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Chapter 150 - Transformation Pearl

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 150: Transformation Pearl

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    “The Gong Clan’s Third Miss name is Hongyu. She comes from the Gong Clan’s cadet branch and has always had a crush on the Dongling Prince. She’s probably misunderstood you due to some rumors,” Wan Ziyang said plainly.

    “What rumors?” Ye Jiuge felt that her relationship with the Dongling Prince was purely doctor-patient. How could there be any rumors?

    Seeing Ye Jiuge’s conviction, Wan Ziyang sighed; there was relief deep in his heart. Dongfang Que was an outstanding talent. He had a powerful background and a handsome appearance—he had always been the capital women’s dream lover. Wan Ziyang had expected that Ye Jiuge would have at least some romantic thoughts about Dongfang Que. However, it seemed that Dongfang Que’s hopes were doomed.


    “What rumors can there be? Second Sister must be spouting nonsense to sow dissension,” Ye Ruyi said with a long face.

    “Do you need my help?” Wan Ziyang also felt that the Ye Clan’s Second Miss had acted too boldly.

    “It’s fine. Let her say what she wants. The more she says now, the more tragic her death will be in the future,” Ye Jiuge laughed sarcastically. If Ye Shanshan were to remain so close to the Crown Prince, she would not ever know how she was going to die.

    Seeing that Ye Jiuge did not require his help, Wan Ziyang did not meddle any further.

    “Where’s Songling? Didn’t he say that he would escort you here?” Wan Ziyang asked curiously as his eyes swept the surroundings.

    “I have no idea. I did not see him.” Ye Jiuge’s journey had gone without a hitch. As such, she had not intentionally looked for him.

    “That shouldn’t be the case!” Wan Ziyang felt that this was strange.

    Given Bai Songling’s gossipy nature, seeing Gong Hongyu attack Ye Jiuge probably made him ache for the opportunity to save a damsel in distress.

    “It’s fine. I don’t need his protection. Oh, that’s right, have you found Liu Yunfei yet?”

    Compared to Bai Songling, Ye Jiuge was more concerned about the Sorcerers’ activities.

    “Not yet.” Wan Ziyang shook his head. He was responsible for Medicine Refinery City’s defense. Even with Ye Yu’s secret help, he had been unable to discover Liu Yunfei’s whereabouts.

    “What about Su Junqing?” Ye Jiuge asked again.

    “He received the Empress’s orders to help the Crown Prince manage the Pill Production Tournament. My men have been watching him closely. But, at the moment, there don’t seem to be any anomalies,” Wan Ziyang said.

    “Watch him closer. As long as they harbor ulterior motives, they will blunder sooner or later,” Ye Jiuge said.

    “You don’t have to worry about these things. Put your effort into competing in the Pill Production Tournament.”

    Having said so, Wan Ziyang took out a yellow leather booklet from his sleeve. He passed it to Ye Jiuge and said, “This a list of the participants in the Pill Production Tournament. You can have a look at it when you are free.”

    It was a form of aid for the Lei Kingdom’s participants. The Crown Prince had a booklet as well.

    “Thanks.” Ye Jiuge received the booklet. So the saying goes: know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. She would be foolish not to take advantage.

    “By the way, the tournament’s advanced placings have all been canceled, and everyone must begin from the first round. Apparently, it was Dongfang Yao, the Imperial Uncle, who requested this change.” Dongfang Yao was the lord of the Medicine Refinery City, as well as Emperor Xuanwu’s uncle. He was also in charge of the Pill Production Tournament.

    “Oh.” Ye Jiuge had not intended to use the advanced placing anyway, so she was not affected by the news.

    While they were speaking, they arrived at the Medicine Refinery Complex’s entrance.

    “Your rooms are in the Feishuang Building on the west side. The Crown Prince is staying in the Lingyun Building in the east, while Gong Hongyu and Ye Shanshan are in the Fengye Building next door. So long as you don’t go there intentionally, you won’t meet them.”

    Wan Ziyang hoped that Ye Jiuge would be able to restrain herself and not create a disturbance during the tournament, which would have a negative impact.

