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Chapter 424 - Being Asked to Recite?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 424 Being Asked to Recite?!

    Jiang Miaoyu?

    At the sight of Zhang Yalong’s choice of opponent, there was a cry of surprise from both the stage and the audience.

    “He chose a girl?”

    “How ungracious is that?”

    “Yes, a man offered to challenge a woman! It’s totally ungracious!”

    A small number of people whispered.

    But the majority of the people were gloating over that.

    “How much does this guy hate Fang Qiu? He actually chose Fang Qiu’s girlfriend when he couldn’t choose Fang Qiu!”

    “Yeah, I really don’t understand.”

    Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu appeared together every time they were in the banquet hall of the hotel or the Central Television studio.

    No doubt everyone knew about their relationship.

    “However, I heard that Jiang Miaoyu is also very strong, with full marks in several examinations, and she is the descendant of a traditional Chinese medicine family.”

    “Needless to say, how could the girl Fang Qiu likes have no strength?”

    “Would Zhang Yalong have a chance to pick her if she wasn’t strong enough? If she had been incapable, she should have been eliminated in the first few rounds of the competition.”

    “It will be a fantastic competition somehow.”

    In the discussion, all the people were more and more looking forward to the competition.

    At this time, the host shouted, “Okay, please get on the challenge stage, Jiang Miaoyu.”

    Jiang Miaoyu did not hesitate and immediately got up on the challenge stage.

    “Would you like to introduce yourselves first?” asked the host.

    “I’m Zhang Yalong. I know a lot about classics,” Zhang Yalong said.

    “I’m Jiang Miaoyu and I’m good at acupuncture,” Jiang Miaoyu replied.

    “From the very beginning, it is quite tense.”

    The host smiled and said, “Relax. Don’t be too nervous.”

    As he spoke, he went to the question bank and took out Zhang Yalong’s three questions.

    “Listen to the first question, please.”

    Before returning to the challenge stage, the host held a note and read aloud, “Please recite ‘to identify the symptoms that can be treated by sweating’ from Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases.”

    Hearing this question, everyone was shocked.

    “Is that a question?”

    “How could he ask such a question? How shameless he is!”

    “Yeah, a man who chose a woman as his opponent should have asked such a question. It’s outrageous.”

    “Who would deliberately recite a medical book? Generally, we only need to understand the knowledge in the book and know how to use it in practice. How is it possible to recite them all?”

    Hearing the criticism, the host said, “This is a recitation. It may be difficult, but it’s not against the rules.”

    “It’s a classic of our traditional Chinese medicine, and I can recite it. Shall I recite it to you?”

    Zhang Yalong looked at all the people present and said contemptuously, “Besides Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases, I can also recite Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor.”

    His words silenced all the people.

    “Jiang Miaoyu, please answer this question,” the host urged.

    “I love reciting books.”

    Jiang Miaoyu chuckled and immediately recited, “Spring and summer are good for sweating. This is a general rule for the use of sweating. To make a patient sweat, it is best to let the patient’s hands, feet, and whole body have slight sweat and maintain two hours or so…

    “The use of laxatives is a serious mistake. When the stool is hard and dry, why will it be recovered after sweating? Because the floating pulse should be treated by sweating. After the stool is normal, if the patient has the symptom of body ache, the apparent symptom should be treated quickly, and the cassia twig decoction suits to sweat.”

    Soon, Jiang Miaoyu recited them all word for word.

    Every time she recited a word, a corresponding word appeared on the screen. Normally, if she recited incorrectly, the words would turn red.

    But after she recited the whole article, not a word was wrong.

    “Correct answer!”

    The moment Jiang Miaoyu finished reciting, the host could not help but wave his fist excitedly.

    The audience applauded warmly.

    For a while, everyone was impressed by Jiang Miaoyu.

    No one expected that Jiang Miaoyu was not stumped by Zhang Yalong’s question that was set against her.


    “She recited it word-for-word. She’s so excellent!”

    “That’s amazing. I never recite books.”

    “The descendants of traditional Chinese medicine families are different from ordinary people. She recited it as if she were drinking water without hiccups.”

    “If I remember it correctly, she just said that she was good at acupuncture. People who are good at acupuncture can actually recite Treatise on Febrile Diseases. How wonderful!”


    On the challenge stage, Zhang Yalong was stunned when he heard Jiang Miaoyu recite it word-for-word. He didn’t think Jiang Miaoyu could actually make it.

    In the safe zone, Fang Qiu smiled, feeling very proud of Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Next, the second question.”

    The host opened the second note and said, “This is still a recitation.”

    No sooner had he said that than the audience burst into a hubbub.

    “One is enough. Both are recitations. This is outrageous.”

    “Yes, it’s too shameless.”

    “Is it fun to bully a girl like that?”

    Everyone was speechless.

    So was the host.

    “Listen to the question, please.”

    After skimming the question, the host said helplessly, “Please recite ‘disorder of the five parts’ of Ling Shu in the second volume of Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor.”

    Hearing the question, some of the girls and some of the people off stage, who preferred to support Jiang Miaoyu, could not help getting angry.

    “How could this man be so shameless?”

    “Shameless people are really invincible.”

    “Who can recite the appointed chapter of Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor? How to recite that?”


    Everyone spoke up for Jiang Miaoyu.

