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Chapter 38

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 38: He Must Be After My Looks!

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    The director was stunned as he read the Weibo post.

    Coco took out his phone too.

    Only Jian Qi didn’t react.

    She only leaned back even more and yawned, the epitome of a girl that couldn’t hurt anyone.

    “What is this?” Coco stared at her in shock and asked in a low voice so that the others wouldn’t hear. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

    “About what?”Jian Qi took over the phone and read out loud: “In response to everyone’s attacks on Jian Qi, I have two responses. Firstly, she didn’t hook up with nor seduce me. Secondly, Jian Qi is one of my long-time friends. We have been friends before we were in the industry, and to me, she is both a friend and a teacher. I have been looking forward to working with her for this drama, and I hope that next time we can have more scenes together. I have a lot of things I could learn from her.”

    Jian Qi calmly read the entire text and looked up at the room again, seeing all their gazes on her.

    As if they wanted an answer.

    Honestly, she was confused too!

    Jian Qi only smiled and tilted her head in silence.

    Coco wanted to know what was going on, but he knew there were bigger fish to fry right now.

    “Director, now that everything is done and over with, does Jian Qi have to apologize?”

    The director’s expression was terrible.”No matter what, she shouldn’t have gone against the company’s arrangements-”

    Before he could finish his statement, there was a knock on the door and his secretary entered the room, whispering at him. “Director, the CEO wants to see you.”

    “What is it?” The director wasn’t happy that he kept getting interrupted like this!

    “It seems that someone said not to follow up on this issue, and…” The secretary didn’t continue because the subsequent words would embarrass the director.

    He coldly glared at Jian Qi and left.

    Seeing their leader leave, the others went too, not daring to say anything before a decision was made.

    After everyone left the room, Jian Qi stretched lazily.

    “Tell me, what happened?” Coco asked hastily.

    “I don’t know either, maybe Acting Emperor Qiao was charmed by my boundless beauty and deadly good looks, and now he wanted to take the chance to get on my good side!”

    Jian Qi laughed narcissistically. “Ah, the wonders of being beautiful. There will always be a hero out there to save the day!”

    “Be serious!” Coco reminded her. “Qiao Bo is well renowned for being a cold person, so much so that it is said that he doesn’t like women. It’s also the reason why so many people attacked you!”

    “He’s gay?” Jian Qi’s eyes flashed in interest. “Coco, you have a chance.”

    “F*ck! Jian Qi, I’m straight!” Coco couldn’t help but curse again.

    “Fine, fine, I get it! You’re straight!” Jian Qi nodded at him as if she knew it all.


    This little brat was making it a habit to tease him!

    “Tell me the truth. Why is Qiao Bo helping you?”

    “I’ve already told you. My good looks must have bewitched him!” Jian Qi laughed and snatched a small mirror from Coco, looking at her reflection.

    “I’m so beautiful after all.”

    Coco was speechless.

    Did she have no shame?!

    Jian Qi changed the topic after seeing his reaction. “Ah, right. Why does the director hate me so much?”

    He looked at her as if he were going to kill her!