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Chapter 440 - Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 16)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 440: Ninth level imperial beast master’s three realm love disaster (Part 16)

    When she opened her eyes, she was in a noisy market.

    The scene in front of her was shaking and there was a painful feeling from her leg.  It felt like someone was grabbing her ear which made it quite uncomfortable.

    What is this situation?  Where was this?

    “Ai, hunter Wang, you’re here to sell stuff again!”  The auntie selling watermelons saw him and asked him this.

    Hunter Wang happily said, “My luck was good today and I got a rabbit.  It looks quite good and it has a bit of fat.”

    This rabbit, in a mountain village like this, it was considered quite good.





    She had actually turned into a rabbit…..

    God, the lowest rank rabbit of the continent’s spirit beast grade…..

    What kind of joke was this, where’s the system?

    [......The system is here!]

    Forget it!  Don’t come out, stay wherever it is cold!

    She was held in the hand of the hunter until she reached the busiest place in Calm Martial City before stopping.

    Looking around, there were cages around her and all kinds of spirit beasts were locked inside.

    The lowest grade was medium grade and only she was a low grade rabbit…...

    “Selling a rabbit that looks good and is fat, it can be a spirit pet or it can be eaten!”  The hunter holding her cleared his throat before shouting on the street!

    This advertisement, it really was…...

    She was so angry that she wanted to roar, but she couldn’t make any sound at all.

    Un, rabbits weren’t born with vocal cords, so they couldn’t make a sound.

    Even a spirit pet was like this.

    Going back and forth, there were many people who stopped.  It was either a rich young miss or a low level Imperial Beast Master.

    They all bought the spirit beasts in the cages around her and not a single person bought her.

    When the sun was setting to the west, the cheerful hunter became very depressed.

    He began calling out cheaper prices and in the end, the price was the same as a normal rabbit.

    But even for five silvers, no one wanted her.

    God!  This really is a waste of talent!  This treasure used to be a Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master that looked over the world, alright?

    “I think that you’re trouble!”  Hunter Wang kicked the cage and looked like he wanted to skin her alive!

    She felt a wave of pain.  Her leg had been hit and it trembled from the pain.

    When hunter Wang was planning to kill her, a familiar cool voice rang out that shook her to the depths of her heart.

    “I’ll buy it.”  Di Luo Feng looked at the rabbit in the cage and his bottomless eyes sparkled with a faint glow.

    A glow that hadn’t been seen in a while.

    “Yi, isn’t it senior brother Di Luo Feng?”  The previous low level Imperial Beast Masters looked at Di Luo Feng with gazes of admiration.

    “It really is the senior brother that we haven’t seen in a long time, it’s been three years…..”

    Di Luo Feng heard this and narrowed his cold eyes, as the temperature around him seemed top drop.

    That person saw his expression change and her trembled, as he didn’t dare say another word.

    Three years had passed and now he was the only Ninth Grade Imperial Beast Master on the Hundred Beast Continent.

    He was a legend in the Imperial Beast Master world and everyone worshipped him.

    But why was it that he felt so lonely.  Perhaps there had been something for him to chase before, but now there was nothing.

    If there wasn’t that person in front of him, then everything was so boring…..

    Di Luo Feng came forward and put a piece of gold in the hunter’s hand before heading towards the rabbit in the cage.

    Without knowing why, when he saw the rabbit for the first time, he remembered the dream in the Other Shore Forgotten River.

    At that time, it was also a rabbit like this.

    At that time, its foot had been injured.

    At that time, you were there…...