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Chapter 156 - Bloodthirsty Liu Yunfei

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 156: Bloodthirsty Liu Yunfei

    “You must be mad. She is a member of the Gong Clan!” The Crown Prince stared at Su Junqing in incredulity.

    “Your Highness, I know that you want to gain the Gong Clan’s support. However, Gong Hongyu is not a suitable target because she only has eyes for Dongfang Que. Regardless of how well you treat her, your efforts will be futile,” Su Junqing explained calmly.

    The Crown Prince immediately recalled that, after Dongfang Yao had disqualified Gong Hongyu from the Pill Production Tournament, she’d kept yapping about him being a failure. She’d gone on about how he was incapable of knocking Ye Jiuge out from the tournament and, instead, he’d landed her in hot water.

    The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. His hands were clenched into fists as he asserted, “You are right. Winning over a foolish woman is not worth it at all. We should make use of her for our benefit!”

    “You’ve made a wise choice, Your Highness.” The corners of Su Junqing’s lips were curved slightly. He bade the Crown Prince farewell and left.

    He returned to his room. When he opened his door, he smelled a faint, metallic odor.

    “Little Junior, I heard that you got chewed out pretty badly today!” Liu Yunfei’s sickly sweet voice came from Su Junqing’s bed.

    After that, an arm, fair as a lotus root section, lifted the green bed curtain, revealing an adorable face and smooth, light-skinned shoulders.

    “Senior, you are really omniscient. Nothing can escape your eyes.” Su Junqing lowered his eyes. He did not dare fix his gaze on the bed.

    “So, do you need me to avenge you?” Liu Yunfei stepped down from the bed, completely naked.

    Behind her, a male corpse was laid out, bony as a human skeleton.

    Since Liu Yunfei had sucked this Spiritual Practitioner’s vitality and blood dry only a moment ago, her skin was glowing. A faint fragrance drifted to the tip of Su Junqing’s nose.

    “Senior, I am extremely thankful for your support. However, the Crown Prince is still a useful pawn. We should let him off for now!” Su Junqing sealed his nostrils discreetly, distracted from the ongoing conversation.

    “If you come over to dress me, I will consider sparing him.” Liu Yunfei gave a promiscuous giggle. The paleness of her swaying bosoms seemed to shine with some dazzling glimmer.

    “Alright.” Su Junqing calmed himself once again before picking up the pink undergarment, which was meant to cover the chest and abdomen, from the ground. He helped Liu Yunfei get dressed and was very composed throughout the entire process.

    “I am surprised that Little Junior can remain so unperturbed!” After Liu Yunfei was completely clothed, she reached out with her hand to pinch Su Junqing’s chest and pouted coquettishly. “Tell me, why did you call for me?”

    “Senior, the Crown Prince has already agreed to go along with our next plan. The most crucial turning point for us will happen tonight. I hope that Senior can lend us a helping hand in person and cooperate with us to prevent any unforeseen developments.”

    Su Junqing had acquired a man with a tremendously high level of Spiritual Cultivation for Liu Yunfei as an offering to convince her to return to him. He hoped that she could come back to take on Ye Jiuge.

    “Don’t worry. Since I’ve accepted your gift, I will naturally do my best to help you.” Liu Yunfei patted Su Junqing’s face flirtatiously with a captivating smile.

    During these past few days, she’d been away playing Ye Yu, the Shadow Assassin, for a fool by tantalizing him with clues about his sister.

    Initially, she’d planned to force herself on him tonight and reap the fruits of her victory.

    However, the earlier offering had been just to her liking. Right now, she felt very satiated. Therefore, she would take Ye Yu’s life later!

    “Thank you very much, Senior.” Su Junqing seemed as though he was going to shed tears of gratitude. However, he was extremely resentful in his heart.

    He was not the only one working on this task. Yet, Liu Yunfei acted as if she was merely here to help without bearing any of the responsibility.

    Nevertheless, he did not dare voice his dissatisfaction, regardless of how he felt.

    If they were unsuccessful in completing the mission this time, in the worst-case scenario, the Patriarch would punish Liu Yunfei by making her spend her time in captivity. However, Su Junqing might not escape death.

    “Alright. I will check out the prey now.” Liu Yunfei poked out her pink tongue and licked her lips. She said to herself, “Although that woman has quite a temper, she is rather attractive.”

    Then, she vanished like a demon.

