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Chapter 46

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 46: Arrogant as Always

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Tang Jinyu stared at him coldly. “Feng Yi, have I been too easy on you lately?”

    “I’m sorry, boss!” Feng Yi laughed sheepishly.

    Tang Jinyu was about to reply further before he paused, seeing something in the footage.

    Jian Qi checked around the room before she saw a box hidden in a corner that wasn’t covered properly.

    Jian Qi opened the lid and found the fake guns and bullets used as props in the drama.

    Jian Qi checked inside the box, before her gaze locked onto one of the guns in the box. It was an M21 sniper rifle, and it shouldn’t have appeared in this place.

    It was a drama set in the Republic Era of China, so wasn’t this rifle too advanced?

    Jian Qi checked it carefully and quirked an eyebrow in interest.

    It was a real gun!

    Holding the rifle with one hand, she looked deeper into the box to find bullets hidden beneath the prop guns.

    She took one and scrutinized it. From its weight to the exterior appearance, everything proved it was a real bullet.

    How interesting!

    She took the bullet and loaded it into the rifle, before looking around the room once more.

    Her gaze fell on a tiny hole on the ceiling.

    “Did she notice us?!” Feng Yi stared in shock at the girl that seemed to have noticed their presence.

    After that, she took the sniper rifle and aimed it towards the position of the camera.

    It effectively replied Feng Yi’s question.

    Feng Yi was dumbfounded.

    “Boss, why does she give me an eerie feeling?”

    Tang Jinyu only stared at the girl that was aiming at them with the sniper rifle.

    This keen sense of observation…

    Jian Qi…

    This continued for another minute, so it wasn’t a fluke.

    Also, this movement had a strong intent attached to it.

    Jian Qi kept the sniper rifle away and pointed towards the camera like she was shooting a gun before she blew at the tip of her finger.

    “Boss, we’ve been taunted.” Feng Yi grit his teeth.

    Tang Jinyu only stared emotionlessly at the arrogant girl.

    “Boss, don’t you think she’s noticed something?” Feng Yi asked.

    Tang Jinyu scoffed. “What do you think?”

    Looking at the person in the footage, Tang Jinyu smirked as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

    It seemed like he needed to talk with someone.

    Jian Qi unloaded the sniper rifle and threw it back into the box before walking to the window and climbing back to her room quickly.

    As the surveillance footage returned to normal, Feng Yi rubbed his chin in thought and tutted. “Boss, I’m becoming more interested in her.”

    Tang Jinyu didn’t reply, standing up to leave.

    “Keep an eye on it.”

    “Boss, where are you going?” Feng Yi asked in confusion.

    Tang Jinyu had already left.

    Feng Yi pouted. Was he going to rest?

    But wasn’t he the one who said to keep a lookout for the whole night?

    Jian Qi came back to the room and opened the packs of snacks before lying down on the bed and switching on the television.

    She continued to stuff snacks into her mouth as she looked at her phone, letting the television play in the background.

    Suddenly, she paused and turned her head to stare at the man standing at the window.

    Her malice was kept away immediately.

    “Oho, what are you doing in someone else’s room in the dead of night? Aren’t you afraid of getting beat up for being a pervert?” Jian Qi put away her phone and smiled teasingly.