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Chapter 50

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 50: The Net Closes

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    “Give me the key, I can drive myself back.” Qiao Bo smiled gently, not questioning what it was that Tang Jinyu had to do.

    Tang Jinyu quirked an eyebrow curiously. Did this man know something?

    Seeing Tang Jinyu’s questioning gaze, Qiao Bo quirked the edge of his lips and replied, “I saw a picture of you two in her wallet a long time ago.”

    It was obvious to Tang Jinyu who ‘she’ was!

    “It has just occurred to me in the past few days. It seems that I have to look for a new assistant after tonight, yeah?” Qiao Bo asked with a smile.

    Tang Jinyu only gave him a knowing look before handing him the keys and leaving.

    As the manager was about to drive away, Tang Jinyu opened the door and entered the car.

    “What’s wrong? Is there something you need?” The manager looked at him, visibly displeased by being interrupted. “If there is, then tell me tomorrow. I’m in a rush right now, if you haven’t noticed!”

    “Then drive, Mr. Chow. I’ll go with you,” said Tang Jinyu in an unquestionable tone.

    “Get off! I have no time to play games with you!”

    Tang Jinyu smirked. “That goes for both of us!”

    At the same time, the gun in his hand was pressed against the manager’s temple.

    The manager paled visibly and asked, “W-Who are you?”

    “That’s not important. Drive!” Tang Jinyu commanded, his aura becoming more pressing as he did.

    The manager didn’t move to drive but instead tried to reach for the door and escape. This futile movement was rewarded by the gun being pressed harder against his head.

    “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Either you drive now or I’ll blow your head off!” Tang Jinyu continued to pressure the manager, his tone and aura leaving no room for question.

    The manager finally knew what was going on and tried to put on a show of bravado. “You wouldn’t! You’re part of the military!”

    Tang Jinyu smirked and tilted his head, neither affirming nor denying his statement. “I have orders to kill any criminals that put up resistance. Why don’t you try and see if I have the guts to do it?”

    Tang Jinyu’s words broke the manager’s bravery immediately, and so, he set out for the transaction point without having any choice.

    In a few minutes, they arrived at the transaction point.

    Before the manager could slip away, Tang Jinyu knocked him out and ordered his subordinate through his earpiece, “It’s at this site. Everyone be on alert! We will move out as soon as the transaction starts!”

    Tang Jinyu quickly stripped the manager of his clothing and disguised himself as the manager.

    He put on a mask and a hat so that his face wouldn’t be seen in the dim lighting.

    Tang Jinyu made his way over, and the guards, assuming that he was the manager, allowed him through without much hassle.

    And so, Tang Jinyu successfully boarded the boat.

    His subordinates hid in the darkness, waiting for the right moment to strike.

    The boat was quite well-lit, so Tang Jinyu had a good view of everyone that had arrived.

    “Who are you?” One of the people there noticed that Tang Jinyu wasn’t who he had disguised himself as.

    This question made everyone look towards Tang Jinyu.

    “Now!” Tang Jinyu commanded his subordinates while he grabbed a person next to him and threw the unsuspecting victim towards the group of people.

    As the sound of gunshots rang out, the people who were hiding in the sea surfaced and jumped onto the boat.

    Under the cover of their subordinates, the two main culprits escaped to a nearby cargo boat filled with goods.

    Tang Jinyu frowned and commanded, “Intercept them!”

    As he did, he quickly made his way to a nearby speedboat that had been prepared beforehand and followed after them.