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Chapter 85 - Tons of Injuries

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 85: Tons of Injuries

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Since An Huanhuan was already aware of his real identity, there was no need for Xiao Luo to hide from her any longer. He nodded and replied, “Of course I will leave. Anyway, I’m not really here at Huaye to study.”

    “Everyone treats you like you’re a part of our class. If you leave, then we will all be very sad,” An Huanhuan replied, teary-eyed. She had really invested in her feelings for this guy, so when she heard that he was going to leave, her heart began to feel really uncomfortable.

    Xiao Luo shook his head and said, “We all have our own roads to travel. It’s not that we can’t meet up anymore. If fate wills it, our path will cross again at…”

    “No!” An Huanhuan exclaimed. All of a sudden, she jumped up, pounced on him, and hugged him very tightly.

    She did this so suddenly that no one could have predicted it.

    Faced with the girl’s unexpected embrace, Xiao Luo was confused. He could not help but notice the subtle fragrance in the air as An Huanhuan began sobbing in his arms.

    “Hero Luo, I don’t want you to leave. I really like you!”

    An Huanhuan sobbed as she spoke. She could no longer control her feelings or hold them in. There was no explaining it; she just liked Xiao Luo. It didn’t matter if her actions came off as childish or immature. Anyway, wasn’t this how people grew?

    Xiao Luo tried to force a smile. He didn’t hug her. Instead, he tapped her on the back and gently consoled her.

    Young, beautiful, petite, and cute. For most guys, if such a girl took the initiative to hug them, it would hard to imagine that they would not be interested in her too. However, Xiao Luo had not come to Huaye to fall in love with university girls, but to complete the mission at hand. To think of anything else would be a violation of his own principles.


    Three days passed, and no police had come looking for Xiao Luo. He felt enormously relieved. It seemed that Chu Yue had kept her word and not betrayed him.

    Chu Yunxiong called specifically to thank him and, at the same time, pay the one million, which remained outstanding of his fee, straight into his bank account.

    During his conversation with Chu Yunxiong, Xiao Luo realized that the Red Scorpion mercenaries had been annihilated. He found out that Gu Qianlin had brought a few thousand SWAT officers and police to engage with them over two days and two nights. This had resulted in the deaths of five of the SWAT team members, with twenty-six of them suffering severe injuries. Only then had they been able to kill off the remaining six members of the Red Scorpion Mercenaries at Wild Boar Ridge. In the end, the leader of the Red Scorpion Mercenaries had leaped off a vast cliff. His chances of survival were extremely low.

    Additionally, Chu Yunxiong’s business rival had declared bankruptcy and been sent to jail. This meant Xiao Luo would be able to drop out of Huayue earlier than expected, and the mission to protect Chu Yue could be considered complete.

    Or, could it already be considered complete?

    Xiao Luo didn’t feel that this was real but heaved a sigh of relief anyway because he would no longer have to attend classes.

    “Xiao Luo, thank you so much. It is thanks to your help that my little girl came back to me safely,” Chu Yunxiong said, expressing his gratefulness once again. Calling on Xiao Luo’s help had unquestionably helped draw them closer together.

    “Don’t mention it, Mr. Chu. It’s my job,” Xiao Luo answered him politely.

    Chu Yunxiong admired Xiao Luo even more after this. This young man had not taken advantage of the opportunity to get closer to him, and his attitude was humble—a real rarity among young people.

    “Xiao Luo, my chauffeur will pick you up tomorrow. We will talk again then.”

    “I am so sorry, Mr. Chu, but I have some things to attend to tomorrow. I do not have time to meet with you,” Xiao Luo declined Chu Yunxiong’s invitation for a chat.

    He could already feel that Chu Yunxiong was hoping to involve him in some ongoing plans. However, Xiao Luo no longer wanted to be governed by anyone else. Now that he had the start-up capital of one million, he intended to launch his own ventures, even if he had yet to draw up any concrete plans.

