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Chapter 83 - I Guessed that it was you

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 83: I Guessed that it was you

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    When Mu Feifei received the call from her “boss”, she was waiting in line at the airport security check. According to her boss’s plan, after wrapping up these matters, she would temporarily leave this chaotic Q City.

    “Fool, you messed up again.”

    Hearing the cold male voice on the phone, Mu Feifei shuddered. She immediately brown-nosed him. “I was very meticulous this time. The Zhao Dafa that I found was Chen Baichuan’s trusted aide. I asked him to get things done, and it was flawless…”

    Mu Feifei had received an order from her mysterious boss, asking her to drive Chen Qianmo to her death and to find out who the man behind Chen Qianmo was.

    Hence, Mu Feifei found Zhao Dafa, also Zhao One, the biggest bug and threat on the farm.

    The plan—with its interlocking stratagems—that she made was as such. First, she would kill the sea cucumbers before they were delivered to ruin Chen Baichuan’s credibility. When his business was on the verge of bankruptcy and had no cash injection, Chen Qianmo would naturally jump forward to help.

    With the following clues from the situation, she would be able to track down the man supporting Chen Qianmo, thereby fulfilling her boss’s order.

    Her boss wanted to see how strong Chen Qianmo’s backing was. Hence, Mu Feifei used the whole farm to find out as she felt that with Qianmo’s a simple circle of friends, she would find someone whose family was wealthy.

    However, based on her previous thoughts, that might be difficult. After all, Qianmo did not usually have the opportunity to socialize with such wealthy people since she was not attending an elite aristocratic school. She rarely would have had the chance to meet such rich and affluent people.

    Nevertheless, Mu Feifei believed that she had done everything flawlessly. Yet, her boss was still raining a torrent of abuse on her.

    “Do you think what you did was very intelligent? Do you know that when Zhao Dafa went to the police station, he immediately confessed that you were the instigator? My people in the police station told me that Zhao Dafa insisted that it was you!”

    Mu Feifei instantly panicked and was at a loss. “How did he know that it was me? That’s Impossible. I employed a voice changer, and I also used overseas transfers. I didn’t even meet him once.”

    Mu Feifei felt that she had done these things without anyone knowing, but her boss’s call was like a slap in her face.

    “Who knows what you did, you fool! Anyways, you better settle the things there as soon as possible before leaving. Do it cleanly for once, understand? If I get implicated… you should know the consequences that’ll be awaiting you.”

    Mu Feifei shivered as she felt her legs go numb.

    Seeing that she was not moving, the people waiting in line behind her at the security check urged her to move.

    “What! Just go ahead.”

    Dragging her luggage, Mu Feifei turned around and walked back, ignoring the glances people were giving her.

    Despite her brain running on all cylinders, she could not figure out which part of her plan had gone wrong. Just then, her phone rang.

    “Ms. Mu Feifei, this is Zhao Dafa’s wife,” a weak female voice said on the other end.

    “Wrong number!”

    Mu Feifei quickly hung up the phone, her heart palpitating.

    She had approached Zhao Dafa anonymously and did not use this number at all. How did Zhao Dafa’s wife know her contact information, then?

    Was it really as her boss had said…? What evidence did Zhao Dafa have?

    The phone rang again.

    “Ms. Mu Feifei, if you hang up on me this time, I will make your photos public.” Zhao Dafa’s wife’s phone was on speaker mode, and she stared straight at the cue card in front of her.

    Qianmo held up the cue card that had dialogues written on it, and Zhao Dafa’s wife just read out the lines accordingly.

    She had gone to the police station to find Zhao Dafa in order to set this up.

    Frankly speaking, when Qianmo had hatched this ploy, deep down, she was not completely certain that Mu Feifei was the culprit. She had just made a guess based on her intuition, without any evidence.

    However, when Zhao Dafa’s wife followed Qianmo’s instructions to give her a call, Mu Feifei’s reaction gave her a lot of confidence about her suspicion. She was obviously guilty.

    As Zhao Dafa’s wife had a kidney problem, she needed to do dialysis and looked extremely haggard. Not daring to go against Qianmo’s orders, this weak woman would do whatever Qianmo wanted her to do. After all, whether or not her husband could be released was entirely dependent on what she said.

    Qianmo tore the cue card off and replaced it with another one.

    Zhao Dafa’s wife read it aloud, “I took a picture of you at the farm last night.”

    “What is a person who’s on dialysis and on the brink of death doing, wandering outside in the middle of the night instead of recuperating at home?” Mu Feifei asked through gritted teeth. Her response had Qianmo nodding in satisfaction.

    Very good.

    Her intuition was indeed accurate.

    Her mentor, Chen Meng, had once taught her to trust her first instincts in criminal psychology. Professionally trained people like them would immediately narrow the scope of suspects in their brains. Deceive or lie if you have to… The No.1 psychologist was just that naughty. Qianmo had learned about 80% of her mentor’s cheating skills.

    “I need money for dialysis. My husband is the only source of income for my family. We have to consider everything.” Zhao Dafa’s wife’s eyes followed Qianmo’s cue card.

    “My husband is locked up, but he can change his statement at any time. If you bring me 100,000 yuan, I will hand you your picture.”

    Mu Feifei truly believed her words. Qianmo’s scheming was simply too fantastic.

    Qianmo sorted through the details of the entire case and came to a conclusion.

    When ordinary folks caused trouble, most of them would wait until the next day to see the results and would regard it as a success upon hearing that the sea cucumbers were all dead.

    However, if this was Mu Feifei, given her cautious character, she would definitely look around the crime scene. The best would be to go to a high vantage point and use binoculars to observe Zhao One’s job.

    Qianmo used backward reasoning to make a bold assumption and locked in on Mu Feifei and deceived her, slowly pushing Mu Feifei into her trap. Qianmo had both luck and ability.

    “One hundred thousand? You are too greedy!”

    In actuality, Zhao Dafa’s wife was a timid person. In her heart, she thought that even twenty or thirty thousand was fine, but Qianmo did not give her any chance to spout nonsense. She tore the cue card, revealing the following words on the next card, “Not even one cent less. If you don’t give it to me, I will have my husband expose you.”

    “Place the photo at a designated place, and then leave. When I get it, I’ll transfer the money to you.” Mu Feifei’s words made the corners of Qianmo’s mouth turn up.

    She continued tearing off the cue card.

    “Okay, tell me the location…”


    Zhao Dafa’s wife went to the place that Mu Feifei told. The moment she placed the photo under a rock and turned around, she was shocked.

    There were at least seven or eight burly men surrounding her!

    All of them had muscular arms and broad waists; their bare-chests were covered in tattoos; and they were holding sticks in their hands. All in all, they looked extremely terrifying.

    Zhao Dafa’s wife’s calves were shaking. As an ordinary woman, she had never come across such a situation!

    The man in charge had a big head with only a small tuft of yellow hair on his forehead. Layers of fats circled around his stomach, and he had a dragon tattooed over his shoulder, which was likely to have been done by a roadside tattoo shop as not only did it lack aggressiveness, it looked utterly foolish.

    “Auntie, where are you going? Let me show you something nice… Eat this stick, b*tch!”

    Raising the stick in his hand, he was about to whack her. However, when it was lifted into the air, there was an opposing force. The bald man and his brothers looked back and were startled.