick.

    She would turn their farm into her father’s branch three months later. That’s how far she was ready to go.

    Mu Mianmian swallowed her saliva subconsciously. Why was she finding this child becoming more and more devilish!

    Mu Mianmian couldn’t wait to tell how Qianmo convinced the Wangs after she got back to their farm.

    Qianmo sat in her father’s Director’s chair and closed her eyes. She was thinking about apprehending the mastermind now that she had solved the cash flow problem.

    Who could be so despicable to set her family up like this? Was it a fellow competitor in the industry? Or someone her father had offended?

    Or maybe… Mu Feifei.

    Qianmo opened her eyes just as Mu Feifei’s name flashed through her mind.

    Not much time had passed since she knocked out Mu Feifei, but she seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Black had instructed the lady boss from the construction materials company to get back at her. However, Qianmo always felt that she wouldn’t be defeated so easily.

    Although this incident seemed to have nothing to do with Mu Feifei, Qianmo instinctively felt that everything was connected to her and the mysterious person behind her.

    The telephone rang when Qianmo was deep in her thoughts.

    It was a call from the police station. They were much more efficient than Qianmo had expected. She wondered if this had anything to do with Black.

    They were not able to locate the overseas fund transfer. The trail had been broken off.

    Everything went as Qianmo had predicted.

    Chen Baichuan was quite happy with the current outcome. Even though they had lost some money, no severe damage was done. They wouldn’t need to close down. And when they handed over the goods and sold the rest of the sea cucumbers after they matured, the problems would all go away.

    He saw Qianmo getting up, grabbing her bag, and calling out to him. “Dad, you are coming to the police station with me. You stay at home, Little Aunt. And if anyone asks, just say you don’t know anything.”

    Mu Mianmian looked at the pair of father and daughter. She then stared at Qianmo, who had an intense presence, and her husband…

    A lady boss and her… chauffeur?

    “Don’t say anything while we are there. Listen to my instructions and look for my hint if I need your help.”

    “Momo, what are you going to do there?”

    Qianmo raised her head and smirked. “We are going to recover every single cent we have lost.”

    Whoever had set her family up was going to give them their money back. Qianmo decided she was going to teach that mastermind a lesson.