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Chapter 73 - I’m Not a Weak Person

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 73: I’m Not a Weak Person

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    Chu Yu was about to leave the classroom as well. However, she frowned and stopped in her tracks when she saw what Jian Qi was doing.

    The others did not notice Jian Qi’s movements. Everybody was rushing out of the classroom.

    Tang Jinyu could not help but frown when he saw somebody walking toward him.

    “Hi…” Jian Qi curled her lips and smiled playfully at him. “Tang…, you really did simply make up your name.”

    Tang Jinyu took a look at his watch. Then, he said coldly, “You still have three minutes and fifty seconds. Are you sure that you want to waste it on spewing nonsense?”

    “You came here to become an instructor. Coincidentally, you’re my instructor. Just be frank with me, do you like me? So, you’ll be wherever I am, is that so?”

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. She approached Tang Jinyu and slanted her body. After that, she smiled and said, “You can tell me. It’s not embarrassing!”

    Tang Jinyu looked frigid. He stared at her coldly. He sounded very frosty and haughty. “Do you still remember what I told you?”

    Jian Qi was stunned. “What?”

    “I remember telling you that I’ll let you know what the meaning of hell is.”

    Tang Jinyu was still staring at her coldly. “Do you think I’m joking with you right now? You still have a minute and a half. Good luck!”

    Tang Jinyu then walked toward the door in big strides. He saw Chu Yu who was still standing at the back door. He could not help but frown. However, he said nothing. He merely walked away faster.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. ‘Oh! It seems that I’ve annoyed him quite a bit.’


    ‘Should I control myself a little?’

    Looking at Tang Jinyu from the back, Jian Qi felt that Tang Jinyu would not treat her any better even if she were to refrain from annoying him.

    There were always two sides to a story.

    She was rather eager to see how hell looked like!

    Jian Qi turned around and tilted her head to look at Chu Yu who was still standing by the door. She frowned slightly. Everybody had already left the classroom. Why was she still standing there?

    Jian Qi ignored her. Then, she walked out of the classroom quickly.

    When she reached the door, Chu Yu blocked her path.

    Jian Qi stopped walking. Then, she looked at her coldly. She said nonchalantly, “Do you need something?”

    “Jian Qi, this place is not the entertainment circle. Not everybody likes you. Don’t be smug over the fact that you’re a star. I’m telling you, you better leave this place as soon as possible!” Chu Yu warned her stonily.

    “Who are you?” Jian Qi smiled playfully. It seemed like she was not bothered by the person in front of her.

    Chu Yu’s facial expression darkened. “Jian Qi, we’ll see about that. You’ll be kicked out of the defense academy soon enough!”

    Jian Qi smiled rather widely. “What’s your problem with me? It doesn’t matter though, because a lot of people are hostile toward me. You’re not the first. Surely, you’ll not be the last. By the way, everybody is jealous and envious of geniuses!”

    “How shameful!”

    Chu Yu said coldly. Her eyes were filled with disdain for Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi could not care less. She still had on that playful smile of hers. “Now, there’s only thirty seconds left. What do you think? Who will do a hundred push-ups later on?”

    Chu Yu’s face darkened. She turned around and was about to leave but someone grabbed hold of her clothes.

    “What are you doing? Let me go!” Chu Yu warned frostily.

    “No way!” Jian Qi smiled.

    “Let go!” Chu Yu tried her best to lunge forward in order to free herself from her grasp. She shouted angrily, “Let me go now!”

    “Oh, fine!”

    Jian Qi smiled calmly. She released her tight grasp when Chu Yu was struggling vigorously to free herself.

    Chu Yu fell forward harshly because of the momentum and nearly fell down on the floor!

    When she managed to get her footing, Jian Qi had turned around and was jumping lightly down the stairs. Now, she was standing downstairs and challenging Chu Yu with a reckless warning, “I’m not a weak person! I won’t stand by and allow anybody to bully me!”