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Chapter 422 - Gave a Wrong Question?

Medical Master
     Chapter 422 Gave a Wrong Question?

    “Okay, Fang Qiu chose to move on to the next challenge,” the host yelled in a passionate voice.

    The audience was very concerned about this battle, and in the host’s shout, all the people’s emotions were aroused in an instant. Everyone was thrilled, waiting for the last question, not even blinking.

    “The third question.”

    The host looked at Fang Qiu and said in a relaxed voice, “It’s a question of judgment.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    “It’s short.”

    The host continued to keep the secret in order to raise the atmosphere.

    As the host had not read the question, the audience off stage immediately shouted.

    The atmosphere soared.

    “Listen to the question, please.”

    As he felt that the atmosphere had been raised enough, the host’s tone immediately sank. He looked at the note in his hand with a solemn look and read aloud, “Chiropractic usually chooses the method of rubbing in order to ‘clear heat’. True or false?”

    Listening to this question, people on the stage and the audience off stage were all stunned.

    This was a practical operation question. People who hadn’t practiced chiropractic themselves were not able to answer this question.

    Could Fang Qiu answer that correctly?

    At this point, all eyes were on Fang Qiu.


    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and nodded.

    “Correct answer!”

    Then the host turned to the judge’s seats and said, “Mr. Li, please explain this question to us.”

    “There’s really nothing to explain.”

    Li Zhengtang picked up the microphone and said, “I’ll just give you a quick overview of the question. In general, people who are not familiar with chiropractic, or have no research on it, will think that friction is to dispel the wind and cold. That is something we commonly know as—to generate heat by friction. But that’s not true. Friction in chiropractic is actually to clear the heat.”

    After that, Li Zhengtang put down the microphone with a smile.

    Hearing his explanation, all the audience was enlightened.

    Many of the contestants on the stage also looked inspired.

    They were enlightened!

    “Congratulations Fang Qiu, you got all three questions right. You’re safe for the time being,” the host said.

    Then led by someone, the audience suddenly burst into applause.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    A little while later, the applause faded, and the host said, “Next, it’s Fang Qiu’s turn.”

    “Humph.” Zheng Chao snorted.

    “Get started. I can’t wait. Whatever his questions are, I’ll get them all right!”


    Fang Qiu smiled playfully and asked, “What if my questions are about Qi?”

    At his words, Zheng Chao’s face changed. He was startled.

    He didn’t know anything about Qi!

    He had been traveling around the world and helping patients together with his master, but what he had learned most was chiropractic, and he had not learned other skills, not to mention Qi.

    Even his master did not necessarily have a full understanding of Qi, let alone him!

    And, most importantly, Fang Qiu was the only one present, who knew about Qi.

    So, if Fang Qiu’s questions were really about Qi, wasn’t the result all up to him?

    Even though the correct answers had been submitted last night together with the questions, maybe Fang Qiu would come up with true or false questions, open-ended questions, or set up questions with no answer.

    In that way, Zheng Chao was doomed to be eliminated.

    His face was set at this thought.

    He was really afraid that Fang Qiu’s questions were about Qi.

    But then, at the sight of his nasty face, Fang Qiu suddenly shook his head and smiled, saying, “I don’t like bullying others, so my questions aren’t about Qi. You can rest assured.”

    The audience smiled at his words.

    They all saw Zheng Chao’s look and knew that he was afraid.

    But it turned out that Fang Qiu had no intention to bully others.

    This made Zheng Chao awkward for a while.

    The audience, of course, laughed.

    At the sound of everyone’s laughter, Zheng Chao’s face turned even darker.

    He knew that Fang Qiu was totally pulling his leg.

    So his hatred for the latter soared!

    At the same time, the host walked over to the question bank, opened the transparent box with Fang Qiu’s name on it, and pulled out three pieces of notes.

    “It’s a coincidence.”

    As the host came up with the questions, Fang Qiu smiled and said, “My questions are about bonesetting. It shouldn’t be difficult for you.”


    Zheng Chao gave a snort.

    “The first question.”

    The host came over and said, “Listen to the question, please.

    “Fractures of the humerus are divided into three segments, upper, middle, and lower. When the upper fracture occurs, how long is the proximal displacement of the fracture?

    “A, transverse patella fracture, greater separation and displacement, and difficulty in manual reduction and external fixation. B, separation of displaced patellar fracture. C, the broken end of the old patella fracture is not separated significantly. D, patellar fracture with displacement of less than 0.5cm. E, severe comminuted patellar fracture with difficulty in reduction.”

    After reading the question, the host looked at Zheng Chao.

    And so did the audience.

    As a result, Zheng Chao frowned immediately after hearing the question.

    He knew how to massage, and he learned chiropractic in order to treat diseases. He knew a little about bonesetting, only a little.

    If the questions hadn’t been submitted in advance, he’d have wondered if Fang Qiu was deliberately setting it against him.

    But others didn’t think so.

    In the eyes of the audience and the other contestants, Zheng Chao should be able to answer the question correctly, since his specialty was chiropractic. The person who learned to massage should know at least some bonesetting knowledge and have enough understanding of human bones.

