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Chapter 7

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 7: Falling Out

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    As Jian Qi stared at her, Chu Yuhan was intimidated by her strong aura.

    This was the first time that Chu Yuhan felt that she was thoroughly suppressed by the girl in front of her.

    “Qiqi what are you saying? I was just worried about you and you blame me for all of this? I even explained for you and all I have been doing was talking for your sake, and now you bite me in the *ss? That’s too much!”

    Chu Yuhan paled noticeably, her pitiful expression like she was wronged.

    Jian Qi’s gaze swept coldly over the crowd again and smirked, taking out her phone and opening the school forum.

    It was filled with rumors about her.

    “Chu Yuhan, the account that spread this around was your sub-account, how would you explain this? Was it hacked?” Jian Qi mocked with an elegant smile on her face.

    Chu Yuhan paled even further and rushed to explain, “No, why would I do such a thing?”

    “So this isn’t you? Should I check your phone or should I show everyone the IP address? Or should I let them see all the things you wrote about yourself here?”

    Jian Qi stared at Chu Yuhan coldly. “You went through quite a hassle to destroy me, huh?”

    “Don’t frame me, Jian Qi! How could I have…”

    “Look, what’s this?”

    A girl was scrolling through the school forum to see whether it really was Chu Yuhan’s sub-account, but she found a screenshot someone posted that proved that the account truly did belong to Chu Yuhan!

    “So it really was Chu Yuhan?”

    “Yeah, who would’ve thought? She had always seemed to be good to Jian Qi, but she did something like this to her behind her back!”

    “What a scary woman!”


    As the murmuring grew louder in the crowd, Chu Yuhan’s expression grew worse, and her pitiful expression shifted into a cold and furious one after seeing the contents written.

    “Jian Qi, you’re too much!”

    “I’m too much?”

    Jian Qi scoffed. “You try to ruin my reputation online and you say that I’m too much?”

    Seeing the gazes of the crowd, Chu Yuhan turned around and stomped into her room.

    And so without a show to watch, the crowd dispersed.

    Jian Qi stepped into the room, and Chu Yuhan stepped forward with a spiteful look on her face. “I underestimated you, Jian Qi. I never thought you would be so ruthless.”

    Jian Qi gazed mockingly at Chu Yuhan like she was looking at a clown. “Chu Yuhan, didn’t you think that your mask would get torn when you drugged my drink?”

    “You knew I drugged your drink?” Chu Yuhan exclaimed in shock.

    Then, she realized she inadvertently confirmed that she actually did the deed.

    “You tricked me!”

    Jian Qi only scoffed in response.

    “Jian Qi, you knew that I drugged your drink so you didn’t drink it! You acted like you did on purpose so that you could make fun of me like this?”

    Chu Yuhan felt like she was played with by Jian Qi!

    “So you never treated me like your best friend from the start! It was all a lie so that you could see me get scorned by everyone!”

    Jian Qi was simply shocked by Chu Yuhan’s outrageous conclusion. She was the one that wanted to destroy Jian Qi in the first place and she pinned the blame on her!

    “Yuhan, so you were really the one that spread the news? And you even drugged her?” The two other roommates stared at Chu Yuhan in shock.