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Chapter 16

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 16: Threaten Her?

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    Her naturally dismissive and serene expression, along with her powerful aura, intimidated everyone.

    Ren Ranran had not expected that Jian Qi would have responded this way.

    After all, whenever she looked for trouble with Jian Qi in the past, the latter always hid away, and her sweet and delicate demeanor made Ren Ranran want to bully her even more!

    But the last thing she would have expected was this!

    Such a reaction immediately made Ren Ranran seethe with anger. “Jian Qi, what is this attitude? Is this the proper way you should be acting towards someone older than you?”

    “The proper attitude, you say?” Jian Qi smirked and leaned slightly on the back of the chair, putting one hand on the armrest, exuding a lazy but charming air as she raised her eyebrows slightly as if she was looking at a clown.

    “Ran Ranran, I have already been in this industry for more years than you have, so what would be proper is that you would have to call me your senior. Who gave you the courage to use the age card on me?”

    With a simple question, Jian Qi had unquestionably won the argument.

    The other actors stared at Jian Qi in awe.

    They hadn’t expected Jian Qi to react in such an upfront way without caring about Ren Ranran’s pride!

    Ren Ranran pursed her lips. She hadn’t expected Jian Qi to insult her so directly!

    This situation was something that had never happened before, so she hadn’t considered the possibility.

    For a moment, Ren Ranran was so angry that she didn’t know how to react!

    After Coco came back from greeting the director, he saw a group of people surrounding his precious baby. Then he glanced at Ren Ranran, who had a gloomy and angry expression and was instantly displeased.

    This woman wanted to bully his baby Qiqi again!

    “Ran Ranran, what are you doing here again? Did you want to bully our Qiqi again?! I’m here, so don’t get too full of yourself!” Coco pulled Ren Ranran away and moved in front of Jian Qi as if he was a mother hen protecting its chick.

    Jian Qi felt humored her head tilting as she stared at Coco, who was trying to shield her from harm. This man was quite feminine and strange most of the time, but he treated Jian Qi well!

    “I bullied her?!”

    Ran shouted angrily and wanted to swear as she glared at Jian Qi, but there were too many people spectating, and there was news that reporters would arrive on the scene today.

    Fixing Jian Qi with another withering glare, Ren Ranran stomped and left the scene.

    After the crowd dissipated, Coco looked at Jian Qi worriedly. “Don’t mind her. She is just jealous of you!”

    “Good boy, I’m too lazy to even raise a finger against that sort of human scum!” Jian Qi raised her hand and pet Coco’s iconic red hair as if she was soothing her pet dog.

    Coco froze, why did he feel like Jian Qi was teasing him?

    He was just about to ask what Ren Ranran had said, but Jian Qi stood up. “I have to go to the restroom, talk to you later.”

    Then she immediately walked away.

    Coming out of the bathroom, Jian Qi met a man carrying a pile of clothing passing by her in the corridor. The two avoided each other, and Jian Qi suddenly stopped and turned around to face the man’s back. “Stop right there!”

    The man didn’t pay her any heed, continuing on his way without stopping.

    Jian Qi smirked and stepped forward to grab the man’s wrist. “Is there a problem with stopping? Are you guilty?”

    As she said so, she moved to pull off the pile of clothes that were blocking the man’s face. The man intercepted her hand and knocked it away, but Jian Qi smiled and pulled the pile of clothes off with her other hand, exposing the man’s face.

    “It’s you!” Jian Qi grinned and continued, “Offi-Mmph…!”

    Before she could finish her sentence, the other clasped his palm over Jian Qi’s mouth and pushed her into a nearby room, closing the door after them.

    Jian Qi’s entire body was pressed onto the wall, and the distance between the two was close. Tang Jinyu furrowed his brow as he looked at Jian Qi, who was still rather relaxed and even had an amused expression. “You shut up, and I’ll let you go!”

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. Was she threatening her?


    Jian Qi opened her mouth and bit directly into the palm of his hand!