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Chapter 42

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 42: I’ll Give You a Bone When We Get Back

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    “All clear on my end.”

    “Mine too.”

    The person who went out to check returned. “Report, there aren’t any suspicious people on my end either. It’s probably just one of those stray cats. There are a lot of them around this area.”

    All their expressions became more relaxed.

    The manager wasn’t going to stay any longer. “Go find a place to hide the goods well and wait for further orders while I go back to the set. Take caution and be careful not to get noticed by the military, or else it’s not going to be favorable for our transaction!”

    After the manager finished his orders, he carefully left the building.


    Tang Jinyu pulled Jian Qi to an alley.

    Then, he let go of her and stared at her coldly. “Who are you?”

    Jian Qi leaned against the wall and smiled narcissistically. “I’m the nation’s superstar Jian Qi! Want an autograph?”

    Tang Jinyu stared at her with a perplexed expression, and if he hadn’t had all the details of this person in front of her, he would think she had a shady background.

    “Why are you here?” Tang Jinyu stared at her poker face as if he wanted to see through her facade.

    “I followed your subordinate here!” Jian Qi explained. “After all, I had to make sure he wasn’t a pervert making his rounds!”

    Tang Jinyu didn’t see any signs that she was lying, so either she was speaking the truth or her acting was so polished that he couldn’t find any flaw in it!

    He hoped it was the former instead of the latter, or else he would have to deal with her!

    “You better act like nothing happened!” he warned her and walked in the direction of the set without waiting for a reply.

    She smiled and followed him. “Officer, what would happen if I tell anyone?”

    Tang Jinyu stopped and turned his head towards her, smiling coldly and exerting an aura of bloodthirst. “I would have to kill you to keep you silent!”

    Jian Qi only laughed and reached over to pat his head like he was her pet. “You’re too cute, officer.”

    Tang Jinyu grabbed her hand and pinned it against the wall behind her, gritting his teeth in warning. “Jian Qi, do you want me to deal with you before you’re willing to stop being such a nuisance?”

    Jian Qi smiled teasingly and said: “I never knew you were such a beast, officer, but this is right up my alley!”

    Tang Jinyu was flabbergasted.

    Was she crazy?!

    He couldn’t even suppress his anger with his breathing exercises.

    He wanted to shoot her, especially when he saw her mischevious and teasing smile!

    The angrier he became, the brighter Jian Qi’s smile

    Tang Jinyu suddenly remembered how they were almost found out earlier. “Cry for me?”

    Jian Qi was rendered speechless.

    The change in topic was a little dirty!

    “Come on!”

    Jian Qi replied, “Officer, I don’t know if I can keep up with your special hobbies…”

    “I only want you to make that animal impression you did earlier, what are you blabbering about?” Tang Jinyu asked impatiently.


    Jian Qi couldn’t help but curse.

    So she was the one who was thinking dirty!

    This man was as pure as distilled water!

    Tang Jinyu knew she had the wrong idea when he saw her reaction.

    “Go on.”

    “Woof, woof, woof…” Jian Qi imitated a dog this time.

    Tang Jinyu paused for a while before he tugged the edge of his lips in amusement. “I’ll give you a bone when we get back.”

    Jian Qi was shocked.

    She had been tricked!