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Chapter 57

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 57: Don’t Get Involved With Her!

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    Everyone was astounded at how easily she lied through her teeth.

    But unexpectedly, Tang Jinyu didn’t do anything in response, only speaking coldly, “Get out.”

    “Little Tang Tang, you don’t want me anymore…” Jian Qi whimpered in distress, like a woman that had been forsaken by a man.

    Tang Jinyu breathed deeply and pursed his lips, and in that moment, he wanted to throw her out of the room.

    Jian Qi wiped a crocodile tear from her eye and sighed, “Little Tang Tang, you…”

    After that, she reached for Qiao Bo and pulled him away together with her, leaving the room.

    As she did, the atmosphere of the room became even more awkward.

    Everyone stared at Tang Jinyu in disbelief, seeing how he didn’t do anything to Jian Qi.

    The man that had been splashed in the face frowned. “Tang, are we still friends? Didn’t you see what she did to me?”

    Tang Jinyu only stared at him coldly and said, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Don’t get involved with her.”

    The man hadn’t thought that Tang Jinyu would say such a thing.

    “Tang, are you warning me on her behalf?” The man scoffed. “Is the cinderblock going to blossom? She’s part of the entertainment industry, doesn’t your old man hate those people the most?”

    His words made Tang Jinyu and the long-haired woman’s expressions shift slightly.

    “I have matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving.”

    And so Tang Jinyu left, making the atmosphere of the room even more ominous.

    “Feng, it seems that you’ve pissed him off. Serves you right!” One of the people in the room joked at his expense: “Aren’t you going to wash away that wine?”

    Cheng Feng glared at him, and everyone in the room started laughing.

    Jian Qi pulled Qiao Bo to the next room over, and Coco, who had just finished a song, greeted them immediately. “What took you two so long?”

    “I was just teaching a lesson to a jerk!”

    Jian Qi reached for a cup of wine in front of him, and just as she was about to take a sip, Coco quickly snatched the cup away, replacing the cup in her hand with a cup of juice. “Drink this!”

    Jian Qi drank it wordlessly, rolling her eyes.

    Coco looked towards Qiao Bo. “Whom did she teach a lesson to?”

    Qiao Bo calmly replied, “The young master of Cheng Group, Cheng Feng!”

    Coco almost let out a horrified shriek. “Why did you get into trouble again, my little ancestor?! And with that person too? Don’t you know his identity?”

    “What identity?” Jian Qi asked innocently.

    Coco was rendered speechless.

    “I’ll help her deal with it, don’t worry!” Qiao Bo reassured.

    Coco knew Qiao Bo could do so, but as he was about to thank him, Jian Qi cut in. “I don’t need Qiao Bo’s help, I’ll let him be afraid to touch me on his own!”

    “Jian Qi, shush!” Coco warned.

    Jian Qi just winked and continued to drink her juice.

    The incident from earlier didn’t seem to affect the trio’s mood and the three of them enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

    While Jian Qi and Coco were singing a duet, Qiao Bo’s phone rang and he opened his phone to see a message that made him furrow his brows.

    After the duo finished singing, Qiao Bo excused himself: “I’m going to have to leave, my apologies.”

    They all knew how busy Qiao Bo was, so they didn’t convince him to leave. The duo quickly resuming their celebration.

    Coming out of the club, Qiao Bo saw a red Lamborghini parked in front. Frowning unnoticeably, he went over and entered the car.