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Chapter 85 - Qianmo’s Counter-attack

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 85: Qianmo’s Counter-attack

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    After Mu Feifei left, it took her a while before she realized what had happened.

    Zhao Dafa’s wife did not have her picture at all. What evidence? That was all Chen Qianmo deceiving her!

    As a veteran swindler who had roamed the world for many years and conned her way from south to north, Mu Feifei had fooled an enormous number of people.

    Yet today, she had failed miserably.

    Mu Feifei calmed herself down and pondered carefully. She then broke into a cold sweat in fear.

    Could it be… that the previous incident was also planned by Chen Qianmo?

    No, Chen Qianmo did not just aim to catch the adultery. At this moment, Mu Feifei suddenly became clear about all the things she had been perplexed about but could not figure out.

    From the beginning, Chen Qianmo was in control of everything.

    When Lin Xiang spat out the 100,000 yuan, Mu Feifei could not understand. No matter how she thought about it, such manipulative methods did not seem like something that Chen Baichuan would use.

    Chen Baichuan was an ordinary man who was content with just a small fortune. He was strong on the surface but weak in reality and did not have many prospects. Otherwise, why would she leave him and go far away?

    Mu Feifei thought that there was someone capable behind Chen Baichuan. She even thought that it might be the fat girl who had taken over her leftovers.

    Mu Mianmian was a good helping hand who worked efficiently. However, as she was young and inexperienced, all in all, she was still not that capable and too naive. If she had schemed this after training for ten more years, Mu Feifei would have believed that Mu Mianmian was the person behind Chen Baichuan.

    But currently, Mu Mianmian was not a worthy opponent for her at all. Hence, Mu Feifei was unable to guess who had laid out this astounding trap.

    It was after today’s events that Mu Feifei realized that it was Chen Qianmo. All of it was that girl’s plan!

    In less than a week, Chen Qianmo had let her have a taste of how miserable it felt to be like a dog without an owner. No one had ever brought such great humiliation on Mu Feifei.

    Mu Feifei clenched her teeth tightly. What an awesome Chen Qianmo! She had inherited her high IQ. Had she known that this little girl would grow up to be so powerful, she would have brought her along when she left…

    Qianmo was beautiful and capable. It was a pity that someone like her did not follow in her footsteps. Mu Feifei even thought that if she had personally raised her daughter, she would surely have been the most outstanding escort in the upper-class society. She would be able to deceive and seduce all the high-ranking officials and wealthy people. At that time, she would have been able to count on Qianmo to let her live in the lap of luxury for the rest of her life. What a pity.

    Mu Feifei was still imagining how wonderful her life could be when she heard her phone ringing. She had forgotten to turn it off, but she never expected it to be Qianmo who was calling.

    “Do you like my present?” Qianmo’s calm voice came through the phone.

    Mu Feifei was silent for a few seconds before she chuckled. “My dear daughter, you really surprised Mummy.”

    “You make me sick. Turn yourself in. You have no other way out.”

    “Turn myself in? Hehe, are you kidding? What did I do? Well, my dear daughter, your mother has played enough games with you. I have something to do, so I have to leave now. I’ll play with you again the next time I come back.”

    Qianmo said calmly, “Leave? You mean escape, right? Would you like to wait for the result of my family’s farm?” Though her voice was not loud, it was intimidating.

    This is the real her. Mu Feifei felt a wave of regret. Why did she think Qianmo was a little sheep last time? She was no sheep. She was the leader of the wolf pack!

    “Doesn’t matter what you say. Anyway, you don’t have any evidence, isn’t that the case? My dear daughter, I wish you all the best… Next time when Mommy comes back, I’ll teach you how to toy with other people. You’re still inexperienced compared to me.”

    Mu Feifei laughed smugly. “You don’t have any photo evidence at all!”

    Qianmo simply gave a “Hmm” and directly admitted. “Indeed, I don’t have any photos, but…”

    Qian Mo pressed the button on the recorder. Mu Feifei’s voice in her telephone conversation with Zhao Dafa’s wife could clearly be heard.

    Mu Feifei’s smug expression turned stiff. She did that?!

    “The amount involved is huge. I think if we can’t reach a settlement… I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave.”

    Mu Feifei hung up the phone and rushed to the airport without stopping to rest.

    She cursed and swore at Chen Qianmo ten thousand times in her heart. This little brat was now an expert?! So she had been plotting against her right from the beginning. She was being treated like a fool as she walked into her trap step by step.

    At the airport, Mu Feifei was just about to purchase a ticket when a man wearing sunglasses beside her stopped her. Seeing that the situation was not in her favor, she immediately carried her bag and ran away.

    However, there were people encircling her. A few men surrounded her, and she was stuck in the middle. They did not do anything to her but also did not let her go.

    Petrified, Mu Feifei was about to shout when her phone rang, as if on cue.

    “You won’t be able to leave.”

    Chen Qianmo had really become an expert! She even calculated the time she would reach the airport so accurately! Suddenly, Mu Feifei realized that she had provoked someone she could not afford to offend. Swiftly, she begged, “My dear daughter, please let Mommy go? I have my own difficulties. I beg you, Mommy can’t go to jail!”Read more chapter on

    Qianmo’s voice sounded far-off as she pretended to be sad. “My dad works very hard. That pool of sea cucumber was his years of hard work, and it’s gone just like that…”

    Mu Feifei suddenly had an idea and impatiently proposed, “I’ll compensate you. How much are the sea cucumbers? Can’t I just pay you? Daughter, let’s settle this out of court. Don’t sue Mummy, okay?”

    “Three hundred thousand. I’ll withdraw the case when the money is in the account. Not even one cent less. Transfer it immediately.”

    “Three hundred?! The maximum those lousy sea cucumbers are worth is two hundred thousand. Daughter, you can’t just jack up the price like that.”

    Mu Feifei finally understood what daylight robbery was.

    “Three hundred and fifty thousand.”

    “You can’t do that!”


    Before Qianmo could finish talking, Mu Feifei gave in and hurriedly begged for mercy. Going against this brat, she had admitted defeat.

    Under the supervision of the people surrounding her, she went down to the bank and obediently transferred 350,000 to Qianmo. As both parties had reached a settlement, Qianmo withdrew the case.

    Mu Feifei had to suppress her raging anger. Although she had saved up quite a sum over the years, giving away 350,000 just like that, her heart was in excruciating pain.

    She had lost a house. This little brat was too vicious!

    Bringing along her hatred towards Qianmo, Mu Feifei boarded the plane. She had already made a note in her heart about all that had happened. After she recuperated, she would come back and make sure to take revenge for her humiliation!

    Qianmo looked at the notification from the bank. Deducting the 200,000 for her father, she had also earned 150,000 for herself.

    The corner of her lips turned up into a smile as she closed her eyes.

    Allowing Mu Feifei to disappear for a few months was all part of Qianmo’s grand scheme.

    In this world, in terms of deception and schemes, she, Chen Qianmo, would not lose to anyone… except for Black?