    But the sight of Zheng Chao frowning made everyone feel something was wrong.

    Couldn’t Zheng Chao answer this question correctly?

    Just as everyone was wondering, Zheng Chao took a quick look at the question on the big screen, bit his lip, and said, “I choose B.”

    “Are you sure?” Fang Qiu asked.


    Zheng Chao gritted his teeth.

    “Wrong answer.”

    The host uttered, “The correct answer to this question is A!”

    At his words, the audience exclaimed.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Zheng Chao was wrong?!

    What was wrong?

    Although this question did not belong to the field he was good at, it had a lot to do with it. How could he be wrong?

    This was the competition that only 50 of 100 contestants would advance.

    If he got one more question wrong, he would lose his chance to advance.

    Everyone present thought that it was a pity.

    On stage, Zheng Chao looked even worse.

    “Go on!” he shouted.

    “My second question should be easy for you, too.”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Since you know about chiropractic, you should also know about acupoint, right?”

    Zheng Chao’s face darkened.

    “Please listen to the question.”

    The host duly opened the note of the second question and read, “There’s a female patient of 59 years old. Her knees are red, swollen, and feverishly painful. The condition of the right one is much more severe, and it is too painful to touch. It’s not easy for her joints to move, and she feels hot and thirsty. Her tongue is yellow and dry, and her veins are slippery. In the treatment, in addition to the acupoints of Dubi, Liangqiu, Yanglingquan, Xiyangguan, which acupoints should be added?

    “A, Dazhui, Quchi. B, Shenshu, Guanyuan. C, Pishu, Qihai. D, Pishu, Weishu. E, Shenshu, Hegu.”

    After reading the question, the host shouted, “Please answer the question.”

    “I choose A.”

    Without hesitation, Zheng Chao answered right away.

    “Congratulations, that’s right,” the host announced.

    Zheng Chao was relieved at his words.

    The audience was also relieved. If Zheng Chao was wrong, he was done. Luckily, he got it right, and there was still one question, a chance of his promotion.

    The next question was the key!

    “The third question.”

    The host opened the note and said, “This is a true or false question. Please listen to the question.

    “I treated a little boy before. He was born in the winter and was only five years old.

    “His mother told me that the little guy’s mood was very unstable. When he lost his temper with an elder, he often cried and yelled for more than half an hour, and the shouting was so violent that it was useless for his parents to soothe him. I noticed that he was extremely thin, with a small patch of redness outside each of his index fingers, and a slight trace of grievance on his face. The diagnosis was that he was chronically constipated.

    “The reason for my diagnosis is: the lateral index fingers belong to the large intestine meridian; the redness there and chronic constipation indicate that his large intestine meridian is stagnant; ‘the liver is connected with the large intestine’; when the large intestine is hot and suffocating, the liver will not be dredged; and the liver affects the emotions, so he would cry when he was in a bad mood.

    “The little patient was born in winter, and it can be inferred from the theory of Qi in traditional Chinese medicine that his lungs contracted too much. Considering that most of the thin people’s lung Qi isn’t dredged, the little patient’s ability to inwardly convergence of Qi and blood is strong, but the ability to diffuse them to the body surface is poor. Excessive contraction of the lung leads to insufficient liver drainage, plus lung and large intestine, lung Qi obstruction leads to the imbalance of Qi and blood in the large intestine, aggravating liver depression, which leads to his crying.

    “Is this judgment correct?”

    When the host finished, the whole question appeared on the big screen.

    After hearing this question, many people thought it was quite easy. Although the question had covered all the medical pathology, there was a very obvious problem, and all medical students should know it. Wasn’t it an easy question?

    However, the eyes of the three judges in the judge’s seats suddenly lit up, as everyone else took it for granted.

    “This question is interesting,” Huang Zhengren said with a smile.


    Yang Juanyong and Li Zhengtang nodded with a smile.

    Zheng Chao on the challenge stage was relieved to hear the question and said, “False. You’re thinking in the wrong way. The liver and the large intestine are connected? It’s clear that the lung and the large intestine are connected. Don’t you know such a simple fact?”

    Fang Qiu smiled at his words but said nothing.

    “Announce the result,” Zheng Chao said aloud to the host.

    “Your answer is… wrong!” announced the host.

    His words shocked Zheng Chao!

    His answer was wrong?

    How could it be wrong?

    Not only Zheng Chao but also all the audience and a lot of people in the answering area were confused!

    Why was it wrong?

    The answer to this question was obviously false!

    At the judges’ seats, the three highly-skilled doctors could not help sighing.

    On the challenge stage, Zheng Chao yelled, “That’s impossible!”

    “The diagnosis is clearly wrong. I’m right!”

    “But the answer I have says it’s true,” the host said.

    “That’s impossible!”

    Zheng Chao shook his head at once, pointed at Fang Qiu, and said, “The answer to this question is false. He must have given the wrong answer!”

    Now, the host was also confused.

    He couldn’t figure out the question!

    Was this answer really wrong?