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Chapter 739 - Bite Her to Death…

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 739: Bite Her to Death…

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    Wen Haowen and Yang Ziyu were caught red-handed in bed by the reporters and he finally returned to the Wen Family home after having a hard time trying to shirk off the reporters.

    “Ning… Shu… Shuqian, what are you doing here?” Wen Haowen questioned, staring at her pale face and bloodshot eyes. She was glaring at him menacingly as if she was going to devour him and drink his blood. At the thought of what he had done last night, he began to feel a little guilty and did not dare to look her in the eye. However, he felt much more relieved at the thought of being able to divorce her soon.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes widened and she dashed towards Wen Haowen before yelling at the top of her voice in a menacing manner, “Wen Haowen, you heartless beast. How could you treat me this way, how could you…”

    Ning Shuqian had just caused a stir in the Wen Family home and she instantly lost control of her emotions when she saw Wen Haowen. She began hitting, smacking and pinching him maniacally with her hair flying all over the place, looking just like a crazy shrew.

    However, Wen Haowen dared not treat her too harshly, for he had indeed committed adultery and was going to divorce her soon. He explained, “The reports on the newspapers and magazines are all bullshit. Don’t believe them. I went to the bar for a few drinks last night and had a drop too many, so…”

    Having already lost her rationality, Ning Shuqian could not be bothered to hear his explanation. She glared at Wen Haowen menacingly and shrieked in a shrilling voice. “Wen Haowen, the reports are clear as day and yet, you’re still trying to defend yourself. Are you trying to say that that woman was the one who seduced you and that you didn’t know anything because you were drunk…”

    Wen Haowen’s face was covered in scratches and his neck had also begun bleeding. He instantly flew into a rage and barked. “Ning Shuqian, you crazy woman, stop what you’re doing! What rights have you got to hit and berate me? You lied to me about your pregnancy and treated me like a fool. You were the one who betrayed me first, so don’t blame me for paying you back in your own coin.”

    Ning Shuqian glared at Wen Haowen, whose figure was reflected in her bloodshot eyes. She looked just like a terrifying demon. “Wen Haowen, you were the one who did such an outrageous and atrocious thing. Yet, you’re still blaming me for it. Call yourself a man…”

    At the thought of Mo Yunyao, she felt a sudden sense of admiration towards the latter. At least… Mo Yunyao had always remained calm despite having found out about her husband’s extramarital affair.

    Mo Yunyao used to stare at the smug Ning Shuqian composedly with glistening eyes that were clear like Wen Xinya’s. It was a stark contrast to the disheveled state that Ning Shuqian was in, now that she was behaving in an awful and disgraceful manner.

    “Ning Shuqian, you crazy woman. Are you done yet? We’re getting a divorce very soon. What do my affairs have to do with you? I’m telling you… you’d better stop making a scene here.” Wen Haowen stared at Ning Shuqian who was behaving hysterically like a mental patient, no longer possessing the poise and grace of a wealthy man’s wife.

    He was too afraid to keep Ning Shuqian by his side, and her behavior only made him want to divorce her more.

    Wen Haowen’s words struck her like a hot pot of chili oil, making her feel a stinging pain from head to toe. She yelled, “Wen Haowen, you’re worse than a beast. Even if I’m wrong, I’m still your wife. I’ll always be your wife as long as we’re not divorced yet. How could you do something like that and let me down…”

    Ning Shuqian bawled and pushed Wen Haowen before slapping him.

    Wen Haowen was boiling with fury. He glowered at Ning Shuqian and exclaimed, “You crazy woman, don’t think that I won’t dare to hit you!”

    Ning Shuqian’s glared at Wen Haowen as if she did not know him at all. “You want to hit me? Sure! Come on… hit me until I die. Let everyone know what kind of person you are. You claimed that you wanted to divorce me because I had faked my pregnancy. I bet you’re just smitten with that little vixen and wanted to divorce me so you can be with her…”

    Wasn’t it the same with Mo Yunyao back then?

    Since he had already cheated once, he would definitely cheat again.

    Unable to take it any longer, Wen Haowen raised his hand in a bid to slap her.

    Ning Shuqian dashed forward and scowled at him in exasperation. “Come on… hit me! Wen Haowen, if you don’t hit me, you’re a coward.”

    “Ning Shuqian, you shameless bitch!” Wen Haowen turned pale and gave Ning Shuqian a tight slap across the face.

    “Wen Haowen, you’re so ruthless!” Ning Shuqian fell onto the ground because of the strong impact of the slap. She grunted in pain and subconsciously clutched her face while the blood trickled down onto the ground.

    “You… you were asking for it.” Wen Haowen felt a stinging pain in his hand and shivered upon sight of Ning Shuqian lying feebly on the ground.

    Ning Shuqian began guffawing. She was indeed in a pathetic state now. That man was right. There was no longer anything for her to carry hopes for. Wen Haowen was a complete scumbag. He was heartless, cruel and selfish…

    Goosebumps formed on Wen Haowen’s skin and he asked, “You came from a poor family background and you have a shameful past. You also brought your burdensome daughter along and yet, I still married you. How did I let you down?”

    Ning Shuqian glared at him, seemingly shocked to hear his words.

    Wen Haowen grew increasingly frustrated and hollered at Ning Shuqian. “I allowed your burdensome daughter to take on my surname and become the Wen Family’s adoptive daughter. I saw her as my own and I’ve been devoted to you all these years. Yet, what did you do to me? Not only did you not give birth to a child for me, you even lied about your pregnancy and played me like a fool. You turned me into a laughing stock. Ning Shuqian… you’re the one who let me down first.”

    Ning Shuqian could no longer speak. There was a demon within her which was continuously shrieking and urging her to bite him. Bite him, bite him to death…

    She then pounced onto him.

    “Ah…” Wen Haowen shrieked at the top of his lungs.