    But on the challenge stage, Jiang Miaoyu was quite calm.

    As the host finished, she recited directly, “Yellow Emperor said, ‘The attributes of the 12 meridians of the human body are in harmony with the five elements respectively and correspond to the four seasons, but why the imbalance causes the reverse disorder of the movement of the pulse Qi? How to treat it? Qibo replied, ‘The internal relations of the five elements are in a certain order; the climate changes with seasons. If the movement of the meridians adapts to the law of four seasons and five elements, they can keep the normal activities; violating this law, it can cause inverse chaos.

    “Yellow Emperor asked, ‘What’s the meaning of adapting…

    “Yellow Emperor said, ‘Good, I’d like to listen…

    “Yellow Emperor said…”

    Jiang Miaoyu clearly remembered that this was a record of six dialogues between Emperor Yellow and Qibo.

    She remembered the first three clearly, but when she got to the fourth one, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly got stuck.

    Somehow, at this moment, she was completely unable to recall what was already familiar.

    She felt her mind empty in anxiety.


    Thinking for a long while, Jiang Miaoyu still could not remember. She could only shake her head and say, “I can’t remember the second half. I’ll give it up!”

    “Come on.”

    Watching Jiang Miaoyu look miserable on the challenge stage because she couldn’t answer, Fang Qiu secretly clenched his fists to cheer her on.

    When he heard that Jiang Miaoyu gave up, Fang Qiu felt strangely relieved.

    But then the worry returned.

    She had answered two questions, one right and one wrong.

    Then the third question would decide her end in the competition.

    Fang Qiu was worried.

    He was not afraid of Jiang Miaoyu’s failure but afraid that Jiang Miaoyu would be in a bad mood and sulk after her failure.

    Because these questions were quite boring.

    In addition to force Jiang Miaoyu remorse that she did not recite lessons well daily, it did not have any effect. Television viewers did not seem to have the slightest interest in it but would find it difficult to understand. It even would destroy the audience’s interest in watching the show.

    However, the game was one-on-one.

    Unable to help Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu had to trust her.

    Jiang Miaoyu’s real strength was not weak.

    He believed that Jiang Miaoyu would pass!

    Watching the scene on the stage, the director couldn’t help having his heart in his mouth.

    After all, among all the contestants, only Jiang Miaoyu was a beauty. Although Leng Wenzhuo was also beautiful, her cold face was not photogenic.

    With the pretty Jiang Miaoyu here, this show could certainly cause a lot of discussion and improve ratings.

    It would be a pity if she were eliminated.

    On the stage, the host carefully opened the third note.

    “The third question is still a recitation,” he said with a wry smile and a shake of his head.

    “The title is: please recite ‘Lunar Wet Soil’ in Source of the Four Saint.”

    Hearing his words, the whole audience immediately booed.

    Everyone, including the contestants in the answering area, rolled their eyes at Zhang Yalong.

    This man was as shameless as he could be.

    “That’s too far!”

    “What a boring man he is!”

    “You are truly regarding shamelessness as a kind of state to practice?”

    “Why don’t you just look for three ancient medical books that no one has read? I’m sure no one can answer it!”

    “No wonder you wanted to challenge Fang Qiu. You had set a trap. It’s fine if you challenge Fang Qiu with these questions, but you chose a female when you had prepared such outrageous questions. You are really shameless!”

    Almost everyone was swearing.

    But on the challenge stage, Zhang Yalong looked so relaxed that he didn’t even blush. He looked at Jiang Miaoyu at the same time, a sneer still tugging at the corner of his mouth.

    At the sight of his expression, if it wasn’t for the recording, someone would hit him right in the face!

    At this time, at the sight of his disdainful and provocative look, Jiang Miaoyu also got angry.

    Thinking about what this guy said to Fang Qiu this morning, she knew that he was obviously going to challenge Fang Qiu with all these questions.

    Thinking of here, Jiang Miaoyu flew into a rage inside.

    “Humph, it’s just reciting.”

    Jiang Miaoyu snorted and said, “If you want to listen, I’ll recite it to you!”

    Jiang Miaoyu got wrathful at the thought that the questions were for Fang Qiu.

    How could she let this shameless man get what he wanted?

    “Answer the question, please,” the host said.

    “Listen to me.”

    Jiang Miaoyu glared at Zhang Yalong and began to recite.

    “Humidity is the transformation of soil by the lunar soil vapor. It’s humidity in the sky, soil in the earth, and spleen in the human body…


    “Yin Qi is easy to flourish, while Yang Qi is easy to decline, so humidity has been increasing while dryness has been subsiding. Exuberant Yin Qi makes people sick, and the loss of Yang Qi causes death. The truth is too simple to know. The people of later ages are vulgar and ignorant, filling Yin Qi to increase humidity, deflating fire to kill Yang Qi. There is no patient who does not die early on humidity, which is the great disaster of the past and the present.”

    As before, the moment Jiang Miaoyu mouthed a word, a word appeared on the big screen.

    With Jiang Miaoyu’s recitation, the audience was quiet. No one dared to speak out for fear of disturbing her.

    When Jiang Miaoyu recited more and more, all the people’s expressions changed, until Jiang Miaoyu finished reciting.

    When the last word fell, the applause was thunderous!