    “Xiao Luo, you remind me of myself when I was a young man. I know what you are thinking, so just come along and see what I have to say. I will not disappoint you,” Chu Yunxiong pressed with a smile.

    Chu Yunxiong was implying something, and Xiao Luo could not blatantly decline him, so he replied, “Fine. I’ll think about it!”

    “You must come. Trust me. I will provide you with the challenge you want as well as more space for you to express yourself,” Chu Yunxiong said.

    Xiao Luo responded with a non-response and hung up the phone.Read more chapter on

    Challenge! Space!

    It was obvious that Chu Yunxiong was hinting at something specific, but Xiao Luo could not figure out what it was. It was as if there were a thinly veiled sheet of paper separating him from a room. In the candlelight, only the room’s blurry image could be seen. That is to say, Xiao Luo already knew what it was that Chu Yunxiong wanted, but he had yet to understand it completely. The not knowing gave him a real itch, and he knew that he simply had to check it out.

    “Does he really know what I’m thinking?” Xiao Luo wondered, mumbling to himself. He wanted nothing more than freedom without governance and a career that would challenge him.

    “Forget it. I will go and check it out tomorrow!”

    After making up his mind, he walked down the stairs. The English Department students were waiting for him to guide the choir. The competition was tomorrow.

    They were still all gathered on the lawn behind the school, in the pavilion with the strong scent of books.

    “Xiao Luo is here. Everyone, get into your positions!”

    Once Huang Ruoran saw Xiao Luo, she shooed the girls chatting on the lawn and prompted them to stand in position at once.

    The girls got into position quickly and welcomed Xiao Luo with smiles.

    When Xiao Luo had first said that they were going to defeat the Measurement and Control Department, the girls had seriously doubted him. However, over the past few days, under Xiao Luo’s guidance, their singing standards had improved dramatically. Just yesterday, when Qiu Liang from the Measurement and Control Department had heard them singing ‘Yellow River’ only once, he’d gone into shock. They had completely changed their singing technique.

    After hearing the girls sing, Qiu Liang had asked the team leader from the Measurement and Control Department, Zhao Shijie, to request a cancelation of the bets that they had placed. Just hearing about this gave the girls a huge confidence boost accompanied by a wave of relief.

    It could now be said Xiao Luo commanded almost as much respect in their class as Huang Ruoran.

    “Brother Luo, my dearest Brother Luo, what took you so long? Everyone has been waiting for you for half a day already,” Zhu Xiaofei complained.

    Immediately, the girls in the class began to roast him.

    “Hero Luo can arrive whenever he pleases! It’s none of your business, you stupid pig!”

    “Exactly, this stupid pig is just here to give Hero Luo attitude.”

    “This stupid pig is so rude. So, so rude.”


    Zhu Xiaofei looked so bad in front of the girls that he may as well have just eaten feces. All he had done was voice a small complaint, so how had he angered this entire group of girls?

    Ding Kai glanced at him and said, “Don’t look at me! Who the f*ck knows what’s happening in your brain. Out of everybody here, you choose to whine about Brother Luo. You can’t blame anyone for your own stupidity and foolishness.”

    “Kaizi, don’t you feel like that’s a bit unfair? After all, the three of us are considered the class’ national treasures. So, why is there such a vast difference in the way we are all treated?” Zhu Xiaofei lamented.

    Ding Kai chuckled proudly and said, “Hehe! It’s all thanks to Brother Luo that I’m also on Huaye’s forum’s hot searches list. Recently, I managed to win the heart of this junior I’ve been crushing on. Since last time, the difference between us has grown really huge.”


    Zhu Xiaofei opened his eyes in disbelief, and he was unable to believe what he had just heard. He and Ding Kai, as the skinny and fat ones, had been given the joint title of “Ugly Duo” in the English Faculty. So long as everybody was single together, everything was fine. But what was happening now? Ding Kai had a girlfriend, and yet Zhu Xiaofei didn’t. The amount of pain Zhu Xiaofei felt was unbearable.

    It was really a lot of misery!