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Chapter 67

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 67: Hopefully She Will Bring Another Surprise Tomorrow

    Tang Jinyu returned home and saw a man, who was wearing a military uniform, sitting on the sofa in his living room.

    The man turned around as soon as he heard footsteps.

    “Teacher? Why are you here?” Tang Jinyu smiled and walked toward the man.

    “It’s not easy to see you nowadays!” The man smiled and replied.

    “Don’t tease me, Teacher.”

    “Okay, okay. Have a seat.”

    “What brings u here this evening?”

    Deng Guofeng passed him a document. “These are the names for the physical preliminary test tomorrow. It will determine the finalists who are going to enroll in the National Defense Academy. I understand that you are on a break these days, would you have time to drop by and have a look?”

    Tang Jinyu took the document from him. “You came all the way at this hour to see me, you must have something else on your mind.”

    “Can’t you just act stupid for once?”

    “Well, you are a busy man so it must be something important for you to come all the way here.” Tang Jinyu smiled as he opened the document.

    Deng Guofeng looked at him with his eyes filled with satisfaction and appreciation.

    Tang Jinyu was a student that he was very fond of, and he was very proud of him.

    “I asked them to do some research today. There are a few potential candidates that you can pay more attention to.”

    Tang Jinyu smiled as he looked at the resume of each candidate. They all had very interesting backgrounds.

    He put down a few resumes, and glanced at the last two name lists.

    There were their names, gender, age and the school they went to.

    The order of the names were arranged according to their college examination grades in descending order. He took a quick glance and stopped at the first name on the name list.

    “This?” He pointed at the first name and stared at Deng Guofeng in surprise.

    Deng Guofeng smiled. “This came as a surprise to us too. You must know that our school picks candidates based on their college examination results, then they have to pass the physical test tomorrow to determine whether they can join us. Even though this student is from Bolin High School and is an art stream student, her results are astounding. Not only that, she applied to enroll in the National Defense Academy, so there is no reason for her to not be in the list.”

    “That’s not what I meant, Teacher…” Tang Jinyu shook his head, and smiled.

    He finally realized what she meant earlier that night!

    He had no idea that her results were so excellent!

    “This result is pretty good.” Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched as he said so.

    Deng Guofeng smiled. He did not know what Tang Jinyu was actually thinking about. “Indeed, top candidate this year!”

    Deng Guofeng saw Tang Jinyu staring persistently at the name on top, and he smiled and said, “It’s just another student but you seem really surprised about it? Even though Bolin High School does have many great candidates, as an art stream student, she might struggle to pass tomorrow’s physical test…”

    “Remember you told me that we cannot judge a person according to their status?”

    Deng Guofeng was surprised. “You trying to tease me now, huh? Indeed, she surprised everyone with that extraordinary result. Well, I do hope that she will surprise us all tomorrow!”

    “Have you checked her background before?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “Yes. I ordered someone to investigate her after the results were out, she did not cheat. In fact, on the examination day itself, she was the first student to leave the hall. She is rather famous nowadays, hence we are not sure why she would apply to the National Defense Academy.”

    Tang Jinyu expected them to have found information similar to the ones given by Feng Yi.

    “Alright. It’s getting late, you should go get some rest and be there earlier tomorrow.” Deng Guofeng smiled as he stood up. “I’ll take my leave now.”

    Tang Jinyu put down the documents. “Let me show you out.”

    After Deng Guofeng left, Tang Jinyu went back into his house and glanced at the documents. He picked up his phone and called someone. “Feng Yi, I need you to investigate a few people for me…”