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Chapter 741 - Punished with the Family Rod

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 741: Punished with the Family Rod

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    Wen Xinya saw that Wen Haowen still looked radiant and satisfied yesterday, but instantly became all withered with red veins filling his eyes with ferociousness, looking like a man-eating beast.

    Old Mr. Wen looked mildly at the Wen Haowen who sat on the ground, looking extremely unfeeling. “Butler Yu, bring me the Family Rod!”

    “Yes, Old Master.” Butler Yu went as ordered.

    “Old Man, Haowen is indeed in the wrong this time and humiliated the Wen Family. You’ve already reprimanded and hit him… no need to use the Family Rod!” Old Mrs. Wen was terrified out of her wits. She thought that the Old Man would end this matter after reprimanding him and venting his anger. Previously, when Yunyao died, didn’t everything resolve itself in the end? However, unexpectedly, the Old Man was actually so enraged that he wanted to use the Family Rules.

    Old Mr. Wen’s gaze turned harsh as it stared at Old Mrs. Wen. “Spare the rod and spoil the child. If it weren’t for your usual over-protectiveness that raised his arrogant and cocky attitude, why would he do such a thing that humiliated the family name and our ancestors?”

    Old Mrs. Wen was momentarily speechless. Haowen really committed too big a mistake this time. “But Haowen already knows his mistake. Can’t you just be more lenient?”

    Old Mr. Wen took a look at the Wen Haowen whose eyes were filled with red blood vessels, looking all dilapidated, sneered, and said, “If he had the least bit of remorse, I wouldn’t have to stoop to using the Family Rod. However, till now he’s still so arrogant—I have no choice but to teach him a good lesson.”

    Hearing his words, Old Mrs. Wen’s face turned pale suddenly as she hurriedly said, “Haowen, apologize to your father now.”

    Wen Haowen sneered and said, “Apologize? What wrong did I do?” Saying which, he shifted his gaze towards Old Mr. Wen as it filled up with resentment. “You only have Wen Xinya in your eyes and have never treated me as your son.”

    Saying which, Wen Haowen’s gaze locked tightly onto Wen Xinya, his eyes with red veins filled with an icy and terrifying ferocity.

    Wen Xinya looked back at his hostile gaze in a mild manner. Till now, Wen Haowen was still not in the least bit remorseful.

    Wen Haowen kept staring at her fiercely.

    Just then, Butler Yu walked over with the Family Rod in his hands.

    When Wen Haowen saw that thick black whip, his pupils constricted. Before the whip landed on him, he already felt a stinging pain on his back. At this point… he finally felt slightly afraid.

    Old Mr. Wen took over the whip on the tray. “Dear ancestors of the Wen Family, I, Wen Zhihang, have failed in my duty as a father, causing my unfilial son, Wen Haowen, to humiliate the family name and our ancestors. Today, on behalf of each of our ancestors, I’ll punish him with the Family Rod.”

    Old Mrs. Wen looked at the thick whip in the Old Man’s hand and was so terrified that her lips trembled, felt light-headed, and almost couldn’t remain seated.

    “Previously, you cheated on Yunyao while she was pregnant, causing her to go into early labor and die. This is being heartless and disloyal—deserve to be hit!”

    “Pa!” A crisp sound of the black whip instantly landed on Wen Haowen’s back. He only felt an indescribable numbness on his back.

    “A good son doesn’t seek ancestral property. However, you’re arrogant, incompetent, and schemed to obtain the family’s wealth and property. This is being unfilial—deserve to be hit!”

    “Pa!” Another whip sounded. An instant of blankness in Wen Haowen was finally followed by pain—the burning pain on his back almost knocked him out.

    “Even a monster wouldn’t hurt its own children. Yet, without sparing any thoughts for your bloodline and kinship, you were cold and heartless to your own flesh and blood. This is being inhumane—deserve to be hit!”

    “Pa!” Wen Haowen gritted his teeth tightly. The burning pain on his back made him feel like his body was being torn apart, even his mind became hazy, blank, and totally devoid of the ability to think, left only with the whipping sound by his ears.

    “Fooling around, cheating, humiliating the family name and the ancestors, yet not remorseful and instead, saying words of arrogance. This is being improper—deserve to be hit.”

    The whipping sound reverberated in the living room, making everyone present extremely fearful, so much so that nobody dared to even breathe loudly.

    The whip landed on Wen Haowen’s body ruthlessly. In the beginning, he could still bear with it. However, after a few strokes, he started to howl piteously. “Ah… Mother, save me. The Old Man is obviously trying to kill me…”

    Old Mr. Wen kept an icy-cold face, totally unmoved by Wen Haowen’s intense sobbing. He should have done this earlier—if so, he wouldn’t have turned out like this, Yunyao wouldn’t have died, Xinya wouldn’t have led a wandering life, he wouldn’t have humiliated the family name, and the Wen Family wouldn’t have to endure the shame.

    Listening to Wen Haowen’s loud cries, Old Mrs. Wen felt triggered. She had sheltered Haowen since he was young and he had never suffered like this. As she watched those severe strokes landing on her son’s back, her heart ached intensely.

    A son’s pain is felt in his mother’s heart—this was indeed true.

    Instantly, she couldn’t help but dash over, climb atop Wen Haowen, and cry loudly. “Old Man, stop hitting—are you trying to kill Haowen? Haowen is your son—if you don’t feel for him… I do!”

    Saying which, she cried dramatically.

    Old Mr. Wen looked at her coldly and said, “You, get up.”

    Old Mrs. Wen held Wen Haowen like a mother hen protecting a chick. “Old Man, please let Haowen off just this once. Haowen knows his mistake. In the future, I’ll discipline him well.”

    However, Old Mr. Wen was unmoved. “I told you to get up. Didn’t you hear me?”

    Old Mrs. Wen cried even more miserably. “Old Man, how can you be so heartless—no matter what, Haowen is still your son. You wanna hit him… okay! Then hit me too! Spare the rod and spoil the child—I’m also at fault for how Haowen ended up like this today.”

    Old Mr. Wen turned his gaze towards Butler Yu who was standing aside. “Pull Old Madam up and lock her in the room. Don’t let her out before dinner.”

    Butler Yu went to pull Old Mrs. Wen.

    Old Mrs. Wen started struggling hysterically. “Old Man, you can’t do this. Regardless of his wrongdoings, Haowen is still our son. How can you do this to him.”

    Old Mrs. Wen was dragged out of the living room.

    Once again, Old Mr. Wen’s whip landed on Wen Haowen’s body ruthlessly.

    Wen Haowen howled non-stop in pain. “Ah… Father… it hurts, hurts so badly… stop hitting. I know my mistake, I really do. I won’t do it again… Father… let me off just this once…”

    Seeing Wen Haowen like this, Wen Xinya wasn’t interested in watching further. He merely deserved everything. If Grandpa hadn’t been so lenient towards Wen Haowen, he wouldn’t turn out like this today either.

    She believed that previously, since Grampy agreed to marry Mother to Wen Haowen, it proved that Wen Haowen also had his merits—it couldn’t be that he was as good for nothing as now.