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Chapter 423 - Truth in the Hands of a Few!

Medical Master
     “How about this.”

    After a few seconds’ confusion, the host immediately came to his senses and said, “Although I love traditional Chinese medicine very much, I am just an apprentice. I don’t know much about this kind of question. Why don’t we ask the three judges?”

    Then he turned to the judges.

    Everyone present also turned their heads to look at them.

    The staff off stage was relieved.

    The host was such a quick thinker that he deserved to be the host of Central Television. He immediately threw the question to the three judges. Since those three were judges, it was natural that they should answer the question.

    In the crowd, Director Li Huawen laughed with satisfaction.

    There was no doubt that this was another attractive point.

    If the tit-for-tat between Fang Qiu and Zheng Chao was edited separately for publicity, it would attract a group of fans.

    What pleased the director most was that the host managed to keep the situation under control. In this way, the show did not have to be re-recorded.

    “Three judges, what do you think of this question?” the host asked the three judges.

    “Let me answer you.”

    Yang Juanyong picked up the microphone, sighed a little, and said, “Well, before I answer the host’s question, I’m going to quiz everyone on this question. Everybody, which answer do you think is right?”

    As he spoke, Yang Juanyong stood up and looked at the audience and all the contestants in the answering area.

    “All right.”

    The host chimed in, “Each audience member has a selector attached to your seat, and each contestant in the answering area also has one. We will now give the backstage some time to prepare the vote count.”

    A little while later.

    “All right, everybody, vote, please. The audience can press the selector embedded in the armrest. Red means true, and blue means false.

    “In the answering area, contestants can write ‘true’ or ‘false’ directly on the answering machine and can also put a tick and a cross to express your views.

    “Ready, vote.”

    Under the shout of the host, the whole audience made their choices one after another.

    Two columns of data, one red and one blue, also popped up on the big screen. As everyone voted, the data column rose.

    Soon, the vote was over.

    “Okay, let’s look at the big screen.”

    As the host spoke, he drew everyone’s attention to the big screen, saying, “The results showed that there were nine people who chose that it was true, and the others chose that it was false.”

    Everyone looked at the big screen, and even Jiang Miaoyu chose it was false.

    Not because she didn’t trust Fang Qiu, but because she really thought he must have made a mistake and written the right answer wrong.

    “Now, the result is clear, isn’t it?”

    On the stage, Zheng Chao sneered and said, “Nine people chose that it was right. I don’t think these nine people have the ability to study medicine. With this level of ability, they cannot master it no matter how hard they try!”

    Hearing what he said, most of the audience unconsciously nodded to show their support for his choice, although they felt that what Zheng Chao said was a bit excessive.

    “Although there is a wide gap between the number of people choosing the two answers, it does not represent the final result, nor does it represent whether the question is right or wrong.”

    The host smiled, looked back at the judges, and said, “Mr. Yang, please continue.”

    In the judge’s seats, Yang Juanyong, who was still standing up, looked at the huge gap between the number of votes cast on the big screen. He actually shook his head and sighed, “The truth is always in the hands of a few people.”

    His words caused an uproar!

    What was wrong?

    The truth was in the hands of a few people?

    Did he mean that almost everyone was wrong, except for the nine people, who chose that it was true?

    “How is that possible?”

    “No way?”

    “There’s such an obvious mistake! How could it be true?”

    “Yeah, the large intestine is related to the lung. How could it be connected with the liver?”

    Everyone was at a loss.

    The knowledge in their heads told them that they should choose that it was false, but the highly-skilled doctor Yang Juanyong said they should choose that it was true. What was going on here?

    Should they question the highly-skilled doctor?

    They dared not, and at the bottom of their hearts, they felt that the highly-skilled doctor was absolutely not wrong!

    However, what they had learned told them that this question was obviously wrong.

    In this hedge between power and knowledge, everyone was bewildered.

    Then Yang Juanyong said, “Well, since this is Fang Qiu’s question, let’s ask Fang Qiu to explain. What do you think?”

    The audience nodded.

    “Fang Qiu, please explain this,” the host said to Fang Qiu.


    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu just replied, “Li Chan, a famous physician of the Ming dynasty, wrote a book, Introduction to Medicine—the Five Internal Organs, and one of the chapters is Connection of the Five Internal Organs.

    “It says the heart is connected to the gallbladder, the liver to the large intestine, the spleen to the small intestine, the lungs to the bladder, the kidney to the triple energizer, and the kidney to the life-gate. This unity is wonderful.”

    Everyone present was stunned by what he recited.

    They had learned traditional Chinese medicine for so long, but they had never heard of this medical book.

    “Is there such a medical book?”

    “I don’t think so. If there were such a medical book, we’d know about it, and there should be records about it. Why haven’t we heard of it?”

    “What?! It can’t be true, can it?”

    Everyone was talking about it.

    For a moment, they were not sure whether the answer they had chosen was right or wrong.

