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Chapter 84 - That is Promising

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 84: That is Promising

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    There were a total of seven troublemakers with their poor quality tattoos. However, to their astonishment, there were more than ten people standing behind them, and they did not even know when they arrived here.

    The burly men were startled at first as they were outnumbered by the other group. However, looking intently, they felt reassured.

    “Hurry up and get lost if you don’t want to die! Otherwise, we’ll stick a clean knife in you and bleed you to death!” The bald man threw away the stick in his hand and pulled out a large, long machete from behind and fiercely swung it in the air.

    He then spoke forcefully, “With a green dragon on my left, a white tiger on my right, and a bull in the middle, I’ll slash you left and right, till you become a punching bag~!”

    The knife reflected the dazzling sunlight.

    This trick was so good that all the workers who Qianmo had hired to encircle and annihilate them retreated together. The burly gangster brandished his sword proudly and blabbered on.

    “Let me tell you, today, I’m paid money to root out the weeds once and for all by someone. I have connections in the police, even if I hack you to death, it’ll not be a big deal. If you don’t want to die, hurry and get lost. Don’t be nosy-parkers!”

    “What if we insist on meddling?”

    Accompanying the languid sound, a high-spirited young man sauntered out from the crowd. He had a toothpick in his mouth, and a long stick leaned on his shoulder as he casually rested his hands on it.

    Qianmo, who was standing not far away at a high vantage point and observing through a pair of binoculars, saw that he was Yu Changmo’s good friend, the thoughtless senior from her school… Sha Muyu.

    Sha Muyu turned his head and blew a kiss in Qianmo’s direction.

    Before Yu Changmo left, he had repeatedly instructed his brothers to take good care of Qianmo. They should not interrupt her daily life, but if she encountered danger, they must step out to protect her from being bullied.

    As Sha Mufeng had a job, this responsibility fell on his younger brother.

    Sha Muyu has been secretly observing Qianmo. When he found out that there was a problem with her family’s farm, he immediately informed Yu Changmo. He had expected this man, who had a crush on Qianmo and who did good things for her without letting her know, to rush in to settle her problems for her. However, he received an unexpected set of instructions.

    ‘Secretly assist her and do not interfere with her decisions as he pleases.’

    Xiaoyu could not understand what kind of coquettish behavior this was. It was his older brother, Sha Mufeng, who answered his questions: this was Second Brother being serious.

    When a man was fully in love with a woman, they would definitely not just stop at treating her like pets and providing her with good food and drinks. Of course, there still had to be delicious food and drinks, but after establishing the physiological needs, they would consider the next level: respecting their psychological needs.

    Despite his explanation, Xiaoyu still could not understand. The Adult World was just too complicated for him.

    He simply followed the principle of obeying Brother Mo and doing whatever Brother Mo wanted him to do. Seeing Qianmo bringing people over to this place, he hurriedly rushed over with his men to the rescue.

    He was just in time.

    As soon as Qianmo saw Sha Muyu, her first thought was the kind-hearted man who was away on a mission.

    “Step back, Second Sister-in-law.”

    With a stick in his hand and a toothpick in his mouth, Sha Muyu gave Qianmo a smile. This scene fell into the eyes of Mu Feifei, who was secretly observing. She quickly took a picture.

    The battle before her had changed abruptly, and Mu Feifei felt that she was going to be in trouble. Hence, she turned around with her camera and ran away.

    It looked like she would not be able to complete the task that her boss had given her—cause trouble for Chen Qianmo.

    However, Mu Feifei felt that she had still done a good job with the second task from her boss. He wanted to know who the man behind Chen Qianmo was, and she reckoned that the photo she had taken was a pretty good explanation.

    It had to be the little boy who was carrying a stick! Regardless of his age or the timing that he appeared in, they all met the requirements of a boyfriend.

    Mu Feifei would never have thought that there was a type of super warm man in the world, who even when busy, would find the people closest to him to help take care of the person he liked. As she had never encountered such pure love before, naturally, she would not think that far.

    Mu Feifei escaped, leaving those gangsters staring at the group of people led by Sha Muyu. They felt that this new group was obviously different from the one that Qianmo had brought over.

    Each of them was strong and fit, with a pair of sharp eyes. At first glance, they could tell that these people were trained in martial arts!

    The greasy, bald young man felt a little scared, but he was unwilling to retreat just like this and tried to appear fierce even though he was terrified inside.

    “You b*stard, mind your own business!”

    Sha Muyu picked his nose and asked lazily, “What if I don’t want to?”

    The greasy youth observed that although these people looked intimidating, they did not have weapons with them. Hence, he mustered up his courage and boldly brandished the knife in his hand.

    “Then don’t blame us for slashing you until even your mother can’t recognize you! Brothers, get your weapons out!”

    The greasy tattooed man brandished his knife and headed straight to slash Sha Muyu. Sha Muyu immediately hid behind the man who was next to him and smilingly pushed him out.

    The next moment, the defenseless man, who was taken as a cover, did not even dodge in the face of the oncoming machete. Instead, he just silently flashed an ID.

    “You are suspected of fighting and assaulting the police. You’ll go back to the station with us.”


    The greasy man was so scared that his blade fell to the ground. Oh boy!

    The people Sha Muyu had brought along were all from the police force, belonging to the team responsible for major cases. Seeing that they were in trouble, the gangsters wanted to flee, but in the end, they were all surrounded like wrapping dumplings.

    None of them could escape, so they just grumbled on endlessly.

    When the gangsters were rounded up, another group of people came over. When they met Sha Muyu’s group, they were delighted as they were all acquaintances.

    The group of people who came over later were the policemen that Qianmo had invited. They worked in the same building as the men that accompanied Sha Muyu, just in different departments.

    When the gangsters were taken away, the head of the team that Qianmo had brought along went over to her and said a few words. She nodded, indicating that she understood.

    Realization dawned on Sha Muyu. From the beginning, Second Sister-in-law… had it all planned out?

    Even if he did not bring anyone over, Second Sister-in-law would have been able to settle everything. The first group of people that she had brought along had no weapons in their hands as they were not there to fight. They were just bait to get the gangsters to pull out their machetes and start a fight.

    At that time, they would have been arrested for armed fighting, which was even worse.

    “Thank you.” Qianmo walked over to Sha Muyu to express her gratitude after taking care of the aftermath. Sha Muyu waved his hand embarrassedly.

    “I didn’t help you with anything.”

    In reality, his future second sister-in-law, who was a crafty goddess, should be the first choice for a wife.

    After both of them chatted for a while, Qianmo bade Sha Muyu farewell as she still had other matters to attend to.

    “When Black comes back, we’ll host a dinner for all you brothers. It’s been tough on all of you, working so hard these few days.”

    “It’s nothing, we’re all family…” Wait a minute, something’s not quite right?!

    Only when Qianmo had long left did Sha Muyu suddenly slap his forehead in realization. He quickly gave his second brother a call to inform him.