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Chapter 68

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 68: Group Number 5 Examiner, Tang Jinyu

    Jian Qi looked around and saw many people in the school field.

    Some time later, a group of guys wearing outfits with military camouflage prints walked to the field through the school gate.

    They had a strong aura as if there was BGM following their grand entrance. Everyone looked at them, and some of the students were stunned by their appearance.

    Some people in the crowd gasped, while some muttered, “Dashing!”

    Jian Qi glanced toward the group of guys and her eyes stopped at the man who was walking in front of the group. Her eyebrows lifted at the sight of him, and the corner of her lips twitched upward.

    ‘Yo, didn’t think that we would meet again so soon.’

    She thought that they would only meet in another few months’ time!

    They were all wearing the same attire with no indication of their ranking, but being at the front of the group must mean that he was the head of something.

    Tang Jinyu quickly noticed that someone was staring at him. He looked around and made eye contact with her.

    Jian Qi smirked. She raised her hand and casually waved at him.

    Tang Jinyu ignored her and looked away. He walked off to the empty field together with the rest of the group.

    At the empty field, the group that had just entered stood in an orderly fashion. Feng Yi then took out a whistle and blew on it. “Gather around! The assessment will start soon!”

    Jian Qi stood up and walked over.

    “Line up according to the numbers in your hand!” Feng Yi shouted. He frowned when everyone seemed to be lost as they were wandering around aimlessly. “I’ll give you one minute, you’re out if you are not in your positions by then!”

    “Bunch of young masters and misses!” The guy called Crocodile spat.

    Comrade Lightning smiled. “Our boss was the one who accepted this job, we don’t have a choice!”

    Tang Jinyu glanced at the both of them, and they immediately shut up, putting on a serious face.

    Everyone scrambled about hurriedly and finally found their spots. However, two of the candidates were not able to find where they were supposed to be.

    “Time’s up!” Feng Yi said and glanced over at the two candidates. “You two can leave now!”

    The two candidates appeared somewhat upset.

    “Why should we?! The assessment hasn’t even started yet, what gives you the right to eliminate us now?!”

    “Right. My fitness scores were in the top three in my previous school. If I can’t do it, everyone here won’t be able to do it either!” One of the candidates refuted and stared at Feng Yi.

    Feng Yi glanced at the boy and sneered. “When I blew the whistle, the first assessment had already started. The two of you were not able to do what you were supposed to do in one minute, yet you still have the audacity to tell me that your physique is good?”

    “Who do you think you are? Leave, now!” He growled. “Congratulations to the rest of you nine hundred and seventy three candidates left that have not been eliminated in such an easy assessment. Only three hundred or less of you will remain by the end of the day!”

    “Now we’ll divide you into groups. First group, No. 1 to 200; second group, No. 201 to 400; third group, 401…

    “Now that you’re all in groups, first group on my lead!”

    Crocodile moved forward. ” Second group with me.”

    Lightning instructed, “Third group please…”


    Everyone was divided into five groups for the assessment.

    Jian Qi arrived late, hence she got No. 801.

    That was the first number in group five, and the examiner in the group was coincidently Tang Jinyu!