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Chapter 33

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 33: That Pretty Boy Assistant is Your Type?

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    “Is this the right time to talk about this?” Coco gritted his teeth. “How did you get into so much trouble? What happened last night after I left the set?”

    As a third, no, thirteenth-grade actor, Jian Qi wouldn’t have been able to get into the headlines even if she tried to. It was the news that she was trying to hook up with Qiao Bo that sent her there.

    No one was defending her, and they were all throwing hate comments at her!

    After all, it involved the country’s idol Qiao Bo!

    Yesterday night, she had found the paparazzi that was hiding outside the hotel, but she simply thought that it was normal. But she didn’t expect that they would spin such a tall tale from the pictures they took!

    Coco saw her checking out the comments and snatched the iPad away. “Don’t look. It’s all hate comments. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

    Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow. Her, get hurt?

    “Right now, tell me everything. I’ll get it resolved for you!” Coco said, taking responsibility as her manager.

    “Later when we go to the set, I’ll have Qiao Bo publish a Weibo post to explain it for me.” Jian Qi didn’t put it on her mind.

    Coco paused. “Since when were you so close with Acting Emperor Qiao? Is your relationship really like that?”

    “Qiao Bo isn’t my type, don’t worry.”

    “Heh, so are you saying that that pretty boy assistant is your type?”

    “Pretty boy?” Jian Qi laughed. If that man knew how Coco was describing him, would he want to beat him up?

    Seeing Jian Qi smile, Coco sighed in exasperation.

    What was she so happy for?! It seemed like it was true…

    “Now that we have a way to solve this problem, I’ll go back to sleep.”

    Jian Qi sat up and wanted to go back to her bed, but Coco pulled her. “Come back, how could you sleep like this?!”

    Jian Qi was about to speak when Coco’s phone rang.

    Coco accepted the call.


    “Coco,look at the news. Ren Ranran is blabbering in front of the press, and now everyone is angry at Jian Qi. The higher-ups are having a meeting to discuss whether she should apologize!”

    It was Coco’s assistant.

    Hearing so, Coco quickly checked the trending tab and the topmost trending phrase was #Ren Ran gets bullied by Jian Qi#

    Before this, there were pictures released with captions saying that Jian Qi had bullied Ren Ranran in the makeup room and pushed her down to the floor. It was Ren Ranran who had fallen on her own, but they found a way to frame the pictures so it looked as if Jian Qi had done it.

    Now, Ren Ranran was still crying in front of the press and complaining that she was bullied for being a rookie.

    When the reporters asked if it was Jian Qi, she merely cried and didn’t deny nor confirm the question, as if she was scared.

    And so the hate comments flooded in again.

    Some even wanted her to retire.

    “F*ck, this Ren Ranran is too outrageous! She was the one who belittled you and sprayed perfume in your face. She was the one looking for trouble, but now she’s pushing all the blame onto you?”

    Even if he was experienced, Coco couldn’t help but curse.

    Jian Qi watched the press conference with a smile.”She would’ve become famous if she acted so well on set!”

    Coco was about to comfort her before another phone call came in.

    He stared at the screen for a while, unsure whether to accept the call.

    “Your phone is ringing.”

    Coco looked at her before accepting the call and putting the phone to his ear. “Hello…”

    “Coco, bring Jian Qi over here now. We’re going to have her hold a press conference to apologize for the events from earlier.”

    “She didn’t do anything wrong. Why should she apologize?” Coco furrowed his brows.

    “She didn’t do anything wrong? Where’s your evidence? If you don’t have any evidence, then get your *sses here to do some damage control!”