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Chapter 55

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 55: Little Tang Tang, You’re Here Too!

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    On the last day before the exams, the teacher allowed the students to study on their own.

    To calm their nerves, the teacher asked everyone in class about the universities they wanted to apply for.

    There were only a few renowned acting academies, so everyone’s choices were more or less the same.

    “Jian Qi, which university are you applying for?” a boy in front of her turned around and asked.

    Everyone was curious, so it attracted the attention of the teacher. She was worried about Jian Qi because she had spent so much time in the last three months on set for her drama. Her grades even before that weren’t very outstanding, and she was worried that it would have only gotten worse in these days.

    But judging by her current fame, she would probably be enrolled regardless.

    “Jian Qi, which university are you going to apply for?” she asked Jian Qi with a smile.

    Now that all the gazes in the room had been attracted to her, she couldn’t even brush it off anymore.

    “The National Defense Academy,” replied Jian Qi calmly.

    Her words plunged the classroom into a deafening silence

    “Jian Qi, I never knew you were one for jokes,” giggled another girl. “Now tell us the truth.”

    Everyone heard this and laughed too, before Jian Qi’s cold voice rung again. “I wasn’t joking.”

    “What a joke!” Chu Yuhan scoffed. “A certain someone thinks that she can get into the National Defense Academy just because she’s a little popular right now. From your grades, you wouldn’t even be able to get into a mediocre university without going through the back door!”

    This was actually what everyone thought in secret, including the teacher.

    The National Defense Academy was one of the most prestigious military universities and not just one the average student could enter on a whim.

    From every angle, it wouldn’t be something that a student from Bolin High School would be able to achieve.

    Jian Qi ignored all this and continued to study because she knew that it was what everyone thought.

    The best way to have it be a smack in their faces would be by getting that admission letter!

    Seeing the atmosphere become charged with tension, the teacher quickly changed the subject. “Since everyone has their own goals, start dashing for them tomorrow! Good luck and have faith in yourselves, you can do it!”

    After the exams ended two days later, Coco asked Jian Qi upon her coming out of school, “How was it? Did you do well?”

    “It was fine,” concluded Jian Qi in a mere three words.

    “Then would your grades be able to reach the baseline for the National Defense Academy?” Coco felt that he needed to give her some preparation just in case.

    “Of course.”

    Her confident reply didn’t even leave any space for him to comfort her!

    “Alright, then let’s go celebrate your admission!” Coco smiled.


    In the VIP karaoke room, Coco kept on singing while Jian Qi calmly ate her snacks.

    Coco’s phone rang, and Jian Qi held it towards him while shouting, “It’s for you!”

    Coco continued to sing as he glanced at the caller ID. “It’s from Acting Emperor Qiao, go fetch him, yeah?”

    Jian Qi sighed in exasperation. Who was the star of the show here, anyway?

    She took the phone out of the room and accepted the call.

    “I’m here, Coco. Which room are you in?”

    “Hey, this is Jian Qi. I’m coming to the entrance now, so you wait there.” Jian Qi made her way quickly outside.

    Seeing Jian Qi, Qiao Bo smiled and handed her a present. “Congratulations on finishing your exams.”

    “Thank you,” replied Jian Qi with a smile, and they returned to the karaoke room together.

    “Why are you here?” asked Jian Qi curiously.

    “Coco said that there was going to be a party to celebrate and he invited me here,” replied Qiao Bo with a gentle smile.

    “Well let’s continue this conversation later…” Jian Qi moved to push open the door, but she noticed that there were too many people.

    Sweeping her gaze around the room, she paused and blinked. She had led Qiao Bo to the wrong room!

    “Sorr-” Before she could finish apologizing, a man’s mocking voice rang out. “Oho, if it isn’t the great and mighty Acting Emperor Qiao? I thought that such a lowly place was beneath you, Your Highness.”

    Jian Qi wasn’t happy hearing this and was just about to fight back before she saw the person sitting in the corner, making her crack a smile.

    With a wicked smile and a teasing tone, she said, “Little Tang Tang, you’re here too!”