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Chapter 3

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 3: Why Is She Like a Different Person?

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    The girl’s breath was ragged, and as he pinned her neck to the back of the seat he could feel heat practically radiating off the girl.

    It was an abnormal heat.

    This woman was drugged!

    The drugs she had been fed dyed her face redder and redder, and as she was being held down like this, she couldn’t help but feel comfortable from the cool skin pressing against hers.

    It wasn’t a good sign!

    Uncontrollably, the girl moved closer to the man.

    Noticing all this, the man cursed unintelligibly.

    “If you don’t drive, I wouldn’t mind raping you!” The girl said shamlessly, but the gun was still pointed at the man’s crotch.

    The man released her and said gruffly, “Sit!”

    The girl smiled, her seductive smile hidden by the dark of night.

    The car sped off and disappeared in the night.

    A few minutes later, the car stopped at the hospital downtown, and as soon as the car stopped, Jian Qi threw the gun toward the man and promptly got out the car, quickly making her way to the hospital.

    At this moment, the car window rolled down, and the man’s gaze locked in on the silhouette of the girl, smirking coldly.

    His exquisite and handsome features seemed especially alluring under the dim lights. His lips curled as if he was amused, but his expression was cold.

    Then he raised his hand and touched the wound that had already dried and clotted.

    Reaching for his phone, he dialed a number and said, “Help me investigate someone…”


    Sunlight poured through the windows as the girl that had been lying on the bed for the whole night slowly stirred.

    After a whole night, she had managed to digest all the information she was given about her new life.

    She was drugged last night at the bar by her so-called best friend. After all, she had only had one cocktail before feeling uncomfortable and getting knocked out on her way to the toilet.

    No wonder she had such a headache.

    Jian Qi furrowed her eyebrows as she thought of the way she was killed—it wasn’t as easy as it looked!

    She needed to investigate!

    She also had something she hadn’t finished yet!

    If she was given a second chance at life, then who was she to not take it?

    But it seemed that she would need to tweak her current identity.

    The original owner of this body was an orphan like she was, and due to her looks, she was scouted and entered the entertainment industry when she was very young. Because she was preparing for her exams this year, her manager didn’t accept acting gigs for her but she still took part in commercial shoots.

    According to the agreement she signed with her management company, she had another three months before the deadline of her contract. As her current company Starshooter Entertainment was becoming more and more well known, the original owner of this body hadn’t though to switch companies and before she transmigrated here the original Jian Qi was talking about renewing their contract.

    It seems that there is going to be a change of plans!

    Just as Jian Qi got up from the hospital bed and was preparing to leave for school, the door suddenly opened and a flamboyant man wearing a gold chain and cologne strutted in. From her memory, she knew that this man was her manager Coco.

    “Child, what happened? Why are you at the hospital?” As soon as he entered the room, he started nagging, “If I hadn’t kept the news down, you’d probably make the headlines by now!”

    Jian Qi glanced at the man and said, “Is there a problem?”


    Her attitude startled and confused him greatly. Why did it feel like she was a different person?