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Chapter 87 - Roommates with Different Temperaments

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 87: Roommates with Different Temperaments

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    The reason why Chen Baichuan was so worried was because of the horrifying sight he had seen when he sent his daughter to report to school the previous time.

    Qianmo’s dormitory room was a quadruple room. Her accommodation was one of the best amongst all the police schools. It had a comfortable environment, but the people inside…

    Chen Baichuan recalled that the last time his daughter had just entered school, before even unpacking her bags, she had already gotten into an argument with her roommate about luggage placement.

    There was a short-haired, tomboyish girl on the side squatting on the floor to watch the drama while lifting dumbbells. In the room, a beautiful girl with long hair, who looked normal, simply turned around and left when the fight broke out.

    Not long after, the dormitory caretaker came over. Mu Mianmian suspected the sneaky long-haired girl of ratting on them, but as a straight man, Chen Baichuan could not tell what had happened.

    Thinking about how his daughter was going to spend the next few years with these roommates with different temperaments, Chen Baichuan had the urge to chase after her to pass her the local specialties. In society, one could never be too polite.

    As soon as his child entered the school, this old father felt his heart wrench.

    In stark contrast to her father’s worries, Qianmo was full of memories.

    She no longer remembered what the school looked like. In her past life, she had only stayed here for less than two days before applying for leave and returning home. At that time, she was only concerned with annoying her father and did not bother to enjoy the scenery.

    There were many differences between police schools and regular universities. Police management was stricter; hence, the appearance, housekeeping, and even the walking posture of the students were different from those of ordinary college students. Seniors in their official uniform could be seen strolling around the school with their bodies tall and straight.

    Within the premises, they had to wear the school uniform. Their uniform was the regular police uniform, the only difference being the accessory to determine their rank. They were not considered an official police force yet, but they were already under police management.

    Qianmo recalled an interesting saying on the streets.

    Although graduating from a police school no longer included a job assignment, one still had to take various national exams before graduation. However, like regular universities, the police school also divided the students into different batches. For example, in Qianmo’s school, which was the top public security college, the employment rate of the students in the police force was over 90%. Some job recruitment examinations were only open to specific majors, such as Qianmo’s. If students in her major had excellent grades, they might be recruited before graduating.

    However, Qianmo only had one requirement for her student life.

    To be the No.1 and getting into the best specialized unit for her major. Only then would she be able to meet her teacher, Chen Meng, as soon as possible.

    This time around, she would not waste even one day of her precious life. She would make the most of her beautiful youth and become the best she could be.

    After so many years, she was rewriting her life. It might be because she was too overwhelmed by emotions that when she met a few senior girls along the way, she felt like something was off but could not put her finger on it.

    Right now, it was after breakfast. Qianmo’s roommates were still not back, and she was sorting out her luggage from before. Previously, when she entered school, her things were all put away. According to the timeline of this life, she had only been away for a few days, but her dormitory room had already changed dramatically.

    The quadruple dormitory room adopted the layout of the bed being at the top and the table at the bottom. The bottom was a complete set of table, chair, and wardrobe while the bed above was fitted with blue and white checkered sheets. An army green quilt was folded like a tofu cube.

    The moment she stepped in and took a look, she wondered whether anybody really lived here.

    It was too clean.

    The room was orderly and spotless, with all the quilts tidily folded. Qianmo found her bed. One of her roommates appeared to have folded her quilt for her since she did not leave it so neatly.

    For her, as the memory of the school was a bit far off, she could not remember many of the details. All she recalled was arguing with her roommate due to the problem of luggage placement when she first entered the school.

    On their first day, it was natural for people to be bringing a lot of big and small bags. Hence, it was inevitable to have some arguments when sorting out their luggage. Coincidentally, Qianmo was in an extremely irritable mood at that time and got into a squabble with her roommate without figuring out who was right or wrong. They nearly got into a brawl right in front of their parents.

    After she was done quarreling, she applied for leave and left. What she did not know was that the roommate who fought with her was punished to run laps. In theory, both parties in a fight should have been penalized. However, as Qianmo had escaped, her roommate had to finish her laps too.

    Hence, when the girl who fought with Qianmo pushed open the door and saw that the delicate Miss High and Mighty was back, her eyes flamed in anger.

    Rolling up her sleeves, she immediately rushed over. “Chen, you’re back at last!”

    All Qianmo saw was a short-haired girl in a dark blue training uniform standing in front of her. Her small face was tanned with good features, somewhat like a mixed-blood.

    “Mai… Xiangyou?” Qianmo vaguely remembered that the girl who had a shouting match with her seemed to be named after some kind of condiment. Her guess was Xiangyou as in sesame oil.

    Mai Mayou was so angry that her eyes widened like saucers, and she was about to rush over. The two girls behind her quickly dashed over and restrained her on both sides.

    “Second, don’t be impulsive!”

    “I’m going to destroy her. I must destroy her. She provoked me first!” Mai Mayou was weak from all the laps she had run a few days ago, all of which was due to this Miss High and Mighty. Chen Qianmo had escaped without a scratch, leaving them to take the blame for the trouble she had caused. And to think she still dared to give her a nickname when she came back!

    The two girls who were restraining Mai Mayou were also dressed like her. It had only been a few days since she last saw all of them, but they were a lot tanner now. Qianmo’s pinkish-white complexion stood out like a sore thumb.

    “My name is Mai Mayou! Not Xiangyou!”

    Looking at the tanned faces of these little girls, Qianmo knew in her heart that it would take some effort to mingle with the group. If she did not have a good relationship with her roommates, she might suffer in the next few years of school.

    “Hello Mayou, it was my fault last time.” Qianmo generously extended her hand.

    Her straightforwardness stunned the other three girls.

    The impression Chen Qianmo left on all of them was not good. She seemed aloof, unwilling to bother with anyone, and even got into a fight the moment she came.

    Who knew that after a few days, she would seem to have changed into a different person, taking the initiative to admit her mistake.

    “Don’t think that I’ll forgive you just like that. I’m a very cold person.” Mai Mayou raised her chin proudly, refusing to shake Qianmo’s hand.

    Qianmo did not get annoyed, though. She simply withdrew her hand and smiled at her.

    The other two girls were about half a head taller than Qianmo. Amongst girls, they were very conspicuous and looked quite gender-neutral. When they kept quiet, one might even think that they were boys. Especially when they first entered the school and went in and out of the “Panda House”, they would always be stopped for a check.

    In the school, the girls’ dormitory was nicknamed the “Panda House”. There were layers of security, and boys could never step one foot inside. As Lu Shangka’s name was gender-neutral, coupled with her looks, she was often regarded as a suspicious person and had to go through many security checks.

    The short girl next to her had the beautiful appearance of a typical Jiangnan girl. Qianmo looked at her and was stunned for a moment. Then, she immediately understood.

    She finally knew what the weird feeling she had on her way was!