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Chapter 86 - Not a Q City Peasan

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 86: Not a Q City Peasant

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    When he received the payment for the goods from his daughter, Chen Baichuan felt like he was dreaming.

    As far as he was concerned, this had been a disaster. Yet, his daughter was able to come up with a plan while still talking and laughing about it. It all came so naturally to her.

    Qianmo repeatedly assured him that the money was compensation given by the mastermind behind Zhao Dafa. Only then did Chen Baichuan accept it in a daze. Still, he was incredulous about the whole turn of events. The situation had changed just too rapidly.

    It was then he realized that without him knowing, his daughter had reached a level he could never attain.

    Not only did their family not lose a dime in this crisis, but they had even earned more than 100,000 yuan.

    Chen Baichuan also agreed to withdraw the case. Although Zhao Dafa was fired, he was exempted from imprisonment. Besides, he still had a terminally ill patient at home, so the father and daughter did not want to drive him to his death. Since he was no longer a threat to the Chen Family, they had no reason to continue pursuing the matter.

    Qianmo asked her father’s permission to keep the compensation for emotional distress given by the mastermind as her personal savings to buy some good food to supplement her brain.

    How could Chen Baichuan disagree? With a wave of his hand, he gave her everything!

    Then, Chen Qianmo told him that the compensation value was 150,000.

    Chen Baichuan bit his tongue. He was about to say why a child would need so much money, but after some pondering, he decided to be magnanimous.

    She was able to resolve so many crises at home, and that too in a matter of days. Qianmo was no longer a child.

    She had used her strong capabilities to prove that she had grown up.

    Qianmo rested at home for two days. The first thing she did was to replenish her physical strength by getting a good night’s sleep from morning till night. She then spent another day shuffling between the real estate company and the stock market.

    She had over 950,000 available funds.

    Of which, 800,000 was what Black had given her, and the other 150,000 was earned using her own abilities.

    When her family was in a plight, she did not use Black’s money. Though she was certain that Black would not belittle her or look down on her even if she did, she had never met his family before.

    As she had some understanding about the standards required of a daughter-in-law of a nouveau riche locksmith family, she decided to take the cautious route and use her own skills to sort out the problem.

    Black said that it would be some time before he came back, so it would not be appropriate to leave the money idly in her current account. For successful businessmen, it was a waste of resources to not invest the money.

    Helping Black manage his money was a habit that she had carried over from her previous life. She did not waste the month away. After analyzing the real estate trends and the recent stock market, Qianmo spent half of the money on buying a house and the other half to buy stocks.

    A month later, she could return 900,000 to Black, including interest. On her end, she would make a profit of tens of thousands.

    While Qianmo was busy investing her money, Mu Feifei, who had swiftly fled overseas, reported to her master about how she had used a massive sum of 350,000 in exchange for the information, all for him.

    The mysterious man looked at the photo that Mu Feifei had sent him. In the picture, Sha Muyu, who was holding a stick and pretending to be cool, was exchanging glances with Qianmo. From that angle, the glances and faint smiles between them indeed gave others the impression that they were a couple.

    Mu Feifei recounted her tragic encounter while crying. In order to prevent her boss from reprimanding her, she deliberately made Qianmo seem like the weakling in this whole incident, pushing all the credit to external forces.

    Mu Feifei said that everything was a coincidence, and the normally intelligent man actually believed her.

    His hand stroked the photo twice as he stared at the corner of Sha Muyu’s lips, which were curled up in scorn.

    “He’s the youngest son of Sha Baitian, the head of Q City’s research institute. Besides, he is an excellent student who skipped two grades, so it’s not surprising that you’re not his match.

    “Forget it, I’ll handle this Sha Muyu. You should lay low for a few months and wait for my news before acting according to the plan.”

    “Yes!” Mu Feifei clenched her fists.

    The mysterious man’s eyes remained on the photo, and seeing the cheery Sha Muyu made him frown slightly.

    Unexpectedly, Chen Qianmo was actually able to hook up with the descendants of those in the research institute. Fortunately, her “supportive boyfriend” was the relatively weaker Sha Muyu amongst the second generation, and it was not that difficult to deal with him.

    To say that Sha Muyu was weak did not mean that he was just an ordinary person. In fact, the Sha family was also very prestigious in Q city. It was just that amongst the second generation of the research institute, there were a few that were more outstanding than the Sha family.

    The Xiang family stationed in Shizhou counted as one, and…

    The man’s eyes narrowed as he could not help but think about the family in the capital. All the boys and girls, young or old, in that particular family were all terrifying existences.

    The man shook his head.

    That family was usually very low-key. With his status, when he attended various formal occasions, he was only fit to sneak some glances at them from afar.

    The man smirked as he thought of a “good idea”. He had heard that the freshmen of the police school should be undergoing military training at the moment.

    Furthermore, the unique thing about the police academy was that the instructors of the military training were all seniors from the previous few batches. And it just so happened that he knew one of those seniors.

    Military training was conducted every year. Across many colleges and universities in the country, the mortality rate during the training was about one in a million, which obviously was very low.

    Life was really full of surprises.


    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian drove Qianmo back to school themselves.

    Qianmo had put on the police uniform and had no luggage with her at all. She only carried a briefcase issued by the school as she entered the school gate. She had also refused to let Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian walk her in.

    Chen Baichuan stared at his daughter’s back as she smartly marched into the school.

    The last time he had sent his daughter to school was when she had just entered university. It was more than ten days ago. As their father-daughter relationship was not good, Qianmo did not want him to accompany her, but he had insisted. In the end, they had parted on bad terms over a minor issue.

    At that time, he was also standing in front of the school just like now, looking in the direction of his daughter’s dormitory building. He was worried that she would not get along with her roommate and upset with her for being difficult, wilful, and insensible. All sorts of mixed feelings welled up inside him.

    Today, as he stood in the same position as the previous time, watching his daughter confidently walk away, Chen Baichuan’s nose soured.

    Mu Mianmian stretched out her palm and waved it before his eyes.

    “What’s the matter? Last time, you were angry because you thought that she was not sensible. Now, Qianmo is already so mature and reliable. Why are you still this depressed?”

    Chen Baichuan sighed, tilting his head forty-five degrees upwards. His old face seemed slightly distressed.

    “It’s exactly because she is growing up so fast. Before I even had a chance to properly experience how impressive it is to be a father, she already became independent and can handle things on her own.”

    Mu Mianmian nodded.

    Chen Baichuan suddenly remembered. “Ah! The local specialties that I asked her to bring for her roommates are still in the car. What should I do? Her roommates don’t seem easy to deal with. I hope she doesn’t get into conflicts with them.”

    “Mo purposely didn’t bring them along. They’re not allowed to eat such food during military training. You can rest assured that Qianmo is different from before and will not be bullied.”