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Chapter 40

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 40: You Mean a Daily Flirt!

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    “…I’ve never heard it before!”Jian Qi blinked innocently.

    Tang Jinyu was dumbstruck.

    He has never talked with such a shameless person before!

    “Little Tang Tang…” Jian Qi leaned back on the chair lazily. “How long are you going to be in the crew?”

    Jian Qi only said this sentence, and Tang Jinyu gave her another chilly gaze. “Did you completely ignore my words?”

    Jian Qi smiled. “It’s cute when you’re angry like that!”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and turned away.

    Coco came back and saw Jian Qi smiling like a gangster while Tang Jinyu practically froze the air with his cold aura.

    “What did you do to the assistant again? ”

    “It was only a daily chat. Little Tang Tang is just shy!”

    Coco squinted at her, questioning her with his gaze. “It seems to be a daily flirt! Could you not?!”

    Jian Qi smiled. “Alright, alright, I’ll listen to you, Sir Coco!”

    “There are going to be quite a lot of scenes you have to shoot in the next few days, so I’ve hired a teacher for you because you wouldn’t be able to rush between school and filming. Once you become less busy, I’ll let you return to school.”

    Jian Qi was alright with it. She needed to revise on the basics of her high school curriculum anyway.

    After all, she wanted to apply for that school. If she didn’t have the proper preparation, she couldn’t be entirely sure!

    The teacher whom Coco hired was gentle and explained every question very thoroughly.

    “Are there any questions you still have for this question? You can tell me, and I’ll explain it to you in detail,” the teacher said patiently.

    Jian Qi shook her head and flipped the pages of the exam papers, ticking off three questions as she did. “Explain these three. I’m alright with the rest of them.”

    The teacher paused and stared at her. She knew better than anyone how Jian Qi did in her academics at school because she had always been her tuition teacher. The three questions that Jian Qi ticked were three of the hardest types of questions, and ones that she wanted Jian Qi to give up on answering had she ever met any of them in her exams.

    But now…


    “Let’s get started.” Jian Qi cut her off, not wanting to explain more.

    The teacher could only nod and explain those questions.

    The day’s lessons went unexpectedly smoothly. Jian Qi didn’t ask her any questions as she explained, and the lessons ended as soon as she finished explaining.

    Before she left, the teacher still discussed with Coco about Jian Qi.

    Coco came over and sat down, asking Jian Qi worriedly, “Don’t you want to study?”

    Jian Qi knew what he was worried about, and smiled to reassure him. “I love studying. Studying makes me happy!”

    “Then why did you…”

    “Because I’ve already understood!”

    Coco stared at her in doubt. “You’re tricking me again, I’m sure…”

    “I’ll go shopping. What do you want to eat?…Don’t answer that! I’ll be going now!” Jian Qi got up before Coco could nag at her again.

    Coco was afraid that she would get into trouble again, so he followed after her after settling things with his assistant, only to lose her trail.

    Jian Qi walked around with sunglasses on, and after a while, she had two whole bags of food and snacks.

    Then, she paused and looked at someone across the road.

    A man who looked shaggy and dirty looked around and walked hastily into an alley. It was the crew member whom Tang Jinyu spoke with that day.

    Why was he lurking around so suspiciously?

    In her curiosity, Jian Qi followed him.

    She realized that the man was following after Qiao Bo’s manager.

    Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow. It seemed that they had their eyes on Qiao Bo!

    The three of them were some distance away from each other, and now that Jian Qi knew that she only had to follow after Qiao Bo’s manager, she switched her target to the latter. Knowing the scraggy man, Jian Qi would probably be noticed easily with this man’s degree of caution.

    She was quite curious. What were these people up to?