    “I won’t attack others unless I am attacked.” If the Crown Prince and Gong Hongyu were to come to her door foolishly, she would not tolerate them.

    Wan Ziyang was aware of Ye Jiuge’s bad temper. Hearing this, he could only smile grudgingly. Then, he instructed one of the soldiers beside him, “Ask Lady Chang to come here.”

    In a moment, a middle-aged lady with an amiable smile and dressed in a dark red waistcoat exited the Medicine Refinery Complex. She bowed to Wan Ziyang and said, “Greetings to you, Lord Wan.”

    “Jiuge, this is Lady Chang. She is in charge of the Medicine Refinery Complex. If you have any issues in the future, you can find her.” Wan Ziyang clearly meant that this Lady Change was one of his people.

    “Greetings to you, Eldest Miss Ye. I wish you happiness and health forever.” Lady Chang bowed respectfully to Ye Jiuge.

    “Lady Chang, you are too kind.” Ye Jiuge smiled.

    “I have something to do, so I shall not follow you in. Lady Chang, please take good care of Eldest Miss Ye.” Before leaving, Wan Ziyang gave some instructions to Lady Chang.

    Lady Chang escorted Ye Jiuge and the rest to the Feishuang Building. On the way, she told Ye Jiuge about the Medicine Refinery Complex. The Medicine Refinery Complex covered an area of approximately thirteen hectares. It was made up of eighty-eight smaller buildings that were built to the north, south, east, and west, surrounding Medicine Refinery Hall.

    The tournament was held at Medicine Refinery Hall. At the moment, fifty-three Alchemists had already moved into the Medicine Refinery Complex. Out of all fifty-three, thirty were women, and twenty-three were men. They were mostly at the first level.

    After Lady Chang brought Ye Jiuge and the rest to the Feishuang Building, she said, “Eldest Miss, if you have no other instructions for me, I shall take my leave.”

    “I have troubled you, Lady Chang.” Ye Jiuge signaled at Hua Die using her eyes, and the young maid tactfully pushed an embroidered pouch filled with loose change into Lady Chang’s hands.

    “Eldest Miss, you are too kind.” Although Lady Chang spoke as though she wished to decline it, her hands nimbly received the embroidered pouch. She had an avaricious expression.

    After Ye Jiuge instructed Hua Die to send Lady Chang away, she began examining the two-storied building, which was built from bamboo. The front courtyard leaned left, and the backyard leaned right. They were quite distinct. Ye Jiuge was the most satisfied by the Feishuang tree in the back courtyard. Its azure leaves glowed lightly under the sunlight and emitted a faint fragrance.

    There were two maids and two female servants allocated to the Feishuang Building. Ye Jiuge arranged for Yu Die, Hua Die, Qing Hu, Qing Liu, as well as the maids and female servants to stay on the first floor. Captain Pan and the guards would reside in the outer courtyard. She chose a room on the second floor that faced north and left the south-facing one for Ye Ruyi.

    “Why are you making such a long face? You don’t like this place?” Ye Jiuge asked Ye Ruyi.

    “No. I am just upset because of how Second Sister helped that woman bully you.”

    Although Ye Ruyi had already known that her Second Sister was up to no good, she still found this difficult to accept.

    “You’ve already seen it. They can’t bully me that easily.” Ye Jiuge touched Ye Ruyi’s fuming face lightly and said, “Alright, give me the brick.”

    Ye Ruyi obediently took out the brick. Then, she asked curiously, “Eldest Sister, what is this treasure? Why did you have to buy it?”

    “Children should not ask so many questions. You must be tired; go and rest, or you may not have the energy to participate in the competition.”

    Ye Jiuge did not know what kind of treasure the brick was, and she could not answer Ye Ruyi’s question. Fortunately, Ye Ruyi was not overly curious, so she did not question any further. She turned and headed to her room.

    Looking at the gray brick, Ye Jiuge impatiently called for Zi Shang: “Quick, come out and take a look at your treasure.”