    Su Junqing disposed of the shriveled corpse on the bed, eliminating all evidence of its presence. After that, he cleaned up the messy room. Then, he opened the window and stared westward at the Soaring Frost Hall. He smiled coldly as he thought: Ye Jiuge, you will die tonight.

    At this time, Ye Jiuge was in a room behind the Soaring Frost Hall, attempting to save the Medicinal Pill Tester.

    Although the young man had already consumed Dongfang Yao’s bottle of Grade Three Heart Nourishment Pills, he was still in critical condition.

    His veins and arteries were ruptured, leaving his inner body a bloody mess. His blood and airflow were constricted, and he was in danger of losing his life at any time.

    If she wanted to save him, she would need to use external force to sort out his veins and arteries so that the blood and air in his body could circulate normally.

    If Ye Jiuge did not advance in cultivation, it was highly probable that she would not be able to do anything in this situation.

    She held the Lightning Fire Needle between her fingers and inserted it into the young man’s body before doing her utmost to repair his veins and arteries.

    Ever since Ye Jiuge had progressed in her cultivation, she’d not only doubled the Spiritual Energy in her body, but she’d become more adept in handling the Lightning Fire Needle.

    In her hands, the purplish-red Lightning Fire Needle shimmered. One by one, it mended the young man’s veins and arteries.

    Time flew by. After she’d finished restoring the final blood vessel, she almost collapsed from exhaustion.

    Luckily, the veins and arteries were repaired correctly.

    After the flow of the young man’s blood and air resumed their usual course, his breathing became regular. His tightly knitted brow also relaxed.

    Ye Jiuge estimated that he still needed about four hours to regain consciousness, so she left the room.

    Ye Ruyi was waiting outside anxiously. As soon as she saw her, she asked immediately, “Eldest Sister, what exactly has happened? Who is that man?”

    After she’d failed to progress beyond the first round of the tournament, she’d been forced to leave the venue. Therefore, she did not know what had transpired in her absence.

    Earlier, when she’d seen Ye Jiuge bring back a dying man, she’d been flabbergasted.

    “He is my Medicinal Pill Tester today.” Ye Jiuge recounted what had happened during the tournament round.

    When Ye Ruyi heard that Gong Hongyu had been disqualified from the tournament and the Crown Prince had been asked to leave for the Capital, she immediately jumped for joy. She kept insisting, “We should celebrate such good news properly.”

    “If you want to celebrate, then let’s do it!” The Crown Prince and Gong Hongyu’s misery made Ye Jiuge very happy.

    “Qing Hu, Qing Liu, Yu Die, and Hua Die, bring some money to our kitchen and tell the staff to add a few more delicious dishes to our menu. Tonight, we shall feast,” Ye Ruyi instructed ecstatically.

    “Yes!” Qing Hu, Qing Liu, and Yu Die answered in unison.

    “Where is Hua Die?” Ye Jiuge swept her eyes over the girls. One of her young maids was missing.

    “Hua Die found out about a Pastry Shop in the Medicine Refinery City that makes traditional Hawthorn Jelly Cakes. She wanted to buy some for Eldest Miss, so that you could taste them. Looking at the time, she should return soon,” Yu Die replied hurriedly.

    Ye Jiuge could not help but furrow her brows. She said, “As of late, this place is not very safe. Next time, all of you should avoid going out.”

    As the Crown Prince had suffered such a significant loss at their hands this time, it was very likely that he would feel bitter about it. He could take it out on anyone.

    “Yes, we understand.” Yu Die and the other maids nodded quickly.

    Qing Hu took some money and went to their personal kitchen. When she came back, she said, “Eldest Miss, Lord Wan is here to visit you. He is waiting in the main parlor.”

    Although Wan Ziyang and Ye Jiuge were very close, there were still some rules of conduct regarding male and female interaction. Hence, they observed the etiquette of a visit.

    “Please ask him to wait for a moment. After I put on a new set of clothes, I will head downstairs.” Right now, Ye Jiuge’s entire body smelled of medicine.

    “Yes.” After Qing Hu curtseyed, she went downstairs.

    Ye Jiuge changed her clothes then went to the main parlor. She saw Wan Ziyang sitting on a chair with his eyebrows locked tightly together.

    “Brother Wan, is anything bothering you?” Ye Jiuge asked curiously.

    “This time, I came to tell you something.” Wan Ziyang had brought Ye Jiuge some bad news.