    “I notice that everyone is very confused. Let’s ask Mr. Yang to explain for us,” the host suggested.

    “All right.”

    Yang Juanyong smiled and nodded. “What Fang Qiu said is true. So many people are wrong because you haven’t read enough medical books. This question can also give everyone a reminder; while learning traditional Chinese medicine, you have to read more books, practice more, and summarize more. Don’t get hung up on one single theory.

    “You know, everything in this world is relative. There is no absolute right or wrong answer. The human body hides mysteries that are hard to discover. Traditional Chinese medicine has been passed down for 5,000 years in order to explore the mysteries of the human body. How can you say a theory is absolutely right or wrong when we haven’t dug it up for 5,000 years? How dare you cling to a theory?

    “I want everyone to remember that the human body has infinite possibilities. But we are just looking for and exploring the possibilities one by one, and applying these possibilities to treatment. Just as the viscera corresponds to the five elements; the changes of the five elements are endless, and so are the changes of the viscera.

    “Everybody, study hard.”

    As Yang Juanyong prepared to put down the microphone, he noticed that most of the people still looked puzzled. Then he thought for a moment and added, “I won’t explain much. Those who do not understand should go back and study the major bupleurum decoction, the pulsatilla decoction, the Japanese Yizi decoction, the pain laxative prescription, the decoction for purging stomach-fire, the dark plum ball, the decoction of scutellaria baicalensis, pueraria lobata, and coptis chinensis, the hemp seed pill.”

    At his words, everyone quickly wrote down the prescriptions.

    They had to study them deeply after going back.

    After all, this was a typical knowledge blind spot for them, and they had to study it!

    When Yang Juanyong sat down, the host on the stage turned to Zheng Chao and said, “In that case, I declare your answer is wrong.”

    The audience gave a bitter smile.

    In everyone’s eyes, Zheng Chao was definitely qualified for advancing, but Fang Qiu’s question was too difficult to answer.

    If Fang Qiu had just given this question yesterday in the first round, 95 percent of the contestants should have been eliminated.

    With a dark face, Zheng Chao just looked lost.

    To his surprise, this question turned out to be his blind spot.

    To his greater surprise, he was the first one to be eliminated and was eliminated by Fang Qiu, who he was never convinced by his ability.

    “The first competition is over.

    “Fang Qiu goes to the safe zone, and Zheng Chao to the elimination zone,” the host announced. “If there are more than 50 people answering correctly in the following first round of the competition, the members in the elimination zone will be eliminated; if not, the members in the elimination zone go to the second round.”

    At this, Zheng Chao bit his lip and sighed in dismay. He walked off the challenge stage toward the elimination zone.

    He was a conceited man because he had a very good master and the ability to completely surpass his peers.

    Too bad he ran into Fang Qiu.

    As Zheng Chao entered the elimination zone, Fang Qiu stepped off the challenge stage and walked into the safe zone on the other side.

    Next, he just needed to wait for the final result. If more than 50 people answered correctly, he would have to take part in another round; if not, he could directly advance.

    “The first competition is great.”

    The host began to warm up and said, “Because of this wonderful competition, I can’t help but look forward to the second one now.

    “Do you expect it?”

    “Yes!” shouted the audience.


    The host immediately nodded and said, “Without further ado, let’s move on to the second one.

    “Fang Qiu, the winner of the first competition, please choose a number for us,” the host said to Fang Qiu.

    At his words, Fang Qiu, who had just sat down in the safe zone, didn’t hesitate to say, “I choose No. 77.”

    “Who is No. 77?”

    As he spoke, the host went to the drinks shelf, picked up the No. 77 bottle, unscrewed the cap, took a look, and announced, “No. 77 is Zhang Yalong.”

    The audience looked at the answering area and saw a tall, thin young man standing up.

    He glanced at Fang Qiu, who was already sitting in the safe zone and then strode onto the challenge stage.

    On closer inspection, Fang Qiu found out that he was the one who told Fang Qiu to be careful in the morning and claimed to challenge Fang Qiu!

    “Do you want to name an opponent?” asked the host.

    “Can I choose Fang Qiu as my opponent?” Zhang Yalong asked.

    His words made everyone present laugh.

    Was Fang Qiu really a public enemy?

    Why did all these contestants want to pick Fang Qiu?

    “Of course not.”

    The host shook his head and said, “Fang Qiu is in the safe zone right now.”

    “But I just want to choose Fang Qiu as my opponent,” said Zhang Yalong disappointedly.


    The host laughed and said, “Looks like Fang Qiu has got a lot of hate. But right now you really can’t pick Fang Qiu. The most direct way you can challenge Fang Qiu is to pick an opponent and beat him, then go to the safe zone and wait for the next round!”

    “All right, then.”

    Zhang Yalong shrugged his shoulders in silence and swept around the area, his eyes finally falling on Jiang Miaoyu. He pointed to her and said, “I’ll pick her!”