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Chapter 59

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 59: Deal With Her? Tang Jinyu’s Going to Deal With You First

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    The onlookers hadn’t thought that Jian Qi would have done such a thing and they were shocked that she could flip a full-grown man onto the ground with such ease.

    “Cheng Feng, yes?” Jian Qi fixed the man in question with a cold glare. “You got a problem with me?”

    Cheng Feng’s expression was dark as he stared at her. “I’ve underestimated you!”

    “And it seems that you’re exactly as useless as I’ve expected!” Jian Qi smiled and shouted back.

    This sentence made the spark in Cheng Feng’s heart grow into a fire, unable to suppress his emotions anymore.

    “B*tch, do you think I don’t have the guts to beat you up?”

    “Well do you?”

    “I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget!” As he said so, he stripped off his jacket and tossed it at one of his friends, loosening his necktie with his other hand.

    These actions of his actually seemed quite cool, and a few of the women in the group of onlookers practically had hearts for eyes.

    Jian Qi smiled and aimed a roundhouse kick at his face quickly.

    Because he was quite drunk, he hadn’t anticipated her movements. The impact to his head made him almost stumble onto the ground.

    Fortunately for him, two of his friends were there to catch him.

    “Don’t try to act cool, it’s just a fight!” Jian Qi smirked and rushed towards him.

    Cheng Feng dodged the initial attack, but before he could recover, another kick was aimed at his face again.

    And so there were two footprints on his face.

    Cheng Feng tried to block her upcoming attack and counterattack with a punch, but Jian Qi intercepted his fist while it wasn’t even one centimeter from her face, and used his momentum to spin and land another vicious kick on his chest.

    Cheng Feng could see this coming, but because of the alcohol in this system, he couldn’t react in time before the blow connected.

    Immediately, Cheng Feng was sent flying to the ground.

    The onlookers were noticeably stunned by this turn of events.

    Jian Qi ignored them and stared at Cheng Feng mockingly. “What’s the big deal about having some rich parents? You have the gall to bully Qiao Bo? Why don’t you look in the mirror? You’re nothing compared to him!”

    Her words seemed to have struck a chord with him, and immediately, his tone became much sharper. “He’s just an actor! How could he even compare to me?”

    “He’s more handsome than you are, you piece of trash!” Jian Qi laughed mockingly. “Such a scum to bully a woman like this, how could you even compare with him?”

    Everyone was taken aback.

    Wasn’t she the one doing the bullying here?!

    Jian Qi ignored their reactions once again and reached to help Coco up from the floor, kicking at the man next to Coco again and sweeping a warning gaze at everyone, her aura strong and arrogant. “If anyone dares to bully my people again, I’ll chase you until the ends of the earth!”

    And then, she left with Coco, who had already passed out.

    The onlookers, who were petrified by Jian Qi, quickly came to their senses and went to help Cheng Feng and the man up.

    “Master Feng, why don’t we get some people to deal with her?” someone advised.

    Cheng Feng glared at him and uttered coldly, “Did you think that Tang Jinyu was joking? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll deal with you first?”

    The person sheepishly scratched his face, not saying any more.

    Tang Jinyu wasn’t someone he nor Cheng Feng could mess with!

    At the corner of the hallway, Chu Yuhan kept her phone away with a cold smile. She was pulling her hair out, wanting to dig up dirt on Jian Qi, but to think she would do such a thing!

    She wanted to see how she could slip away this time!

    As she plotted her revenge, she quickly arranged the video that she had taken earlier and took some screenshots, sending it to a paparazzi whom she had been keeping in contact with.