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Chapter 41

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 41: Eavesdropping

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    Jian Qi saw Qiao Bo’s manager head towards an abandoned building, and upon further scrutiny and observation, she realized that there were two snipers hidden around said building.

    If anyone suspicious came close to the building, they would definitely be shot down!

    Jian Qi looked at the other man who was hiding in another corner. He noticed the pair of snipers too!

    The two snipers were placed strategically, but there were still inevitably quite a few blind spots!

    Being a remarkable sniper herself, Jian Qi could accurately estimate the field of view of a sniper by their position.

    Therefore, after noting both their positions, she quickly found a blind spot where neither sniper would notice and made her way over quickly.

    On the other side, the man furrowed his brows when he saw the snipers and pressed on his communication device attached to his ear. “Boss, how is it going on your end? Do we need to arrest them now?”

    “No need. You keep an eye on the snipers!” the dignified and cold voice on the other end commanded.


    Back to Jian Qi, she had already bypassed both the snipers and made her way to a somewhat hidden and dirty spot behind the building.

    Her hiding place was quite near the window and she could hear the voices of the people inside.

    “Is everything ready?” Qiao Bo’s manager asked, his usually mellow voice now cold and strict.

    “Yes,” replied an unfamiliar voice. “Everything is here, so it depends on how you deal with things on your end. Our client is already pressing us for the goods!”

    “We might have to wait for a few days. I need some time to get done with my arrangements at the site. If we act too quickly, I’m afraid we’re going to attract attention.”

    “What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like they would know that these are real!”

    “I’m not afraid of the crew, I’m afraid of the army. After all, we caught wind of them, but we haven’t gotten anyone suspicious. We have to be careful just in case!”

    The manager was definitely the brains of the operation.

    Jian Qi was curious about what they were smuggling and wanted to peek in through the window, but before she could move, she could felt the presence of someone behind her.

    A murderous glint flashed through Jian Qi’s eyes, and as the person behind her reached for her, she turned around and attacked them.

    Jian Qi’s hand had just wrapped around the person’s neck, but she held back upon seeing who it was.

    Tang Jinyu had originally wanted to press on her shoulders to prevent her from moving forward, but he did not expect her to be so aggressive.

    Judging from her lightning-fast and ruthless movements, this would have been the end for them if the target hadn’t been him!

    Tang Jinyu squinted in caution.

    At the same time, Jian Qi smiled widely and winked. Before she could say anything, the people inside noticed that they weren’t alone.

    “There’s someone there!”

    “Meow.” Jian Qi meowed like a real cat, and it sounded exactly like the real deal.

    “Go check it out!” the manager commanded.

    Another person in the room took out a walkie talkie. “Number One and Two, has anyone suspicious breached the premises?”